The little fairies who walk at the forefront of fashion, are they also like me, buying a lot of clothes and skirts. Looking back, hair

There is still a pair of shoes missing. If you want to know what shoes are best to wear this season, I think it is a single shoe.

Single shoes are really white, whether it is a skirt or jeans or shorts can be easily handled, simply not too nice! And single shoes can wrap our feet well, and at the same time, they can effectively lengthen the foot line.

So, I chose to buy myself a pair of comfortable and good-looking single shoes, not to mention okay, as soon as I talk about this single shoe, I will call crazy for it! It’s just not too good to wear! Follow me to the review today!

Exterior design

The pair I bought is candy-colored, very good-looking, and it can also go well with my various little dresses, porridge! The design of the pointed toe can modify my fat feet well, so that my feet can also look delicate, and there are hollow designs on both sides of the tail, which can make the feet breathable well, even if you wear it all day will not be stuffy, the feet feel at ease, not bound by anything! Perfect! There is also a logo design of the product on the heel, which shows the confidence of the brand and highlights the sense of sophistication in the low-key.

Quality assessment

Its quality is really barbaric! I’ve been wearing it for about a month, it hasn’t collapsed at all, and the color is still very beautiful! And the workmanship is really exquisite, almost no flaws can be seen, which shows how careful it is when making! And cleaning is also very convenient, only need a small amount of soap and water, gently wipe can be cleaned, instantly bloom its original appearance ~

Material evaluation

The biggest highlight of this shoe is undoubtedly its material! The sole is made of Croslite, which is very light and comfortable, and full of stretch. When I wear these shoes, I almost don’t feel the feeling of clumsy feet, but feel full of care and softness~ The jelly material of the upper is also very delicate and silky, which will not irritate the skin at all, and the comfortable boo~ sole is also made of wear-resistant resin material, which can effectively extend the service life and make you feel more at ease.

Feel of use

This shoe is really my favorite, it’s not only good to look but also easy to wear! The color of the jelly makes my whole body full of freshness, and no matter how you match it, you can’t go wrong. At the same time, it gives my feet a comfortable and natural experience. I can feel the care of my shoes anytime, anywhere, and I fell in love with walking and even more in love with Crocs!

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