Now there are three main forms of weddings that are more popular, one is indoor brightfield, one is indoor darkfield, and one is outdoor wedding. In China, most newcomers get married in hotels, so Mi Meng here mainly introduces the two wedding lighting arrangements taken by Mi Meng Youth Brigade, especially the dark wedding, the most important thing is the choice of lighting, the lighting is done, the effect will be very dreamy and shocking.

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One. What is the reasonable budget for darkfield wedding lighting?

Ordinary wedding, lighting arrangement costs 3000~10000 yuan, mainly standard ordinary lights, such as chasing lights, spotlights, etc., and equipped with a small number of LED dyed lights, the lighting effect is enough to render the atmosphere.

However, in the budget of Mimeng Youth Travel Photography, it costs at least 15,000 yuan to customize the wedding lighting arrangement, face lights, computer pattern lights, computer moving head lights, LED dyed lights are rendered in the whole scene, equipped with professional lighting stands, so that your wedding presents endless lighting and dance effects.

Lighting generally accounts for more than 25% of the total budget for wedding decorations, which falls into the proportion range of “enough attention to lighting”, and couples can increase or decrease according to this standard.

Two. What are the wedding lighting arrangements?

At weddings, the commonly used lights are face lights, chasing lights and dyed lights, let’s talk about these first.

Face light

The light cast from the top of the audience to the stage is mainly used for the front lighting of the characters and the basic light of the stage, which can evenly spread the warm light source and create a better photo effect for the photographer.

Face lights are calculated in groups, generally in groups of 3.

Follow light

The light that changes position following the position of the newcomer and forming a bright area within 1-2 meters around the newcomer is designed to highlight the newcomer.

The number should be two, if only one is used, the so-called “yin and yang face” will be formed, that is, one side of the face is bright, the other side is dark, which greatly affects the visual effect. If you have the conditions, you must use two, there is light on both sides, and there will be no “yin and yang face”.

LED dyed light

Different colors of light effects can be rendered for the wedding according to the scene arrangement, and it is absolutely indispensable for dream weddings.

The number of dyeing lamps is generally about 6, and the number can be adjusted according to the size and demand of the stage.

Of course, in addition to the above three basic light sources, you can have more choices if you want more fantastic effects.

Computer moving head light

It is often used to do the rendering of the live beam, and the kind of text, d├ęcor, pattern, etc. that we see with the lamp are made with this lamp, which is really effective and beautiful.

The number of wedding moving head lamps is generally 2-4, which can also be increased or decreased according to demand, of course, budget issues must also be considered.


It can produce a narrow parallel light speed without exact edges, the light spot is blurred, suitable for a more uniform and soft light effect, suitable for Xiamen wedding hotels with larger venues, because the projection distance is very long, at least 20 meters.

Laser light

A kind of lamp that can automatically play various laser beams, laser patterns, and laser words with the rhythm of music.

This general wedding is used less and the price is more expensive.

Floor row lights

Using a row of lights to hit the background will have more colors and is very beautiful, mainly playing the effect of color rendering.

Usually face lights, chasing lights and LEDs are the standard lighting for darkfield weddings, and customized weddings will also have computer pattern lights (rotatable and adjustable smart lamps, adjustable brightness, spots, beams, spotlights and astigmatism, color changes, pattern changes, etc.), PAR lights (also called downlights, beam fixed, parallel, used to supplement characters and ambient light), etc., the better the lighting effect, the more lamps need to be equipped, and the higher your cost!

Tips: Color selection of lights

The style of the wedding is different, and the lighting preference of the camera is also different. Small fresh style, yellow light and white light as the main color light, high degree of reduction; Gorgeous style, with yellow light as the main color light, the feeling of a golden palace can be created; In fairy tale style, blue light, white light and a little yellow light are dreamy. The feminine and romantic style is dominated by pattern lights, and the cool style is dominated by beam lights, LEDs, etc. Among them, pink, purple, and yellow lights are the most versatile and less prone to errors.

Three. The lighting design needs to match the venue

The lighting designer will finalize the lighting plan for each wedding according to the theme and process of the wedding, as well as the details of the floral arrangement plan, wedding music design and so on. The lighting scheme will include the creation of the overall atmosphere of the venue.

1. Lighting design of the main stage area

2. Lighting design of the newcomer admission area

3. Lighting design of the guest area

4. Lighting design in details

5. And the lighting design of the periphery of the venue, etc

Of course, the designer will also choose the appropriate lighting equipment according to the different needs of the newcomer, and determine the lighting layout according to the design plan. However, the specific implementation plan should be completed when the wedding venue is arranged, and the lighting designer on the scene should adjust his work progress and plan in a timely manner according to the layout of the stage, floral arrangement and other details of the wedding, which is the secondary creation of the lighting designer on the scene.

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