When he was in adolescence, Benge encountered various skin problems, oil fields, acne muscles, blackheads, there should be basically all, I think it is still too heavy, and there are too many troubles for growth. Inside my mother bought me a smart facial cleanser and Johnson & Johnson baby milk moisturizing moisturizing cream for autumn and winter, in line with the “skin care concept” that TV advertisements are overwhelming, and can be bought from far away to large shopping malls and small stores, although the more protection the more serious…

Later, one winter vacation lived at my grandmother’s house, used my grandmother’s skin care products for a while, actually had a slight improvement, the Ministry of Health Beijing Hospital developed Biaoting vitamin E milk, only 9 pieces 5. There are two active ingredients inside, tocopheryl acetate and urea capsule, one is a derivative of vitamin E, responsible for antioxidant, moisturizing nutrition. Allantoin is said to prevent skin inflammation, promote wound healing, prevent dryness and cracking, repair and accelerate cell regeneration.

This skin care experience in adolescence taught me not to blindly believe in advertising, to trust doctors, cosmeceutical skin care products, even if they do not have too significant effects, are safer and more reliable than chemical ingredients containing too many flavors, soaps, and irritating.

After going to college, Benge was distinguished from L’Oreal Men, Nivea Men, Manshuredon Men, and those male students who took the concept of skin care on the economical and practical supermarket line. Insisting on taking the natural plant non-stimulating niche route, he used his face as an experimental field as a guinea pig and tried various cosmeceuticals and skin care products. Fortunately, there is no risk, no matter how you try it, the worst is zero effect. And supermarket line skin care is simply a disaster for men with poor skin foundation, Benge men has done a men’s facial cleanser evaluation gave two good recommendations.

(Shiseido Men’s Cleansing Balm, ¥160/125ml, LAB Men’s Multifunctional Cleanser ¥195/100ml)

Men with good skin foundation and lazy capital only need to choose the corresponding skin care products according to whether their skin is dry, oily, or combined.

BIOTHERM Men, VICHY Men, Laroche-Posay Men , Lancome Men, Clinique Men, KIEHL’S Kiehl’S Men are all common “men” to choose from.

Texture selection:

dry with cream; oily with water or gel; Mix with a single lotion.

But it does not mean that men’s skin care must use Lonsea men, Shiseido men, Dior men. In fact, men’s skin care products and women’s skin care products are not much different in ingredients, but the taste is a little man, refreshing and masculine, and less floral and fruity, so you can try women’s skin care products.

Poor skin foundation, lazy people who have no capital to commit laziness, want to get rid of supermarket line skin care, Benge can give you the following product recommendations:

◆ Origins/Origins/Origins: Dr. Wei Ganoderma lucidum Rejuvenating Essence Water ¥320/200ml

This Ganoderma lucidum water has been repurchased with less than 20 bottles, the effect is quite all-round, soothing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, improving acne skin, shrinking pores, and the taste is also very healing… I remember that when I lived with my girlfriend before, I secretly used her La Mer Repair Essence Essence, the effect is also moisturizing, eliminating acne marks and brightening the complexion, about 800 pieces in 150ml, the effect is not to say whether it is immediate, just remember that the whole experience is very careful to use two drops each time.

Later, I found that the Ganoderma lucidum water was also inexplicably consumed, and my girlfriend actually tried my 300 pieces of Ganoderma lucidum water “secretly” and tried it repeatedly, and finally directly abandoned her own La Mer mystery

◆ MUJI Soft Lotion for sensitive skin, ¥70/200ml

It can be used as an economical and practical alternative to Ganoderma lucidum water, and there are high-moisture types to choose in winter.

Emulsion matching

◆ MALIN+GOETZ Vitamin E Moisturizing Lotion ¥340/118ml

I remember last time I recommended Lao Tie’s amenity bag, the MALIN+GOETZ travel set prepared by my intimate girlfriend. Since the positioning of this brand directly coincides with Benge’s consistent pursuit of natural safety (because of poor skin foundation), simple (lazy), powerful (lazy) skin care philosophy, it is recommended again. In fact, this bottle of facial moisturizer is the luxury version of the inner bottle of 9.5 yuan vitamin E milk, in addition to the addition of vitamin B5 (a very core moisturizing ingredient), the most important thing is good ductility, fast absorption, non-greasy, chamomile taste soothing and fresh.

◆ THREE Men’s Balance Series Moisturizing Oil Control Emulsion ¥512/100g

THREE is a popular organic beauty and skin care brand under POLA in recent years, and it is also a skin care route that takes natural and organic, minimalist and highly recognizable packaging. Almost all of Benge’s female friends went to Japan to rush to buy skincare products, and they said that Shiseido, SK-II was outdated for them.

In January this year, THREE launched a men’s skincare line, which consists of 96% natural essence ingredients such as essential oils and vegetable oils, targeting skin types that are prone to irritation, disturbances and long-lasting acne scars. Recently, it was discovered that Tmall Global has an overseas flagship store of Mitsukoshi Isetan in Japan, and it has been pulling weeds on the way.

You think you need more skincare knowledge, but you actually need more skincare experience.