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What do you like to wear in the summer? Some friends say T-shirts, shorts or dresses or something. Of course, these are the main items of summer. But I look at the nearest street shoots, wear


There are quite a few people, and they are handsome and capable, and quite stylish.

Many friends think it’s hot to wear suits in summer. But in fact, this is to default the suit to the kind of long-sleeved thick suit. In fact, there are many styles of suits. There are specialized

Summer suit

, the fabrics are very thin. Not much hotter than a shirt. And there is

Short sleeve suit

, then it is more suitable for summer.

Let’s take a look at how fashionable girls wear short-sleeved suits and add a little new touch to your summer outfit.

What fabric is good for a short-sleeved suit? Who is it suitable for?

Short-sleeved suits are worn in summer, so this fabric is a must


。 First of all, it must be thin, but it must also be a little backbone, otherwise there is no type. In addition, short-sleeved suits are basically unlined and are worn closely. Therefore, the fabric should be breathable and cool to wear.

To meet the above two conditions, the fabric of this short-sleeved suit must be

Natural fibers

of, for example

Silk, linen

It’s all good, and that’s kind

Tencel fabric

of can too. It is best not to be chemical, so not breathable, although the style is okay, but too hot and no texture.

The short-sleeved suit gives the impression of being intellectually capable and formal. This piece is perfect for work. And there is no age limit, young people can wear it, middle-aged and elderly women can also wear it. So as long as you like it and it looks good, you can wear it.

And the tolerance of short-sleeved suits is quite high, and the coverage is also very strong, no matter how tall, short, fat or thin, people of all sizes can find a short-sleeved suit that suits them. It is suitable for a wide range of people.

And this short-sleeved suit also has a little


, not so straight, shopping party wear is also good.

Let’s take an example to see how this short-sleeved suit is fashionable.

In summer, wear short-sleeved suit shorts or short skirts, breathable, cool and smart

These two years have been popular

Smooth color

Wear a set, this matching method is also suitable for short-sleeved suits. Short-sleeved suits can also be worn in one set, which saves the trouble of matching and has a very high-end feel.

The beauty Liu Shishi recently wore a suit, her top is a khaki short-sleeved suit, and the matching shorts are khaki high-waisted loose shorts. She wore a small white vest underneath. Wear a pair of white loafers on your feet. Simple and atmospheric and high-class. This outfit is nice to wear to work.

Khaki, camel are all self-contained

Sense of premium

Target. Wear a very atmospheric set. For example, wear a camel short-sleeved suit and a pair of shorts of the same color. This suit can be a short-sleeved suit with a slightly cinched waist, so that it looks more neat.

The shorts that match the suit are looser, and the design with a little flange is more fashionable. If you’re not afraid of the heat, you can also equip this short-sleeved suit with shorts with a pair of boots. One more copy


Many friends wearing short-sleeved suits like to wear a small white or black vest as a base, which is safer. But this year’s trendy girls will wear this short-sleeved suit alone. This is more fashionable, and it also requires a higher material of the suit. Not only should it be soft, but it should also be breathable. Otherwise, it’s really uncomfortable.

And of course, don’t dress like this to catch up with fashion. Because the neckline of the suit is relatively large, the suit alone is only suitable for friends with small chests. It’s a little dangerous for people with plump upper circumference to wear it like this.

In addition to shorts, there are also many short skirts in short-sleeved suits. And the short skirt is more girly, more lively to wear, suitable for young girls to wear.

For example, the blue-gray short-sleeved suit worn by the little beauty Xu Yiyang in the picture above is good. This color is very atmospheric, refreshing and high-class.

She wears a white chest digging T-shirt, which is refreshing and stylish. The matching blue-gray skirt is also an overlapping skirt, although short, but very designed. Wear a pair of black Martin boots on your feet. Handsome and youthful.

This combination of short-sleeved suit and short skirt is very trendy to wear at work and shopping. Only this kind of longer suit can suppress such a short skirt, which looks atmospheric and capable.

It’s very nice to wear a short-sleeved suit + long pants in summer, capable and handsome and temperamental

Although the shorts are cooler, for low-key people, the shorts are still a little too much. In addition, always wearing shorts will also be greasy. So short-sleeved suits and trousers are also good. And the easiest way is to wear a suit.

Like the woman pictured above, the color of this suit is very good, refreshing and textured bright blue. This blue is the emerald blue with a bit of gray tone, fresh and high-class.

Short-sleeved suits can also be very designed. The short-sleeved suit worn by the girl in the picture above is good, and the placket is still overlapping, staggered and very designed. It’s also quite thin.

The pants matching the bottom are a pair of pipe pants, which are very neat. Wear a pair of silver high heels on your feet, breathable, smart and stylish. This outfit is not very routine, and it is not bad to wear to events.

If you think a solid color suit is a bit monotonous, you can also wear a printed suit. However, although it is printed, because of the style and attributes of the suit, this print should also be concise, such as black and white printing is good, layered and not fancy. Lively just right.

A black short-sleeved printed suit on a white background with a black waistless vest, and printed straight-leg pants in the same color as the suit, are stylish and stylish, which is particularly cool.

The shoulders of this printed suit are more special, this kind of shoulder padded suit looks very wide shoulders, more fat, but also appears thinner waist. Very stylish. However, this wide-shouldered suit is only suitable for tall people, and small people cannot hold up.

The pants of the printed suit should be narrower, so that it is more harmonious, otherwise it will be unfavorable.

Although the color of black is very dark, it looks a little hot in summer. But the black short-sleeved suit is still good and more breathable. Wear it over a black waistcoat and a pair of black loose soft wide-leg pants. Hula has a windy feeling, casual and windy.

In summer, wear short-sleeved suits and jeans, simple and fashionable

Ready-made short-sleeved suits are convenient and stylish to wear. But if you don’t have one ready-made but want to try a short-sleeved suit, you can pull up the sleeves of a white quarter-sleeved or long-sleeved suit and turn it into a short-sleeved suit, which also looks good. It’s just that the suit that can pull the sleeves up must be thin. Otherwise, it is piled on the arm, it is hotter.

For example, the white suit worn by Qin Lan in the picture above is good, simple and refreshing and fashionable.

She paired it with a small white vest with a low neckline. Wear a pair of blue cropped jeans and white shoes on your feet. Simple and stylish, with a bit of retro charm. It’s good to wear it like this in the summer, go to work and go shopping.

Well, that’s it for the outfit of the short-sleeved suit, do you like this piece?

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