The principle of increased movement height

1. At both ends of the long bone, there is a metaphyseal cartilage that specializes in bone growth. When the epiphyseal cartilage continues to proliferate, the bones continue to grow, and generally the hyperplasia stops in adulthood, and the height no longer grows.

2. Doing more exercise can improve the body’s blood circulation, enhance the body’s absorption of nutrients, improve the growth ability of bone cells, and mechanical force can promote calcium precipitation in bones, so that bones become thick and firm.

3. Exercise is an important condition for human development. Exercise is not equal to labor, and the same repetitive movements of the latter do not benefit height. Heightening exercises should be movements that are perfectly coordinated for physical development.

4. Before the epiphyseal cartilage of adolescent children has stopped proliferating, regular appropriate physical exercise helps to stimulate the proliferation of epiphyseal cartilage.

5. The action of stretching the spine, pedaling the legs and buoyancy of water are very beneficial to the increase of spinal bones and limb bones.

How to exercise to gain height?


Aerobic sports such as swimming, jogging, brisk walking, skating, cycling, ball games, etc., participate in rhythmic repetitive movements through large muscle groups, accelerate blood circulation, and promote metabolism and growth hormone secretion. Aerobic exercise is best 3-5 times a week, 30-60 minutes each time, no more than 2 hours a day, can be divided into 2-3 times.

Bouncing motion

The height of the human body is mainly determined by the length of the bones of the lower limbs, jumping rope, jumping leather bands, frog jumping, vertical jumping and touching high and other bouncing exercises, which can make the lower limbs get rhythmic pressure, sufficient blood supply will accelerate bone growth. Bounce exercise should be 1-3 times a day, 5-10 minutes each time.

Stretching exercises

Stretches such as pull-ups, rhythmic exercises, tai chi, kicks, leg presses, ballet exercises increase flexibility and make the body easier and more flexible. In conjunction with the first two exercises, do it 3-5 times a week.

Lower extremity exercises

Including rope skipping, high jump, pole vault, long jump, vertical jump, one-foot jump, bipedal jump, stair climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, walking, ice skating, rollerblading, skiing, etc.

Systemic exercise

Including basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, badminton and other ball sports and rowing. Good exercise methods play a big role in increasing children’s height. The deep breathing adjustment method opens the window to allow air to circulate, and stands naturally with your feet together. This is the breathing conditioning method that the exercise height increase method has always observed, and everyone can learn it together, which is also a basis for ensuring height.

Increased food height:

1. 100% protein: protein can make excess fat in the body burn off quickly, reduce weight, and enhance the body’s resistance to disease and fatigue. Protein intake has great health benefits, which is the consensus of experts.

2. Animal protein, in meat, fish, eggs, etc. contain a large amount.

3. Eggs: Among all kinds of animal proteins, eggs are the most important food. Eggs also have various amino acids that make cells, so eating eggs during meals will definitely have excellent results.

4, breakfast can not be saved: there are many girls who are afraid of fat, have ignored breakfast, the fact is in the eyes of Westerners, breakfast is the main meal of the day, no matter how much weight, breakfast must be eaten.

5, eat less snacks: snacks such as candy, chocolate, peanuts, etc., most of them contain a high amount of calories, really dangerous, people who do not eat snacks, may wish to learn models to bite carrots. Celery or foods that are low in calories.

6, the amount should be more and the calories should be less: everyone has an appetite, the size is different, both want to satisfy the appetite and lose weight, you should choose such food, fruit watermelon, even if you eat a full stomach, but there are almost no calories; Vegetable soup too.

7. Vitamin supplementation: As mentioned earlier, vitamins are the source of life, for beauty and nutrition, we must supplement sufficient vitamins every day.

8. Less drinking: Because alcohol has high calories, it replaces the burning effect of fat and naturally gains weight.

9. Do more exercise: let the excess energy consume as much as possible, accumulate in the body, and will be converted into fat.

10. Eat more lettuce: such as carrots. Foods with fewer calories such as celery, lettuce is not cooked, and nutrients are not destroyed. Many models have the habit of reaching out for lettuce at any time.

Heightening exercises

1. Touch the height: When jumping, use both hands to touch the pre-set object, which can be a roadside branch, basketball basket or ceiling. Jump on both feet and do 30 times. Take a break and jump on one foot with each left and right foot, the same method as above.

Second, lower limb exercise. Including rope skipping, high jump, pole vault, long jump, vertical jump, one-foot jump, bipedal jump, stair climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, walking, ice skating, rollerblading, skiing, etc.

3. Long jump: standing or running long jump can be used. When jumping, step and jump strongly, knees in the air and hips, arms up, fully extended, and when falling, the forefoot touches the ground, bend the knee to cushion. You can do 7~10 times according to your physical condition, and rest appropriately in between.

Fourth, basketball: is a kind of sexual activity project, can make all parts can be effective live The best exercise to increase height is basketball and swimming movement and exercise, enhance metabolism, accelerate bone growth, help to increase the realization of height. 、

Methods of heightening

If you want to increase in height, make sure that the child has

Get enough sleep and don’t stay up late

, sometimes when sleeping

The leg may kick, that is a preview of growth.

In terms of diet, drinks are OK

Choose milk, the benefit is calcium supplementation

。 Food is recommended for meat high in protein. Of course

Nutritionally balanced

It’s also important.

Don’t be picky eaters.

Basking in the sun can replenish calcium substances in the body and help to grow height.

Motion. Preferred sports that require jumping.

Such as basketball, etc., every new day, there will be a substance in the joints of the person. After a day of running-in, it will be consumed, and this consumption will be minimized through exercise. This allows it to be firmly absorbed into the bones during sleep. If it is a girl, it is recommended to play badminton.

Half of the height is caused by certain genetic factors, and of course, half is due to acquired efforts.

How children can gain height

Don’t miss the period of rapid growth: most Han Chinese children peak in height at about 12 years old for girls and 14 years old for boys; More than 90% of girls have the fastest growth in height between the ages of 11 and 13, and boys between the ages of 13 and 15.

In order to make children grow taller, parents should pay special attention to their children’s nutrition, exercise and other issues during the rapid growth period.

Nutritional supplementation should be focused on:

Nutrition is key to a child’s physical growth

。 The energy, protein and amino acids needed for normal physical growth must be provided by food, mainly meat, eggs, beans and legumes.

Bone formation also requires adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and trace amounts of manganese and iron

。 Insufficient calcium intake and vitamin D deficiency will cause insufficient bone mineralization, vitamin A deficiency will make bones shorter and thicker, and vitamin C deficiency will make osteocyte interstitial formation defective and brittle, which will affect bone growth.