In the past two years of the global fight against the epidemic, young people in Europe and the United States have gradually attacked a new wave of hobbies, not playing games, not raising pets, but “planting green plants”.

Studies have shown that houseplants can effectively improve people’s mood during lockdowns. It increases well-being, reduces stress, and even leads to higher pain tolerance.

Compared with potted flowers, florists prefer to raise green plants, why? Because the indoor light is not good, flowering plants are not easy to bloom, and plants such as green plants always have unexpected surprises.

Some netizens said: “These green plants are so beautiful!” I was very happy to see it, and I liked it so much! During my lowest period of depression, I only communicated with plants, and these lovely creatures healed me. ”

This article Xiaomei carefully collects 40 kinds of common, particularly beautiful, and well-cared for home green plants, 20 kinds of large and 20 small, and the article has a rich name, which is convenient for everyone to know and understand. If you like it, don’t forget to collect it.

20 small green plants

Small green plants, the plant type is relatively petite, easy to move, suitable for placing in small spaces such as study, bedroom, entrance, or desktop, cabinet and other places.

1. Oil painting hanging orchid

Oil painting hanging orchid is a particularly popular green plant in recent years, the leaf color is very rich, especially the purple red on the back of the leaf and the pink on the front of the leaf, with the texture of oil painting. Its price was relatively expensive in previous years, a small pot is dozens of dozens, and now it has also fallen, some stores 9 pieces 9 free shipping, but also send soil, send pots.

This is mainly due to the fact that the oil painting hanging orchid is well fed and easy to reproduce. Family oil painting hanging orchid attention: use loose soil and place in a bright place, otherwise the color of the leaves will not be so bright.

2. Tiger Piran

Tiger piran is also a very common household green plant, and there are many varieties of it, ranging from tall to dwarf. Like the golden tiger piran in the picture above and the stick leaf tiger piran in the picture below, they are both short and small varieties, and the short variety is also common white jade tiger piran, the leaves are white-green throughout, very small and fresh.

Tiger piran likes dry soil environment, so family maintenance of tiger piran needs to pay attention to less watering and more bright scattered light. Tiger Piran has been raised for a long time, and it will bloom in the right season.

3. Aloe vera

Female friends who like to raise flowers and green plants, must keep a pot of aloe vera at home, it can not only be used as green plants in the home for viewing or absorbing harmful gases, it can also be used to make masks.

Aloe vera will also bloom after a long time, as shown in the picture above, a small bud appears. In another week or two, its foil will grow very tall.

Home aloe vera needs attention: use loose, breathable and fertile soil, and place it in a bright place.

4. Fugui Bamboo

Fugui bamboo, many people love to raise, buy a handful of Fugui bamboo branches from the vegetable market, find a clean and transparent bottle for hydroponics, which can be raised for a long time.

Fugui bamboo will also bloom after a long time, and it mainly blooms a handful of inflorescences from the top. I believe that many flower friends have never seen Fugui Bamboo bloom, right?

Family hydroponic rich bamboo is easy to yellow leaves, the main reason is that there are no nutrients in the water, due to lack of malnutrition and yellow leaves. The solution is to regularly and quantitatively drop a few drops of nutrient solution into the hydroponic bottle.

5. Air pineapple

To raise air pineapples, you do not need to use pot soil cultivation, nor do you need to use vase hydroponics, get a stand to set up, spray it every day.

6. Fortune tree

Needless to say, the fortune tree is the most common green plant, most people know it, and I believe almost everyone has seen it. But you know what? The fortune tree will also bloom.

Many people raise fortune trees easy to rot roots, the main reason is that there is too much watering, so raising fortune trees must control their hands and water less.

7. Ten thousand heavy mountains

Wanchong Mountain is a plant in the cactus family, and it is also a variety belonging to the category of cactus. Not only will new branches come from the base of the root, but also from its branches, so a pot of ten thousand mountains, overlapping branches like distant mountains in Chinese paintings, is very meaningful.

8. Coleus taro

Coleus is a green plant that is mainly foliage-watching, and the leaves have colorful colors on them, which is very beautiful. Coleus taro is native to tropical areas and is very afraid of cold, so pay attention to less watering in winter and place it in places where the cold wind cannot blow.

9. Wenzhu

Small bamboo trees often appear in the form of potted plants in the study or desk to help with study.

Home care needs to provide bright scattered light and keep the soil moist.

10. Mountain tortoise

The mountain turtle has a very long lifespan, as a herbaceous green plant, it can live for ten or even decades, and can be raised as a family heirloom.

Raising mountain turtles needs to pay attention to keeping the soil slightly moist, and does not need to be watered every day, otherwise its tubers are easy to rot.

11. Coleus grass

The color of the leaves of Coleus grass is even more beautiful than that of flowers. Flower friends who like this bright color, but can’t raise flowering plants, can choose to pick leaf grass.

12. Copper money grass

Copper money grass is also raised by many people, mainly because it has a very good meaning, because its leaves are round and rolling, like copper money, which means that the wealth is rolling. The maintenance of copper money grass is also very simple, pay attention to the big water, fat and the sun to serve, it can grow particularly luxuriant, the leaves will grow bigger and bigger.

13. Fairy cave monstera

Monstera can originally grow very large, but it has a short variety called fairy cave monstera, not only the plant is short, but also the leaves show many holes that have been bitten by insects. But these holes are naturally formed and are a mechanism for plants to protect themselves from pests coming to eat the leaves.

