Tide cards are like “drugs” worn on the body, making countless people addicted (I have also recently begun to be poisoned). From Supreme and Stussy in the United States to CLOT and MADNESS in China. Each fashion brand reflects the lifestyle of contemporary young people, and the artistic embodiment of integrating the culture of one’s own country and the trend culture into one.

And domestic tide brands are not only familiar to everyone, now more and more national tides have emerged, accelerating the pace and carrying forward the concept of “created in China”.


GRAF, or Generation Represents Artistic Fashion, is a foreign brand with a much greater reputation than a domestic brand. It was founded in 2015 by a rap-playing designer who is deeply influenced by American culture.

Take HIPHOP elements such as culture, nature, ecology and biology

The brand that created it was born in China, but it has already developed in San Francisco, USA.

The main thing is:

Sweatshirt collection

, almost all of them are original works, and the trend elements of unruly personality are very strong; The quality is good and the price is very affordable.

Classic Series

Street Series

Vintage collection

The logo of the GRAF brand is the Giraffe BoxLogo, but it is different from other trendy brands and has many interesting spoof motifs (such as Pokemon, Hale Brothers, NASA, etc.).

Spoof “Hale Brothers”

Complex illustrations can be well used by GRAF on shawls and costumes; In the choice of color, it also got rid of the consistent black and white colors, and adopted bright ones

Pink as a brand

The main color, the style of young pursuit of individuality is obvious.


ENSHADOWER Hidden Ones, founded in 2012 by several dead flying enthusiasts and sneaker enthusiasts, has been committed to promoting street culture such as fixed gear and sneaker heads, and has gradually become a well-known emerging trend brand in China.

The brand was founded with the intention of providing clothing for street sports enthusiasts

Comfortable and functional clothing

。 On the basis of maintaining practicality, fashion elements are also cleverly integrated.

The overall clothing style is two words “handsome + cool”.

The main tone is black function

The clothing style adds embroidery and Chinese as decorative elements, bringing the low-key but connotative cool style to the fullest in the street trend.


IT CAN BE SEEN THAT ENSHADOWER HAS A DISTINCTLY FUTURISTIC, TECHNOLOGICAL AND FUNCTIONAL CHARACTER. Sports elements are also skillfully and skillfully combined with a sense of fashion, fully demonstrating the interests, fashion views and life attitudes of contemporary young people.


In 2005, the predecessor of TEEN TEAM, G-CHN, was established, and its director, Jimmy Lay, set the G-CHN design style step by step with his personal philosophy.

In 2006, with the addition of new members, from individual creation to team collaboration, the team was officially named TEEN-TEAM, which means a group of young people who are full of great enthusiasm to move forward towards their dreams. From the field of visual communication design to clothing, this is the foundation of TEEN TEAM.

You will find that the brand’s clothing products are basically with bright colors and cute personality patterns, which is also the brand philosophy of TEEN TEAM

Kidult (older children)

。 These bright and colorful colors always give people a feeling, that is, [happy].

Personally, I like the style of TEEN TEAM, which is interesting and personal, which can be regarded as unique compared to the style characteristics of other national fashion brands.

Super 90s’ series

TEENTEAM’s main series this year is based on the themes of I Ching, Bagua, Yin and Yang, and Kung Fu. From the design of these costumes,

It is no longer just a simple fashion clothing, but a cultural form of sustenance and a higher art form.

TeenTeam 18ss Qiankun color-block sweatshirt

TeenTeam 18AW electric flint vest worn on both sides

TeenTeam 18AW [Break Your Hand] coat


GRKC was founded in 2015 by a relatively young designer, KARMIC, and veteran dancer GR. It was formerly known as the street brand DREAMMAKE, and later changed its name to GRKC due to a major change in design style. Good reputation, civilian price, is a cost-effective national trendy brand.


GRKC attracts classic street elements including street dance, rap, DJ, graffiti, etc., combines low-key minimalism with pompous street culture, and integrates the essence of street fashion and clothing into the design, thus leading fashion lovers to pursue a free and uninhibited, simple but not simple attitude to life.

Peanuts (GRKC) was influenced by his grandmother’s religion,

Religious elements and liberalism

It has become the main soul of GRKC. So it is not difficult to see that many clothes have religious elements in the design patterns.


INXX is a pioneering high street trend brand from Hong Kong, I believe everyone is no stranger. INXX not only carries out a number of sub-brands (such as STAND BY, BLACK AND BLACK, etc.), but also gathers a number of international high street brands and trend brands (UNROW, HAMC, LXVI, etc.).

INXX woolen wears coats on both sides


UNROW windproof jacket

The industry calls INXX a leader in China’s high street trends, not only because of the wide range of brands sold in physical stores, but also because the strong visual impact design is one of the main features of the brand.

Whether in the silhouette of clothing or graphic creativity, different tailoring techniques are adopted, mixing, opposing and dismantling fashion and street style, and then reconstructing, while skillfully integrating Chinese and Western cultures to create a trend ecology belonging to China.

Nowadays, the world’s impression of Chinese trend culture is almost zero, how to be a pioneer and achieve a successful initiative is undoubtedly difficult.

And INXX’s “Master” at 2019S/S New York Fashion Week (and Shanghai Fashion Week).

“Six degrees Paramita-themed series

It showed the world how to interpret “traditional Chinese elements and trendy culture” to the extreme, which is undoubtedly amazing to the old beauty, and even the Vogue of the fashion Bible is full of praise for INXX.



The collection features traditional costumes, mixing and matching wild and quirky graffiti art. It also skillfully incorporates elements of Zen paintings from the lifetime of Zen Grandmaster Gen-la Yuanlin, as well as calligraphy and scriptures from the 106-year-old contemporary monk Elder Chengqing and his disciple Gen-la Kongyi. This mixture of inspiration and texture strikes a balance between Eastern and Western cultures.


INXX also elaborated:

“Street trends are for everyone, not specific groups of people.”

It emphasizes the characteristics of the core of the street [inclusive], and also breaks people’s stereotype of the show, and presents the atmosphere of the show on the street, and the convergence of Chinese and Western trends is embodied on clothing, trying to build a design style with strong self-awareness and show the new pattern of Chinese trends.

Undoubtedly, INXX retains the essence of high street culture with an anti-secular attitude, and blends traditional Chinese culture with American hip-hop silhouettes to present a unique clothing system, going to the world to justify Chinese trends and make the world more recognized by Chinese trends.

It can be seen that the strength and design sense of domestic fashion brands are actually no less than foreign fashion brands, and Chinese cultural elements have gradually been integrated into the design of many internationally renowned brands, and “Made in China” is no longer an unpromising word. I believe that on the road to the gradual growth of the national tide with cultural strength, I quote a sentence said by Edison Chen

“Made in China is not inferior to Made in the World, and Made in China is not only Made in China, but also Intelligent Manufacturing in China.”

TGG will first introduce these domestic tide cards to dear everyone (do you want to chop again?). ), if there is any good national trendy brand, you can also comment below to recommend it.

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