Speaking of

“Toei BMW” Mazda

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, what they are most proud of

Rotary engine

, and in recent years Mazda has launched

“Soul Movement”

The design concept makes its sedan models more sporty. Take this one shared today


For example, the owner of the orange just needs to pass

A simple modification can show a sexy pose

, with Mazda’s exclusive

Chassis tuning kung fu

, simply impeccable.

“This car is the 20 Artez I bought at the end of 19, I didn’t know much about cars at that time, and after picking a few cars, my friend said that I recommended Artez, and I went to the 4S store to see the appearance and felt very handsome and bought it. (At the time I was

Don’t have a driver’s license yet

, a month after buying a car, I got my driver’s license)”

“I have had a dream of tuning since I was a child, and before I got my driver’s license, I was already fantasizing that no matter what car I bought, I had to modify it, so I decided to buy Artez and I started buying it at a certain treasure

Front shovel and back lip


The alteration arrived before the car

。 ”

“My personality compares


, I didn’t like that my car disappeared in traffic, so I chose to modify it. In the beginning, I didn’t know any style, just simple

Pick your favorite parts according to your preferences

After installing the front shovel and rear lip, the owner also changed to a set

19-inch black Regulus P200 spinning wheels

(a small factory in the country). Since it’s Mazda, put it on

Mazdaspeed’s hubcap mental unsprung mass is instantaneous -10kg.

The Hankook logo was also affixed to the tires, but it didn’t take long for it to fall off. In fact, it’s good to drop it, after all, it looks a little

Auto Parts City

déjà vu.

After changing the wheels, Orange immediately set up two small horns on the roof, and felt like this


, and later my father said that discord was taken down.

Anyone who has driven Artez knows this car

The brakes are soft

, sometimes driving fast is not at all confident. “I was startled by a previous drive on the road when I almost missed the brakes, but I changed it to avoid trouble

Brembo F50 brake set

“Actually, I was quite smooth during the whole modification process.

The atmosphere of changing cars in Chengdu is very good

, I also met a lot of like-minded friends through this car, and I also absorbed a lot of them in this car of mine

Ideas and suggestions

Everyone knows Artez’s

The compression ratio of the Chuangchi Blue Sky engine reached 13:1

, such a high compression ratio for

Power upgrades


Relatively difficult

That’s, so the orange was chosen


This path. Since the owner is comparative

The type that loves to delve into

, after choosing a walking posture

Discuss with riders the option of installing pneumatic suspension

。 Because in advance

Enough homework

, in good installation

DWD pneumatic system


There are no big problems in terms of data inclination

“The most satisfying part of the car should be this yellow, that’s completely only

Colors that stay in your mind

, When I went to find the color change film, there was really this color, and there was that kind of at that time

It’s going to be there

The feeling, I like this color very much,

Very sharp

, even if it is placed in traffic

More prominent

Target. ”

With a new surround, a new color, and simply changed the hub along with it. Since it has been replaced with a pneumatic system, of course, it must be equipped

Throwing bells

19-inch ARUIS wheels

It is the choice of the car owner. Because after replacing the pneumatic system

Can be directly Low Low

, the owner of the car

Didn’t do the inclination

GT big rear wing

Plus exclusive to Mazda

Rotor logo

, full

The feeling of fighting

“In 2020 the car participated in 4-5 tuning parties, most of them were some large events organized by PIACH, and also taken

Best Japanese and Best Posture Awards

, can be regarded as a small achievement of my own. However, since I have many more friends, I often go out to party with everyone to take photos and videos,

There is also less time to spend with the family

, this point is needed


“There are still a lot of places to upgrade this car in the future,

Double-piece forged wheels

It will definitely have to be replaced, and the pneumatic system also wants to change a set

Comfort orientation

model. The biggest plan I imagined was

Replaced with 18 Artez front faces and headlights

And then

Upgrade the robot’s wide-body kit

, I would like to upgrade one if I can

Mechanical booster kit

, after all, the power of this car has always been criticized. ”

Car owner / Orange

Photography / Smile Orange


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Target. ”