Although fashion changes rapidly, the status of one item will never change,

That’s jeans

On every day you don’t know what to wear, try jeans every time you don’t know what to wear on a top, it will never let you down.

As a year-round evergreen piece, there’s almost nothing wrong with it, and there’s nothing wrong with denim, so no matter what style you have, you’ll always find a pair of jeans that suits you.

If you have to say the disadvantages, it is probably that some denim fabrics are too thick, and it is really hot to wear in summer.

If it can be versatile and wearable, it can be comfortable and breathable without sweating

, that couldn’t be better.

A little greedy, that’s okay, this one

Lyocell Tencel jeans

All requirements can be met. It has a cool and soft touch, the upper body drapes completely, and the straight fit is very flattering to the leg.

I think it’s the best jeans to wear in summer, there is no one!


Lyocell Tencel, the light comfort of summer depends on it!

It’s no exaggeration to say it’s jeans made specifically for summer.


100% Lyocell Tencel

It has the comfort of cotton, the strength of polyester, and the silky touch of silk, which can be said to be a combination of all advantages.

There is a bit of a cold feeling to the touch, and the upper body is not too comfortable, it is

“Little air conditioning” for walking

Jeans always feel heavy, but it’s not the same! I specially folded in half to compare the thickness, and the TENCEL jeans can be seen to be more than 4 times thinner than ordinary jeans!

And this material also has a great advantage, it has the texture of silk, but it is not delicate at all.

Coupled with the dense structure of the exquisite method and high precision,

The pants are not easy to deform and wrinkle, and it is okay to rub them vigorously

, so that you can always stay sophisticated.

Even with scissors, there is no pilling phenomenon. Like this quality

You wear it for years, and it’s still the same as the one you just bought.

Thigh and hip position, no awkward folds due to prolonged sitting.

Quality clearance is the first step!


Straight legs + high waist, cover the flesh and show a thin hand!

No matter what pants I choose, I value the fit, and these Tencel jeans are completely silhouish.

Loose drapes for a straight fit + wide legs

, No matter where there is meat, it can be perfectly covered, especially suitable for girls with pear-shaped bodies.

If the lower body is more fleshy, or the leg shape is not very good-looking, this pair of jeans lets you know what is called “blind eye”!

Whether it’s a wide crotch, a thick thigh, or a thick calf like me, or even the troubles of different leg shapes, you can

Wear the graceful lines that drape.

The pants were designed to be very thin

Mid-high rise design

, it elongates the proportions of the lower body more than pants with a low-rise design.

The whole is above the navel, raising the waistline. It also easily covers the small fat on the lower abdomen, making you look more slender,

Even my H-shaped body can wear a “small man’s waist”

Mid-high waist design at the same time,

Elasticated cuffs at the waistband

, all-round tolerance of the waist, do not pick the waist, directly eliminate the role of the belt, so that it is more convenient to put on and take off.

It does not jam the crotch or fall off the crotch when you wear it, and you are comfortable doing various movements every day!

Moreover, even if you accidentally eat a few pounds of fat, you don’t have to worry about not being able to stuff it, let alone being strangled by tight pants!

I also made two styles.

The other model has a split cuff

, faintly exposed skin, visually will appear taller and thinner.

Whether it is meat on the stomach or meat on the legs, wearing it, the vision immediately looks 10 pounds thin, and recently wearing it has been asked several times.


Wear all kinds of clothes, easily wear a sense of fashion!

| Fresh and versatile, straight

Recently, the weather has been hot, and I especially like to wear a tank top, refreshing and refreshing, with a pair of light jeans,

Not only is it not stuffy, but it also acts as sun protection

, and don’t worry about revealing your leg shortcomings.

Its blue is

The light blue with just the right saturation gives a fresh, comfortable feeling

, can be arbitrarily stacked with various accessories will not violate the sense of harmony.

The hot chick style you want, you can easily build.

Yaoyao in the studio usually likes to take the cute route, and these jeans with her pink top are not at all contradictory, full of skill!

The 158 small man has a very long upper body, just right

| Sleek and eye-catching split model

The split is also very good, I specially made it more difficult for myself, and chose a design short-sleeved shirt that I don’t usually wear, but I didn’t expect that the upper body was still very harmonious.

The waistband of the trousers has a tightening effect, which can perfectly fit your waist shape without a belt, making it easy to create curves.

Paired with a baseball cap and a large tote bag, sports girls are online!

Both models are also very long,

In this way, it will not be contrary to the feeling of sandals or sneakers

If you like nine points, you can roll up your trouser legs, if you like mopping, you can choose a size larger, and the length of ten points is the best adjustment.

In addition to the light blue, both models also have a dark blue color

, the style will be more mature, so Yaoyao matched the shirt, this set of looks is very suitable for cuties who have just entered the workplace.

As you should have noticed, I rarely recommend jeans.

First, I feel that the styles on the market are similar, and there is nothing particularly outstanding to share; Secondly, denim is a very selective fit and fabric, and I am extremely demanding of them, and it is difficult to find one that meets my heart’s content.