Good looking, easy to use and good price! HKC S27 PRO monitor out of the box review

Perhaps for many gamers, 2K and 4K high-brush monitors have long been accustomed, and they will not consider monitors without high-brushes when choosing a monitor. However, compared with the huge market of displays, gamers are only a small group of people, and for the vast majority of ordinary users, they do not need the top resolution and refresh rate, and good looking, easy to use, and good price are the standards of a good monitor.

Today, our PConline review room received a display from HKC for entertainment, office and general consumers, HKCS27PRO. Can this 899 yuan monitor meet the needs of most consumers for good looks, easy to use and good prices? Let’s take a look!

Outside viewing

International practice, let’s first open the box to see the appearance. The screen size of the S27PRO is 27 inches, which is a relatively large and not too small size.

The appearance design is still a classic three-sided narrow border design, coupled with the classic all-black color matching, this appearance is also very essential oil, will not be as exaggerated and personality as some gaming monitors, and is more in line with the aesthetics of the vast majority of people.

The overall shell material is plastic, and the surface has been frosted, whether it feels or looks, the texture is still good.

The top of the display also has some heat vents designed, which can provide a better heat dissipation environment for the inside of the display.

The OSD menu button of S27PRO adopts the traditional multi-button design, and the feel and arrangement position of the buttons are still good, and the operation is more convenient.

Come and see the back of the display, the back has a curved design as a whole, and the top has the HKC logo. The case and monitor bracket are connected by quick disassembly, which is very convenient to install and remove, praise!

The interface part is an HDMI interface, a DP interface, a VGA interface and a 3.5mm audio interface, the number of interfaces is not much, but basically enough, at this price many displays are still retaining the traditional VGA interface and HDMI interface, S27PRO added a DP interface is undoubtedly more practical and versatile.

S27PRO is more surprising is this lifting bracket, 899 yuan monitor with lifting bracket, is indeed a little fragrant. The workmanship of the bracket is very good, the material is also very solid, and it can be felt in the hand is still very weighty.

The adjustment range of the bracket is also good, supporting vertical lifting, left and right rotation, vertical rotation and pitch adjustment, which can basically cover most of the practical scenes in daily life, basically allowing you to save a monitor stand or monitor elevated money.

However, the damping sense of adjustment is relatively general, and you need to operate it with both hands when adjusting, but the problem is not big, and it is already quite cost-effective to compare this price to give such a lifting bracket.

In general, the overall appearance of HKCS27PRO is a more classic design, the workmanship also continues HKC’s consistent excellent level, the most surprising thing is the lifting bracket, which really improves the comfort of use, which can be said to meet the requirements of easy use.

Display the actual measurement

After meeting the requirements of good use, let’s see if HKCS27PRO can meet our requirements for good looks. HKCS27PRO uses a 1080P IPS screen, in the size of 27 inches, the look and feel of the screen is still OK, not too obvious graininess. In terms of refresh rate, it can reach a refresh rate of 75Hz, which is a certain improvement compared to 60Hz smoothness.

As usual, we measured the display with Red Spider X. In terms of color gamut, the measured S27PRO’s color gamut coverage reaches 100% sRGB, 85% AdobeRGB and 94% DCI-P3 color gamut, even higher than the official 90% DCI-P3 color gamut.

In terms of color temperature, the default white point color temperature in the standard mode of the measured S27PRO is 7500K, which belongs to a cool color temperature.

In terms of color accuracy, the performance of HKCS27PRO is also quite excellent, measured in the standard mode, the average ΔE value of color accuracy is only 0.89, and the maximum color difference ΔE value is only 1.69, the performance is quite excellent, and there is no problem at all for professional retouching work.

In terms of brightness and contrast, the measured average brightness of the S27PRO is 290nits, and the maximum contrast ratio is 860:1, which is at a relatively average level in the IPS panel, but in terms of actual perception, the contrast performance is OK.

In terms of color and brightness uniformity, the measured S27PRO at 50% brightness, the color uniformity of the screen is very good, the maximum color difference is 3.7, appearing directly below the screen, such performance is basically negligible in actual use. The brightness of the screen is a situation of attenuation from the middle to the periphery, and the maximum brightness difference is 12% on the left side of the screen, which is average, but the actual look and feel is acceptable, and daily use has little impact.

In terms of the viewing angle of the screen, because the IPS panel is used, the viewing angle of the HKCS27PRO is quite excellent, and the picture can be seen at a viewing angle of about 178°, which still maintains a relatively good look.

Overall, the display effect of HKCS27PRO is beyond our expectations, although the resolution is only 1080P, but whether it is color gamut coverage, color accuracy performance, and color uniformity, the performance is far beyond our expectations. This also makes this screen suitable for daily entertainment, office and even some professional image processing needs, which is a generalist for office entertainment.

It is worth mentioning that HKCS27PRO is also certified by HDR10, so it can better restore the color of the picture when playing some HDR assets. Through the following set of real-life samples, it can be seen that when the documentary “Courtship Game” is played, the picture is very good at color reproduction, the color is delicate and natural, neither excessively bright and saturated, nor too plain and textureless, the overall look and feel is quite excellent.

Of course, there is a more intimate point is the HKCS27PRO’s series of eye protection functions. This HKCS27PRO adopts DC dimming without strobe, which can reduce eye fatigue caused by strobe, and it has also passed the low blue light certification of SGS, a well-known third-party testing organization, which can reduce the damage of blue light to human eyes.

At the same time, HKC also added an e-book mode to this S27PRO, after opening this mode, the screen will present a paper-like display effect similar to the electronic ink screen, which is undoubtedly a great boon for office people who read text for a long time.

In general, whether it is the display effect or the eye protection performance, HKCS27PRO shows a good level, and does not shrink on the screen because of the investment in appearance materials, and there is no compromise in the display effect and eye protection function, which absolutely meets our requirements for good looks.


As a display manufacturer, HKC’s office monitor products have never disappointed us, this time this S27PRO, but also showed a very high level, solid workmanship materials and practical lifting brackets, making this S27PRO very “easy to use”; At the same time, the excellent display effect and the intimate eye protection function also meet our requirements for the “good looking” of the display. Under such performance, the price of HKCS27PRO can also be controlled at the price of 899 yuan, which is particularly cost-effective and is definitely a “good price”.

If you are also looking for an office entertainment all-rounder, but at the same time can meet the user-friendly, good-looking, good price monitor, then this HKCS27PRO is an all-round monitor suitable for us ordinary consumers, definitely worth considering.

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