Remember the “socket war” between Xiaomi and Bull back then?

After Xiaomi became the first in the global market share with a mobile power supply of 69 yuan, Lei Jun led Xiaomi to enter the socket industry in the traditional home field.

A power strip with a USB interface, directly killed to 49 yuan and free shipping, you must know that the bull socket at that time was about 15 yuan more expensive.

Although the back bull socket uses 48 yuan “pixel-level” similar products to fight back, it does not hinder the rapid expansion of Xiaomi sockets. Today, it still has a monthly sales of 10,000+, which makes many traditional brands shame.

Since then, Xiaomi has created one explosive model after another in the traditional home furnishing field with its outstanding cost performance in the ecological chain model.

Now, another home furnishing brand, riding the express train of Xiaomi’s ecological chain,

Sold 70 million copies of a single item

It is the pioneer of sealed towels

– The most living towel

Friends who have used the most life towels, are on it

Comfort, softness, water absorption

and so on.

Even many people say,

You can’t go back after using it

Is there any difference between the daily necessities that are used every day, and the “most living towel” is different from other brands?

This got from the founders of most living towels

Zhu Zhijun said, the industry is known as “towel brother”.

With the birth of her daughter,

Zhu Zhijun noticed

Babies use many towels a day. Coupled with a lot of unqualified towel news reports outside, he was determined to start a business and make a good towel that didn’t hurt the baby!

Entrepreneurship is not all smooth sailing, in 6 years, the most living towel has undergone a painful transformation from 1000 to 1, from thousands of SKUs, a loss of 10 million, only this one towel remains.

This is exactly what Xiaomi Lei Jun has been advocating

“Focus, extreme, word of mouth”

spirit, only to achieve the success behind.

From 1000 to 1, “Towel Brother” Zhu Zhijun made simplicity to the extreme. He realized,

To make a good towel, one must find the best cotton

After embarking on a journey of thousands of miles of cotton, the most living towels decided to use all the famous ones

“The hometown of long-staple cotton” – Xinjiang Awati long-staple cotton

。 Because in

Fiber length and Macron value

In these two most important indicators to judge the quality of cotton, Awati long-staple cotton has an absolute advantage!

Unlike other towel brands, Zhu Zhijun decided to bypass the competition in product prices and use the higher-priced Avati long-staple cotton as raw material

Towels are not sizing and no softeners are added

, built according to the basic needs of the public

Water absorption, soft, no hair loss, real material

, and cost-effective

Most living towels

Spare no effort to invest, creating the success of “The Most Living Towel”!

Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding was on the shelves for 7 days,

Sold 150,000 pieces

, broke the record for the number of Xiaomi crowdfunding at that time.

Unlike other towels, the most living towel is the first

Hermetically sealed individual packaging

, each towel passes before leaving the factory

Sterile ozone sterilization

。 Achieve true sterile hygiene! This packaging is also patented.

Open the wrapped towel and feel it when you touch it

The softness, comfort and natural fluffiness of natural cotton fibers are by no means comparable to those ordinary towels.

32 double-stranded twisting process. The coils are dense and sturdy, and there are no messy wires at all in the corners and corners.

If you notice the color of the most living towels, you will find that they are all light-colored towels, which can minimize dyeing, reduce damage to the fiber structure, and enhance water absorption.

Coupled with the superiority of natural long-staple cotton, water absorption is not to say,

≤ 1.6 seconds, which is several times that of a normal towel

Pure craftsmanship not only makes towels safer, but also more comfortable. And smoothly became

G20 only specifies the brand of towel.

The breathability is also very good, hang on the towel rail after use, ventilate and dry faster, and do not worry about the growth of bacteria.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the most living towel has passed the international environmental protection prevention certification, and the safety level GB 31701-2015A class,

Wear it with A-list underwear

Swedish medical-grade antibacterial and anti-mite material Polygiene

, solve the breeding of bacterial mites from the root.

Such a super soft and comfortable, good water absorption, no hair and no fading, youth series 3 pieces of only 49.9 yuan!

3 strips of different colors, used by a family of three, just right!

Click on the small card below to have it, and from now on, change your life experience▼ ⤵

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The most life towel youth series of 3 pieces