Shaanxi Rural Network – Shaanxi Rural Daily (Ning Chenping) has a German called Li Wei Shitris. Before 1850, he was an ordinary small civil servant, but in 1850, a big event was the west of the United States discovered a large gold mine. So countless people who want to get rich overnight will flock to the western United States. For 20, Li Wei Shi Truship is also in it, so it is easy to rush to the US San Francisco, the result is quite disappointed. Everywhere is a person, it is a tent everywhere, and people are more than gold. Can this make a fortune? Li Weishi Turus feels hanging, but it is better to make a brain, which is more exciting. Because the gold reunions are in all kinds of tents that live away from the remote zone away from the city, they want to buy something. It takes a long place to run. So Li Wei Shous opened a daily necessities in their vicinity, not from the rush of the gold, but the gold in this golden man. If you don’t have a small business, the business is very good, and Li Wei Shius has earned money. One day, Li Wei Shi Terlas purchased a large number of daily necessities and canvas for tents. As a result, this day will be snapped up. You can pay for it. Why is it? It’s very simple, the gold prizers have their own tents, and they are not willing to take a second tent. Looking at this canvas will have to lose money, and Li Wei Sho is very depressed. Suddenly, he saw a golden worker to come up, but also looked at this canvas. Li Weishi Turus hurriedly asked: “Do you want to buy a canvas tent?” The worker shook his head and said, “I don’t need to take a tent, I need it like a tent. Pants. Do you have? “” What do you want to do? “This worker said to him:” You don’t know, the work of the gold is very hard, the clothes often have to be worn, the cotton cloth is doing a few days. Broken, if you make a pants with canvas, it is strong and wear, how good. I am sure to buy. “A doctor awakened the people. Yes, anyway, these canvas can’t sell it. Don’t you do your pants! The first batch of canvas made by the first batch of canvas is born in the hands of Li Weichi Turps. This first pants are wearing who is now, no one knows, we only know that it has a very loud name “Jeans” after many years, and there is also a hundred years of classic brand “Levi’s”. (Finishing: Ma Lin)

So Xiaobian tells you: Wash it with warm water, first place some salt in the water before washing, wait until the salt is dissolved, then put it in the joy, bubble 5 or six minutes, then wash it. White vinegar can also, but the white vinegar reacts with soap, soap is a white vinegar, it will not work, and then use white vinegar to wash the clothes, and the clothes will have a strange taste.

Avoid fading, please wash the jeans


This is not easy to fade.

Try not to use detergent (unless it is dirty)

It can be added like a vinegar or salt, which can effectively reduce fading

Do not use a washing machine. Because the washing machine is easy to make jeans variant

If you fade, you can’t cure. I can only be, alleviate some fading. Because the joy is grinding, it is inevitable.

How to prevent clothing from fading`%

1. Newly bought cotton vest, sweepstakes, then wear, wear resistance and do not fade. $ + 3

2. It is easily faded when washed in jeans, and then put it in the cold concentrated salt water for about 2 hours, and then washing with soap is not easy to fade. Rim

3. Wash the clothes, first put the clothing in the broth in the broth for about 30 minutes, then washed with water, then washed according to the general washing method. This prevents the clothes from fading, especially black or red, and the effect is more remarkable. TML

4. It is easy to fade when washing the sweater, and then soak the sweater for 10 minutes, then wash it according to the general washing method. After washing, the sweater can not only be washed, but will not fade, but also extend the wearing period . , M2PB

5. Color clothing will fade due to improper washing. Dye is mostly solubated in water; the dye is also easily fade under the action of the sun; the dye and fiber lines are not strong enough, and it will also fade when washing. Therefore, in order to make the clothing do not fade, do not pay attention to hot water, soapy water, alkaline water, do not use the laundry plate or brush to brush, and then use water, then use water Rinse is clean, and it is also a good way to prevent the fading of clothes.