Since Wang Baoqiang divorced his ex-wife, he has been reluctant to show his face in the public eye, on the one hand, because he is busy with film shooting, and on the other hand, it is also hindering the face of men.

His new girlfriend Feng Qing also rarely appears on media platforms, probably due to the failure of his first marriage, Wang Baoqiang is more willing to deal with his life in a low-key manner and avoid becoming a joke in the mouths of netizens.

Recently, Feng Qing exposed a photo of when she participated in the Miss World China finals ten years ago, and she won the runner-up in the swimwear individual competition of the competition.

At that time, Feng Qing was only 23 years old, one meter seven eight slender, thin body, wearing a purple bikini and stocking suit, with a confident and charming smile.

In another set of swimsuit photos, she wears a ponytail, a sky-blue bikini, slender arms without fat, and a proud figure.

Red lips and teeth, a pure appearance, a sweet smile.

You know, Wang Baoqiang’s ex-wife Ma Rong used to be a school-level figure at Northwest University.

It’s just that because Wang Baoqiang’s career is going well, she is also willing to be with her husband and children at home, so she can’t let everyone see her beauty.

Some time ago, because she lost her financial resources, she began to appear constantly in order to be able to return to the entertainment industry.

The plain Ma Rong is indeed pure and cute, and has a natural sensitivity to the lens.

In 2016, Wang Baoqiang sued for divorce, and the matter was not settled until two years later.

Only 1 year after the divorce of the two, Wang Baoqiang’s mother died of illness, and at his mother’s funeral, the person in charge of Zhang Luo was his new girlfriend Feng Qing.

It was at that time that Feng Qing also changed from a stealth girlfriend to a real girlfriend, and walked to the front of the stage from behind the scenes.

At the funeral, although Feng Qing did not officially marry into the Wang family, she still assumed the duties of a daughter-in-law, wearing a white scarf and greeting guests.

Judging from the photos taken by passers-by, Feng Qing had no shelves and talked with the villagers very happily.

You know, Feng Qing is not a full-time housewife like Ma Rong, she graduated from the prestigious University of Berkeley, and has tens of millions of dollars, involved in many business fields, and is a veritable strong woman.

For Wang Baoqiang, she was able to mingle with the villagers from the position of the company’s leader, without putting up a shelf, which was already regarded as giving her greatest face to Wang Baoqiang.

However, Feng Qing was still photographed with some scandalous photos, she once drove Wang Baoqiang’s luxury car late at night and had a private meeting with many young guys.

And the media also saw that the excitement was not too big, and directly typed such a sensational headline as “netizens are worried about the second Ma Rong”.

However, neither Wang Baoqiang nor Feng Qing himself responded to the matter, and in the end, it was stopped.

Although Wang Baoqiang and Feng Qing have been repeatedly rumored to be married, and even the notarization of pre-marital property has been done, the two have not confirmed the marriage date.

After the failure of the previous marriage, Wang Baoqiang, who has been injured, will inevitably be cautious and will not rush to enter the marriage again.

Count Wang Baoqiang’s two girlfriends, one is a college flower and the other is a beauty pageant runner-up, all of them are beautiful women who pick one in a hundred.

Although netizens are laughing at Wang Baoqiang’s first marriage, is it a little envious to see that Brother Baoqiang is divorced and then accompanied by a beautiful person?