Many people have a misconception about trousers, mistakenly treating suits as clothing that will only be worn at work or formal occasions, and there is no such thing as trousers in daily life. This article is to dispel the misconception that trousers are one of the most important items in men’s wardrobes, which can create a variety of styling styles.

Before understanding the relationship between trousers and fashion, we should recognize the item of trousers. The biggest advantage of trousers is that even men who are not outstanding in their own conditions, once they wear trousers, they can show people with an elegant image, not only modify the figure, but also enhance the temperament.

A pair of qualified trousers should first fit well. It should take on a natural human form, with the widest waist and hips and tapering to the ankles. There should be no redundant fabric buildup.

Regarding trouser length, this should be a topic that has been discussed a lot in recent years, why does this problem exist? Because with the changes of the times and the change of public aesthetics, people’s definition of trouser length is also changing.

Generally speaking, if you wear dress trousers, the most suitable length should be to expose the heel, and the cuffs just cover the foot. When wearing trousers, it is completely normal to show your ankles when sitting down, so it is necessary to wear stockings.

In Western dress etiquette, trouser lengths from length to length are roughly divided into three styles: Full Break, Medium Break and No Break.

The order of the images is (Medium Break, No Break, Full Break)

Full Break: The most traditional and classic length, the pants cover the upper will also form a sense of accumulation, which is also the most formal business style of choice length.

Medium Break: The length just touches the upper, for some partners who can’t accept cropped trousers, this length is worth recommending, and the shape will not be too conservative and traditional, and it also has a good sense of formality.

The first two are conservative ways of wearing, there will be a simple crease or two at the cuffs, and the ankles will not be exposed too much when sitting down. If you work in an industry that requires more seriousness such as a bank or law firm, or if you have a more senior title printed on your business card, the first two options may be safer.

But now more and more people like the No Break way to wear. No Break’s trousers hang straight up to the upper of the leather shoes, and the length is just right enough to appear a little wrinkled, which looks spirited and neat. When you sit down, part of your ankle is exposed, which is just the right way to show off your carefully chosen suit stockings.

Even more and more people choose to make trousers into cropped pants length, there is no lack of cropped trousers in major shows, but the legs need to be reduced to appear thinner ankles.

Regarding the wearing of trousers, most people may have the impression of the formal image of “trousers + shirt + suit + tie”, which is far from fashion. In fact, from the public’s change in the length of trousers, from stars to fashionistas, the wearing of trousers has changed greatly, linking traditional clothing with the current fashion, and the mix-and-match style has swept the world and penetrated into the hearts of the people.

Trousers and basic tops (including T-shirts, polo shirts, and shirts)

trousers + shirt

, is undoubtedly the favorite dress choice of men in the workplace, without the restraint of suits, but still elegant and fanciful.

Trousers + T-shirt

, a simple solid color T is a must-have versatile artifact in spring and summer, simple and casual, extremely comfortable and delicate, and paired with sneakers, it is more youthful and energetic, combining traditional and elegant style and sports style to make the shape more relaxed and free.

Polo shirts can be comparable to the casual and formal of T-shirts, and with a pair of black trousers, it is definitely the first choice for light business.

A pair of plain trousers can be worn in various ways, from tops to shoes, breaking through the “shackles” of traditional dressing and realizing all possible styles.