In recent years, online stores have occupied a large part of China, and it is becoming more difficult to do business in physical stores. But there are many people who criticize online shopping, thinking that there are too many fake goods online, and there are too few physical stores, and there is no place to shop.

As a person with nearly ten years of online shopping experience, I will tell you that there are fakes on the Internet, but the approximate price you have to be clear, dozens of dollars will definitely not buy Chanel, as long as you are not greedy for cheap, you will not buy fakes.

The inability to open a physical store is not all because of the online store, but the online store has played a role in promoting it. High rents have prompted brick-and-mortar stores to pass on rent to consumers. As a result, prices in physical stores are much higher than online.

Then there is the service, the service in the physical store is particularly poor. If you go in and see if you don’t buy it, the salesman will give a look on the face and sneer. If you pay and find that you don’t like it, and you haven’t left the store, you won’t return it. And online shopping casually look at how many stores, how to look, see it or not, it doesn’t matter. If you paid for the goods and did not ship, you can refund at any time, and you do not like to return the goods within seven days without reason.

I am used to shopping online, and I basically shop online except for grocery shopping. The clip that clipped my hair in the bath the day before yesterday was broken, and it took three or four days to buy it online, and I saw that there was a boutique nearby clearing the goods, so I went to look at it, and the store saw that my son was there and asked me if I wanted to buy that deformed car, and the last one sold it at a discount. My son likes it too, she said the original price was 48, and the current price is 24. I looked at it, a layer of ash on it, I don’t know how long I put it there, the battery is not there, I don’t know if I can start normally, I said 20! I’ll take it. Her attitude changed immediately, turning her face faster than turning a book. Immediately snatched the car from my hand, yes, it was robbed, I was shocked. She said, then you don’t buy it. With this attitude, I definitely don’t want it. Tell my son to buy it online for you. Asked her how the clips were sold, she said the original price was six and three for me. Just an ordinary clip that could not be more ordinary, it was full of ash, and I went straight away. The price is not the main reason, after all, it is only three dollars, but her attitude seems that I took advantage of her.

Later, I found the car on the Internet, 28 free shipping, sent a few batteries, and decisively ordered it. This is quality guaranteed, there is after-sales service. There are also clips for hair, a few pieces on the Internet, more than one piece, four or five pieces of free shipping, a piece of more than eight pieces of free shipping, full of nine pieces of nine free mail, full of nine pieces of nine free mail can also be mixed and matched in the whole store, I chose a few beautiful hair accessories, a few cents a piece, sleeves are also one more pair, red envelopes one piece two one pack six, I bought two packs, anyway, a total of ten varieties, made up ten dollars, free shipping.

It reminds me of once buying a pair of sleeves for eight dollars for my son in a physical store, and I later bought the exact same sleeves online, four pairs of sleeves for nine dollars and nine free shipping.

So I think that some basic daily necessities, everyone can go to buy online, basically will not go to the physical store to buy it!

Some brand things, if the service of the physical store is good, I think people who don’t care about money will still go to the physical store to buy. If brick-and-mortar stores want to survive, they must first bring up service. Secondly, the rent of the bunk should go down, if it is not much more expensive than the online store, it is estimated that many people will still choose the physical store. After all, online stores also have the limitations of online stores.