14. Violet orchid

The leaves are slender and flowing, like the leaves of orchids, but its color is much brighter than that of orchids, the back of the leaves is purple-red, like purple flowers, but friends who can’t raise flowering plants can raise a pot of violet orchids.

15. Mint

Keeping one or more pots of mint at home can not only be used as a green plant, but also by picking leaves to make tea and drink, or cooking.

16. Ivy

The leaves of ivy are very distinctive, shaped like maple leaves. In addition, ivy also has a very beautiful variety called flower leaf ivy, which has less demand for light, higher appearance and better looking.

The maintenance and management methods of domestic ivy are very simple, even better than green roses. Friends who want to raise ivy but dare not start can start with confidence, and the price is not high.

17. Spotted begonia

This begonia is characterized by a lot of dense white spots on the leaves, and dense phobia may not be able to stand it, but for some spot lovers, this variety is a must.

18. Sweet potato vine

For those who can’t raise green roses or evergreen vines at home, I recommend raising a pot of sweet potato vines. Don’t throw away the sprouted sweet potatoes in your home, put it in a pot or container, water it with water, and its vine will continue to grow and become a pot of green plants. When cooking noodles, it is also good to combine some leaves and pair.

19. Green rose

Green rose can be said to be a pot of home green plants in everyone’s hand. The price is very cheap, many new homes will buy a lot of potted green plants after decoration, and put them in the home to absorb harmful gases such as methanol or ether.

The branches of the green rose will continue to grow, and if you pull it, it can form a green background wall.

20. Hanging orchid

Although there is an orchid in its name, it is by no means an orchid. The leaves are also very similar to orchids, slender and flowing, like Phnom Penh orchids or golden-hearted orchids, and its leaves have a beautiful white stripe.

The white fleshy radish root of the hanging orchid easily overgrows the pot. At this time, you can add hanging orchids to divide pots into one pot and become more pots; You can also leave it alone, even this lush pot is very beautiful.

20 species of large green plants

Large green plants, the plants are relatively tall, giving people a very atmospheric feeling. Suitable for large spaces in the living room and balcony.

1. Monstera

Monstera is a very large green plant, and a leaf will be much larger than an adult’s face. The ability of large leaves to absorb harmful gases and dust retention is very strong, and it is a very good choice to keep monstera in the living room.

2. Keel

This keel belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family, note that it is not a triangular prism carved by a cactus. Because it looks strange and has spikes, some people think that it can be a town house in feng shui, so many flower friends like to raise a large pot of keels in the living room.

3. Dracaena

The dracaena, according to legend, cuts its bark or cuts off its branches, resulting in a blood-like red liquid, hence the name. It is also a very common large home greenery, which is very characteristic.

4. Loose-tailed sunflower

A large pot of loose-tailed sunflower is also quite good to keep in the living room, which is equivalent to planting a clump of bamboo at home.

5. Large-leaf green rose

Large-leaf green rose and potted small-leaf green apple are two different varieties, and large-leaf green apple is generally dragged upward with brown columns. The leaves are large and have a strong ability to absorb dust, so it is often necessary to wipe the leaves to keep the leaves clean.

6. Yemeni iron

Brazilian iron and dracaena look alike, but they are different varieties.

7. Flying feather arrowroot

Flying feather arrowroot is a very characteristic green plant, its petiole is very thin, very long, and also very flexible, and the whole potted plant has the beauty of lines.

8. Ficus chinensis

Ficus chinensis also has very large leaves, and this potted plant is perfect for modern home style.

9. Rubber trees

If you like large-leaved green plants, you must choose a pot of rubber trees. Its leaves are large, leathery and easy to care for after absorbing dust.

10. Fortune tree

It is also appropriate to put a pot of fortune trees in the living room.

11. Brazil wood

Are there flower friends who can’t tell the difference between Yemeni iron and Brazil wood?

12. Tiger Piran

In addition to the dwarf varieties introduced above, tiger piran also has tall varieties that are suitable for potted plants to be placed on the ground.

13. Happiness tree

The happy tree, with dark green leaves and lush foliage, is also a large green plant.

14. Lily bamboo

An interesting large green plant, its branches are nodules like bamboo, and its leaves are also very similar to bamboo leaves.

15. Bird of paradise

The leaves of the bird of paradise resemble the leaves of plantains, and they are very large, and they are also very characteristic ornamental plants.

16. Money tree

Money trees have small potato-like tubers in the soil, so they don’t need to be watered more, and it is easy to rot the roots if watered with too much water.

17. Peace Tree

It is also excellent to place a large potted peace tree at the door, which means safe access.

18. Red leaf cinnamon

The leaves of this tall green plant are bright purple-red, and flowers who like purple can keep a pot of red-leaved vermilion.

19. Duckfoot wood

Duck’s foot wood, also called goose pawwood, is named because its leaves resemble the soles of ducks or goosees.

Duckfoot wood has a very good meaning, for the eight directions to get rich, but also very well cared for, very well maintained, many people like to raise it.

20. Yushu

Yushu is a succulent plant of the Sedum family in my hometown, and people like to call it cheeky.

Although the jade tree is afraid of the cold, it can be raised very well in the north, mainly in the winter will move the jade tree indoors, the indoor heating, is especially suitable for the growth and flowering of the jade tree.

A pot of jade trees, raised for three or five years, will bloom when raised in the back.

Friends, have you ever seen a jade tree bloom? Or has the jade tree you raised ever bloomed?