What style of pants do you like? Cool and casual sports pants, crisp denim shorts, or comfortable and convenient sweatpants? Compared with many girls who love jeans, they should choose a pair of good-looking and fashionable denim shorts in the summer, after all, what you like is not something that can be changed overnight. Now with the advancement of fashion, even simple jeans have many patterns, and many girls feel less casual when choosing. So today follow the editor to take a look at the jeans on the little sister and see if they hit your heart.

In the hot summer, many young ladies like to wear a simple and cool crop top. The young lady in the picture is no exception, her top is wearing a white short T. The hem of the dress is very chic, like an extra belt, which outlines the beautiful body curves of the young lady.

A “V-neck pants” are quietly popular on the street, which is the jeans that the little sister wears with her bottom. The trouser head of the hot pants breaks the conventional circle design to the end, and the V-neck design is changed to a V-neck design at the front, and the entire front of the trousers presents a clear V shape. It looks stylish and personal, which is really eye-catching.

Compared to the round toe design, this V-neck looks thin and comfortable. There should be many girls with some meat in their stomachs, all strangled by the buttons of their pants, the taste, simply not too sour. And this one avoids this problem. The downward V-neck design also has a certain thinning effect in terms of visual effects.

Pants look good is good-looking, but a little obsessive-compulsive look can’t accept it. That is, the pants are not banded at the time of the joint, but spread all the way to the other side of the pocket, this kind of unconventional irregular design, compared to many obsessive-compulsive people after seeing it, there is an urge to break back.

The young lady’s hair was combed behind her head, giving people a very refreshing feeling. The delicate earrings on the ears are even more feminine. This simple outfit, the little sister is matched with a pair of small white shoes under her feet, which is more youthful.