Members female friends, your bra is machine washable or hand wash?

Recently, the BBC’s two female presenters talk about this topic in the program, immediately detonated network. After the bra stuffed pillowcase machine wash, mesh laundry bag into the washing machine, hand wash drying out …… netizens have their own unique skills.

Elsa Hosk poses with tthe 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra on November 5, 2018. [Photo / VCG]

胸罩应该机洗还是手洗?BBC主持人引爆话题 网友吵翻天

As radio broadcasters, they are used to discussing issues that divide public opinion.

Radio host accustomed to discussions of public opinion divergent topics.

But the BBC’s Fi Glover and Jane Garvey can not have been prepared for the controversy sparked by their latest hot topic: The art of washing a bra.

However, the Philippines – Glover and Jane – Garvey probably did not think of their latest hot topic of discussion will lead to such a wide range of disputes, their topics are: bra washing method.

The question of how, when – and if – to wash bras excited even university professors, who weighed in to the debate triggered when Miss Glover joked on a podcast that she was washing her ‘upper support garments by hand’ because co-host Miss Garvey was ‘horrified’ that she did not already.

Ms. Glover in a podcast joked that he “hand wash bra” because the co-host Ms. Garvey said he had never been washed by hand, which was “horrified.” Subsequently, on how to wash, when to wash, wash the bra and whether the problem has sparked heated debate, and even some university professors are also involved.

Miss Garvey, 54, who presents Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour with Miss Glover, said she was ‘delighted’ – but their light-hearted banter soon sparked a flurry of responses from other women.

胸罩应该机洗还是手洗?BBC主持人引爆话题 网友吵翻天

54-year-old Ms. Garvey presided BBC 4 that it exists “female time and Glover together” program, she said he “very happy” in the program, but the two light-hearted joke soon led to other women’s hot.

banter [ ‘bæntə]: n harmless joke.

While many agreed that hand-washing is the only safe way to clean delicate bras, others insisted ‘life was too short’ and a spin in the washing machine would do.

Although many people believe that hand washing is the only safe way to clean delicate bra, but some people insist that “life is short”, this job washing machine will be able to do it.

Meanwhile some women confessed to having washed them in the shower, or not at all.

Some women also, frankly, they wash the bra in the shower, or simply does not wash.

One in the machine-washing camp wrote on Twitter:. ‘They go in the machine But to be fair, they get really angry in there, and turn into Siamese Fighting Bras, and I have to untangle their claws and teeth when I take them out. ‘

A female support machine washable on Twitter said: “My bra is machine washable, but to be fair, they are very angry on the inside, transformed into a Siamese fighting every time I put them under the bra from the washing machine. when inside out, they are tied to cook, I want the solution for a long time. “

. Untangle [ʌn’tæŋg (ə) l]: vt clean up; consolidation; untie knot …

Another told how she washed one in the machine only for a guest to later find it hidden inside a duvet cover.

One woman said, there are times she was a guest in the washing machine to wash a bra, bra after washing found in twisted into the quilt.

duvet cover: quilt

On this issue, the domestic machine wash and hand wash faction faction often keep arguing on the microblogging.

Some users believe that, in fact, machine washable but washed cleaner.

Responding to Miss Glover, 49, on Twitter, Dr Rebecca Watson, an early-modern historian, said:? ‘Really Life is too short for doing that Surely one of the great successes of millennia of human progress is not to have to hand. -wash our clothes? Sorry ladies but you both need to get out more! ‘

Dr. Watson said in response to 49-year-old Glover on Twitter – Early Modern History historian Rebecca: “Really life is short, not worth wasting wash the bra mankind has made in a thousand years?. one of the greatest advances does not that do not have to hand washing it? I’m sorry ladies, but you guys really need to open up about the vision! “

BBC colleague Samira Ahmed even joined in with a popular suggestion: ‘Hands-free handwashing: You’re supposed to do them up, put them in a pillow case and then put them in the washing machine,’ she wrote.

BBC colleague Samira – Ahmed also joined the debate, she raised a very popular advice: “hands-free hand wash: you just need to tidy up bra, into the open type pillow, and then throw into the washing machine. “

胸罩应该机洗还是手洗?BBC主持人引爆话题 网友吵翻天

And Sarah Churchwell, a University of London professor, agreed: ‘I use a mesh laundry bag Then line-dry Makes life SO much easier Gentle cycle, do up clasps first Then hang to dry Voila..!…’

University of London Professor Sarah – Churchill Weir, agrees: “I use a mesh laundry bag, then hung on a clothesline to dry it makes life so simple to select mild washing mode, the first buckle bra clasp.! after the wash to dry. is so. “

mesh [meʃ]:. n mesh; mesh;

. Voila [vwʌ’lɑː]: int (France) Look; not

According to Good Housekeeping, hands-free washing is the best method.

According to the “Good Housekeeping” magazine reports, hands-free cleaning is the best way.

It advises filling a basin with enough warm water that a bra can be fully submerged, adding a teaspoon of detergent before swirling it around and letting it soak for ten to 15 minutes.

The magazine suggested that, in the pool warm enough to meet the note, the bra completely immersed in, add a spoonful of laundry detergent, then stir and let soak for 10-15 minutes bras.

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Elsa Hosk poses with tthe 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra on November 5, 2018. [Photo / VCG]