Chen yao

is a very popular female star in the fashion industry, she is very good at wearing, very good at highlighting the sense of luxury from the ultimate simplicity, like this time she wore it

Printed white T-shirt

Debuted, matched

A pair of black slim-fit five-point pants

, and a black fisherman’s hat, the whole person exudes

Full of casual charm

If you like her, learn how to match a variety of white T-shirts!

(1) The simple white T-shirt is very practical

How to wear it in summer to be refreshing, learn Yao Chen T-shirt with five-point pants exquisite and fashionable, very practical,

In daily life, the appearance rate of white T-shirts is very high, whether it is a female star or an ordinary person,

When you go out on the street, if you don’t need to participate in too important occasions,


It’s the best choice, most of its fabrics are soft, so it can give you a good experience without making you feel too constrained. ▼

(2) The blessing of printing enhances the overall texture


Pure white T-shirt

It inevitably looks too plain,

Therefore, the blessing of proper integration of printing can improve the overall design, in fact, if you choose a small area print

There’s nothing wrong with being more colorful, but don’t spread it too much, it might look too fancy. ▼

(3) Matching of black slim five-point pants

Yao Chen’s summer outfit is really good,

White T-shirt with slim fit pants

Simple and foreign, but also very age-reducing fashionable,

Yao Chen chose a pair of black slim five-point pants on the lower body, which perfectly outlines the curves of your slender legs

, because black itself is a very thin color, so the overall inclusiveness is very strong, can lengthen your legs to a certain extent, so even if there is a little meat on the legs, don’t worry.

(4) Matching of fisherman’s hats


It is also paired with a black fisherman’s hat, which maintains a high degree of consistency with the upper and lower styles,

It doesn’t look too obtrusive, it can play a good decorative role,

And keep you away from ultraviolet rays, the practicality is very strong, female stars like it, you in front of the screen hurry up to try it!

Yao Chen is really an out-and-out fashionable elf, I have to sigh that the temperament of the female star is really outstanding, even a minimalist white T-shirt can wear a high-class charm.

→ various ways to wear a white T-shirt

1. White T-shirt + pants

*Plaid trousers▼

White T-shirts with pants are the most common, because this way of matching is more daily and convenient,

Unlike when pairing with a skirt, you may face an embarrassing situation if you choose a minimalist white T-shirt

, you can integrate the blessing of black and white checks on the pants, which improves the overall effective color a lot and makes you look more layered.


Apart from

Check trousers

In addition, jeans are also a fashion item with a high rate of appearance in the fashion industry, because it can make you exude a youthful feeling, and its fit is more, if yours

Thick legs

If you do, you can choose a looser fit, which is more inclusive, very collaborable, and the hard material can also make you look more shapely.

2. Oversize version: “Missing underwear”

Beautiful eyebrows with thin legs can consider using an oversized boyfriend-style white T-shirt to reflect their slender figure,

Combined with the “missing underwear” wearing method, you can show off your straight and slender legs

, is the gospel of small cuties, but because it will shift people’s visual focus to your legs, it is not recommended to try slightly fat crushes. ▼

3. White T-shirt + slip skirt layered



The beauty of the eyebrows can be layered with a white shirt and a slip skirt to create a rich layer, this way of wearing itself is very youthful, and the eyebrows entering middle age can be reduced in this way, and will not give people the suspicion of deliberately dressing up,

Combined with denim, leopard print elements

The blessing can also show a wild nature.

4. Sweatpants are full of comfort

In life, it is inevitable to face the need for exercise, at this time

A plain loose white T-shirt and sweatpants

The pairing is the best choice, it will only bring you a very comfortable experience, the stretch is very good, no matter how you exercise, it will not be embarrassing. ▼

5. Layer with a knitted vest

The white T-shirt can be worn alone, and naturally it can also be worn as an underwear, in the autumn and winter when the weather is gradually colder,

It is common to choose a white T-shirt and a knitted vest for layering

, It can not only create a full layer, but also play a good role in keeping warm, making your whole person look more textured. ▼

6. Wear it with a minimalist coat

In addition to knitted vests, matching a minimalist jacket can also play a good warmth role,

The black jacket looks very low-key, if you want to highlight a cool and sassy temperament, choose a leather jacket,

It allows you to exude a locomotive style handsomeness.

There are so many ways to match white T-shirts, in fact, choosing the one that suits you best is the best, and everyone must have the courage to try.

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Chen yao