The so-called “people rely on clothes and horses on the saddle”, urban men and women who rush to various social places every day always need a beautiful set of clothing to add points to themselves, and white shirts can be said to be a necessity in life and an indispensable weapon in the workplace. Whether it’s your daily commute, attending events, or casual attire for leisure, white shirts are the safest and easiest to step on.

But do you really understand the rules of dressing in a white shirt? In the face of a variety of white shirts on the market, different shapes, different collar types, different sleeve types and many other details, people will always be confused when choosing.

When people choose, they often just look at the material, and other details are not taken into account. It’s often perfunctory to pick a fitting style. And this naturally led to many jokes, wearing the wrong white shirt style at a particular occasion at an inopportune time.

In fact

The choice of white shirt also contains a big reason,

If you wear it right, you are Peng Yuyan, and you are a passerby if you wear it wrong. In order to avoid appealing those embarrassing mistakes, the editor will popularize it for everyone today

The way inside the white shirt



When it comes to white shirts, the first thing to pay attention to is the collar shape of the shirt. The collar type is actually the most important detail when wearing a white shirt, and different collar types adapt to different occasions. Although the collar occupies a small proportion of the area, the collar is generally exposed, and it is closest to the person’s face, which also makes the collar the most concerned point of the shirt. In addition, the collar of the shirt also affects the shirt’s modification of the face.

For the common collar types on the market, the editor is roughly divided into the following types: standard collar, Windsor collar, Zhongba collar and small square collar.

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Standard collar

The classic collar is the most common and versatile shirt collar type. The angle between the left and right collar tips is around 90 ° and the angle is centered, which is easy to layer, whether with a tie or as a suit lining. For those who are not familiar with how to pick a collar, you can’t go wrong with choosing a standard collar.

Since it is the most versatile style, the standard collar also has super applicability. But compared to the standard, it is still more suitable for formal occasions, similar: negotiations, meetings, dinners and other business events. Standard collars with super applicability can also appear in casual occasions, and other details of the shirt should be combined with other details, such as fabric, sleeve shape, etc.

Windsor collar

The name of the Windsor collar comes from the Duke of Windsor, who loves beauty and does not love rivers and mountains. Although this collar was invented by the Duke of Windsor’s father, due to the Duke of Windsor’s influence in the fashion industry, this collar is named after the fashionista. Windsor collar is a collar type with left and right collar angles separated by angles between 120°~180°. As a typical English collar, the Windsor collar is also known as a wide angle collar, open collar, and open collar.

The Windsor collar is a good continuation of the clothing characteristics of the orthodox British gentleman – elegance. The oversized open collar design also gives the Windsor collar a unique flavor when paired with a wide or narrow tie.

As a British collar, the elegant style of the Windsor collar is more suitable for a variety of formal and semi-formal occasions. If you match it with a tie, pay attention to choosing a wide tie, the fashionable narrow tie will break the original elegance created by the collar and look not retro enough.


The middle eight-neck is a collar type with a longer tip and a larger opening angle than the traditional standard collar. The middle eight-collar is currently the most widely used shirt collar type in Western society. In terms of styling, it is neither as conformist as the standard collar, nor as unconfident as the Windsor collar. Whether you wear a tie or not, the middle eight-neck has a better visual effect.

In terms of wear, the middle eight-neck is more suitable for matching without wearing a tie. Therefore, the middle eight-collar is more suitable for casual dressing, which is more than enough to cope with daily work commuting and usual dress.

Small square collar

The small square collar is used as the style with the shortest collar tip in a peak-collar shirt. It is naturally characterized by a very short collar length. In recent years, with the popularity of the Smart Casual style, this collar style has quickly been sought after by major brands. The short peak lapels make the small square-collared shirt look very lean behind the body, so it is also very popular with young friends.

The choice of small square collar is to note that the rich body is not suitable for this collar type, which is more suitable for people with relatively slim figures. And when wearing a tie, because the tip of the collar is very short, it may be significantly cocked to the sides.


Shirts can be divided into cut, rounded and square corners according to the shape of the cuffs. There is not much difference in use, only the angle and design, which is mainly to match the adjustment of the collar style. For example, the cut corner cuffs give a more resolute feeling, so it is suitable for matching shirts with a sharp collar type such as a standard collar. The rounded cuff design gives a warm texture, which is more suitable for matching with a wide collar type shirt such as a Windsor collar.


Wearing a shirt that suits your body type shows a completely different look, in addition to being more upright, it can also show personal style and taste, and vice versa, it will make people feel weak and sloppy.

Loose fit

The loose fit at the bust and waist adds a loose feel depending on the original size of the body. The most common should be British shirts and American casual shirts, which are mostly modified and changed from this fit. The loose fit is more suitable for strong people and can better enhance their figure.

Slim fit

The bust and waist of the slim fit are closest to the original size of the body, without excess fabric, suitable for average or thin body shapes, and are also the most popular fit in recent years. The simple, neat, and almost cumbersome slim design is therefore widely used in formal and casual shirts.

Standard fit

The standard fit is also the so-called fit fit, which is between the general cut and the slim fit, it is not as loose as the general cut, there is no slim fit fit, in the fit will be similar to the degree of loose fit at the bust, and the waist will be like a slim cut like a silhouette, so that the whole presents a visual effect of upper width and narrow down, suitable for people with a toned body to wear.

After learning so much about shirts, I believe you also have a certain understanding of the details of wearing shirts. However, some white shirts on the market have more or less problems with the wrong collar and cuffs; Even if it’s correct, it may not match your body shape in the fit, but shirt expert

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When we wear shirts, we are most afraid of wrinkling, and it looks very sloppy. Many times, we wear an ironed white shirt to work in the morning, and as a result, after a morning of various morning meetings and work, there will always be a pile around the elbows and waist


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In addition to the white shirt introduced above, you also have other choices in the selection of shirts, such as different colors, stripes, checks, and other styles. So many choices are actually meant to show off your different styles.

However, for white shirt controllers, there is actually a more relaxed and convenient way, that is, embroidery in different positions on the white shirt, not only can

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▲ Image source: MatchU code is still available

▲ Image source: MatchU code is still available

Pay attention to the TOPMEN men’s clothing network public account and click the picture to buy

Pay attention to the TOPMEN men’s clothing network public account and click the picture to buy

Pay attention to the TOPMEN men’s clothing network public account and click the picture to buy