Our dressing style will change according to the age and status of the individual, the French first lady, as a public figure, pays more attention to elegance and decency when matching, this time with an elegant and fashionable white dress, can also reflect her fashionable temperament. The whole person looks gentle and atmospheric, which is worth referring to.

1. The elegant outfit of the French first lady

In terms of dressing, we need to keep elegant and decent, white clothing is basically not wrong, not pink or purple as fancy, not as dark as black, borrowing from white skirts to wear more can achieve the purpose of reducing age, showing the charm of elegance and intellect. And the style of the white dress is relatively simple, and it can also be used for reference when matching it daily.

2. Fashionable slit design

The French first lady’s outfit is mainly long dresses, but if the dress is longer, it is easy to look cumbersome on the body, so the design of the skirt with a slit will look much more fashionable, and the wearing of slit dresses can effectively modify the figure, and naturally can also achieve the effect of reducing the sense of weight, making the whole outfit more fashionable.

3. Unique waist design around the waist

In addition, the waist design is also the key, this kind of waist design can allow our body proportions to be modified, so as to shape the perfect figure, the white dress below combined with the design of a wide belt, naturally can also outline the slender body curve, easily achieve the purpose of thinning, summer wear we can also try this little trick.

Other tips for the French First Lady:

(1) Fashionable dresses

The straight design flatters the figure

The French first lady’s figure is still relatively good, can not see her actual age, at the same time, the French first lady also likes to wear skirts when matching, borrowing from the straight dress, you can show good temperament and good figure, the straight design looks simple and atmospheric, can also effectively modify the figure, suitable for female friends with fat in the abdomen for reference.

The wearing of white straight dresses is still very fashionable, this kind of straight cut dress is simple and casual on the body, the straight design can also effectively modify the figure, plus the white piece looks refreshing, so it will not look old on the body. If you wear it with high heels, you can easily look thin and tall. Coupled with the use of short hair to modify the face shape, it will also look very temperamental.

(2) Fashionable outfits

If you want to stay elegant and decent, try to try less fancy mixes, borrowing from the basic suit matching is very good, the wearing of the suit saves time and effort, and the unified style of dressing can also avoid mistakes, such as the following white suit is still beautiful on the French first lady, the cut is neat, and naturally it can also modify the figure.

And this suit combines black lace decoration, so that you can create a basic black and white match, which looks high-class and atmospheric, and will not rot the street at all.

Mature women should also pay attention to the choice of color when choosing a suit, bright colors are not easy to control, at this time we can give priority to dark colors, such as the French first lady with a navy blue suit is very fashionable, a dark suit looks thin and tall, and the skin state can also be modified.

(3) Wear bright colors

In addition, middle-aged women’s outfits can borrow more fashionable colors, such as blue clothing is very age-reducing and also suitable for women with dull skin. The French first lady’s skin is not in very good condition, but the blue suit below looks very fresh on the body, and the light color matching is also very aging.

In addition to the basic black and white suit, the dark green suit matched by the French first lady is also very good-looking, this kind of dark green suit color is low-key, combined with a white shirt, full of layers, and it is also very simple to wear on the body, coupled with the French first lady’s good figure, this outfit also looks spirited.

In fact, the French first lady’s taste in dressing is still relatively advanced, seeing her fashionable outfit, you will learn a lot of skills, usually when matching can also learn from, it will definitely help~

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