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After thirty years of maintenance, it has become a necessary work, plus after giving birth, washing and shabu and being exposed to the wind and sun in the northwest of the motherland, the rough and peely paws are really unsightly. Not for the sake of peeling green onion roots, but also want to be healthy and healthy, so I went a little crazy into some hand cream. The specific personal experience of use is as follows:

1. Pechoin Vaseline Moisturizer 120g

Pechoin moisturizer

Purchase channel: supermarket 9 block 9

Feeling of use: After buying it, I found that it was a moisturizer, and the clerk did say that it was a hand cream~. At that time, I bought a small package of products, which were very moisturizing in winter, but I always felt anti-oil, but it was acceptable, the taste was not heavy, and the paste was soft. Good value for money relative to the price.

2. Small citrus hand cream 20ml

Heben Kiyo Chamomile Hand Cream 20ml iron box imported from Germany

Purchase channel: I don’t remember much, probably Amazon also has a green one, this should be a more moisturizing version.

Feeling of use: Although the can is empty, it is not as good as expected, it is a little greasy, the paste is thick, and I don’t like the taste very much.

3. Johnson & Johnson Beauty Skin Constant Daily Moisture 50g

Johnson & Johnson Skin Constant Day Moisturizer 50 Special

Purchase channel: Watsons 10 pieces

Feeling of use: bought by activities, smell strange, don’t like it, a little watery, a little sticky, very ordinary hand cream.

4. L’Occitane set

L’occitane Limited Iron Box Hand Cream Gift Box Set Moisturizing Hand Cream Gift Box 30ml*3 Iron…

Purchase channel: China Merchants Bank purchases 170 pieces in installments

Experience: There are 2 formal packs of 30ml (rose and shea), and two samples of 10ml (peony and verbena). Shea is the most moisturizing, the smell is very light, I gave it to my sister, there are no pictures, it is very useful. Peony and rose feel similar to use, thinner than shea butter, dry season can also be used, the last verbena is the favorite taste of the four, but also the thinnest, almost already watery, coated for a while to dry, should be used in summer.

5. Shiseido urea hand cream 100g

【Big Red Can in the Hand Cream World】Shiseido Beauty Run Hand Cream 100g Red Can Japanese Local Version…

Purchase channel: Taobao 32 pieces

Use feeling: indeed cost-effective, a large can, red particles can be melted off, moisturizing and not greasy. It is not thick or thin, but the taste is still an important aspect for women, and this tasteless hand cream should be more suitable for men.

6. Jurlique universal paste citrus flavor 15ml

Shopping: Unineed Jurlique Selected merchandise

Purchase channel: Taobao 69 pieces

Feeling of use: It is simply the savior of the cracked nail edge, when it is cracked, it depends on it, and it is estimated that it will not be replaced before finding a more suitable replacement, that is, it is easier to stick ash, or it may be that I am too sloppy, half a can for two months, I like it very much. The paste is very hard, you need to apply it a little more when you start using it, and it will soften after a few days.

7. Jurlique Hand Cream Jasmine Flavor 125ml

Purchase channel: Taobao 189

Feeling of use: The praiseworthy hand cream is really not ordinary, and I like the taste of moisturizing in all aspects, especially like the taste of jasmine, which is well absorbed, fresh in taste, and light yellow in color.

8. Gem Green Spring Back to Earth Hand Cream 100g

Rosewood Spring Back to the Earth Hand Cream imported from the United States 100g of soft skin showing elasticity…

Purchase channel: Jingdong global purchase 69 yuan

Feeling of use: Auntie pushed in last time, it felt good, not as hearty as Julique, but the absorption is very good, the taste is also liked, the taste has a hint of sweetness, a little thinner than Julico.

9. EOS Hand Cream

EOS Pink Berry Hand Cream 44ml/1.5oz

Purchase channel:’s single products

Feeling of use: fragrant me dizzy, moisturizing degree is OK, fortunately colleagues like it, no waste.

10. Rosewood Master Gardener 250g

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy With Pump 250g

Purchase channel: British Amazon 147 yuan

Feeling of use: Auntie pushed it last time, and colleagues entered it together, the taste is the smell of grass, really like the fragrance of the freshly cut lawn, I especially like it, rub it several times a day, moisturizing and not greasy. The bottle does not know what material it is, it seems to be very heavy in aluminum, and the freight accounts for one-third of the total price.

11. Vaseline moisturizer

Vaseline Original Pure Petroleum Jelly, 250ml

Purchase channel: A small gift brought back from abroad by a colleague

Feeling of use: Because it has warmed up, it is not used much, the paste is very hard, harder than Jurlique universal ointment, but it is very fine, it feels very moist, and it may be good to use it in winter.

Price aside, Jurlique and Master Gardener are favorites, both of which prefer the taste of Master Gardener, but Jurlique is better moisturized. In terms of cost performance, Shiseido’s red cans and pechoins (for the dry season) are fine.

The above is the existing hand cream, there are very likes and there are very failures, strive not to waste, and sisters and colleagues to use up as soon as possible, good into the new product Aunt Zhang has been diving for a while, from here into a lot of good things, let the hillbilly not less insight, the first original hope to give some gold coins, no money is always not good to mix, thanks to the onlookers.

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Shopping: Unineed Jurlique Selected merchandise