Outdoor sports underwear shares the same style of celebrities!

For outdoor running in summer, it is very important to wear a sportswear that is breathable and moisture-wicking! The most recent running is wearing more is this sports vest, wearing breathable, cool and light, the star of the same vest vest back has a mesh splicing design, the chest pad is a breathable perforated design, so sports sweating is not worried about sweat and acne.

Now go out to run are wearing it alone, vest style, moderate length, underwear circumference and skin fit very well, single wear is not afraid to go light, and such hot weather, wear a sports underwear inside, and wear a T-shirt outside, it is too hot.

Running to choose sports underwear, shockproof is also very important, this underwear, the most special is that it is not by pressing your chest to achieve the effect of shock, it has shockproof at the same time, wearing is also very comfortable, so that you can not feel its existence, running the chest really will not shake.

It is a sizeless design, very stretchy, big breasts and small breasts can be tried, I am a small breast, wear it to feel the chest pad and chest fit very well, the fabric is very soft, but the position of the chest pad is very hard and straight, this is quite surprising to me, so put on the simple type very good sports vest is “violent loli” family, a domestic brand I like very much, domestic products are really getting better and better now, top!