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The wind of freeze-dried masks has been blowing so much lately that many brands have followed the skincare trend and launched their flagship products. Especially our major brands, freeze-dried masks have appeared one after another with new products, which makes it difficult for many small partners who want to start:

Are freeze-dried masks really worth buying?

Compared to conventional tablet masks, the use of freeze-dried masks is slightly more complicated, and you need to add the right amount of water to activate the essence in the mask. But it is also such a complex step that better preserves the activity of the functional ingredients in the mask, and truly achieves a gentle and 0-irritating skin care experience.

Today, Koala will recommend four easy-to-use domestic freeze-dried masks, and interested partners can directly “copy homework”!

Mibel repairs solid lyophilized small blue film

The mask focuses on deep hydration, as well as repairing the skin’s barrier structure. The mask precisely repairs the triple structure of the skin, and acts on the skin’s surface barrier by recombining human-derived collagen to soothe the discomfort of damaged skin.

The use of plant silk membrane cloth to efficiently lock the essence, after water reduction, the membrane cloth adhesion is high, the essence carrying capacity is sufficient. This freeze-dried mask needs to be used by adding room temperature pure water and soaking the membrane cloth for one minute to ensure that every inch of the membrane cloth is fully soaked before applying to the face.

Freeze-dried mask has no added 0 preservatives, plus the effect of functional ingredients, especially suitable for sensitive skin and acne skin. After adhering to the skin, the skin is fresh and non-sticky, and it can be done without washing.

Hercules set freeze-dried mask

The mask focuses on purifying and brightening the skin, and quickly brightens the skin’s tone and radiance through the action of a high concentration of active ingredients. Through 7 plant extracts to act on the skin, improve skin tone problems, solve the problem of rough skin and decreased elasticity.

This mask cloth uses natural cellulose, super ability to absorb serum, and the breathability and fit are also good, and the skin is relatively comfortable to use. The mask needs to be added with purified water before use, and the serum is fully released before use.

After application, the skin feels relatively refreshing, no greasy feeling, and the effect of instant hydration and brightening of the skin is relatively good. For sensitive skin, dry skin can choose this one, and the skin feel of this mask is also suitable for oily skin.

The second generation of gentian repair freeze-dried essence mask of Materia Medica

Gentian repair has always been the brand’s ace series, and this time the combination of efficacy and technology to create a product is also very surprising.

Infused with 50 times the concentration of Gentian Complex, the mask provides intensive and effective repair to the skin during the application process, effectively improving the skin’s barrier function, thereby increasing the skin’s self-protection.

Infused with multiple botanical extracts to enhance the appearance of the skin, the freeze-dried mask utilises double fresh-locking technology to ensure the activity and safety of the essence. This mask paper is a natural plant fiber, which is very light and breathable, and the water absorption and essence bearing capacity are also good, and the skin care experience will be very comfortable.

This mask is especially suitable for fragile skin conditions and has a great soothing effect. In addition, after deep cleansing skincare, the mask can help the skin quickly relieve thirst.

Winona Double Cabin Repair Freeze-Dried Mask

For sensitive skin, Winona is a familiar brand. Also specially formulated for sensitive skin, this freeze-dried mask provides immediate and effective soothing results. The mask is infused with double hydrating and repairing ingredients to increase the skin’s moisture levels while locking in moisture and enhancing radiance.

Using a variety of soothing ingredients, it repairs the skin barrier structure, improves the problem of redness, dryness and itching, and regulates the surface skin microecological environment, thereby stabilizing the skin condition to a certain extent. Equipped with a patented plant tencel fiber membrane cloth, it is light and breathable and has a high fit, which can take care of every inch of the skin and fully replenish and moisturize.

This freeze-dried mask comes with purified water, so you don’t need to prepare it yourself, just pour the water into the mask tray before use. Sensitive skin chooses this mask for intensive repair, and the effect is very obvious. However, the price of the mask is a bit expensive, and those who want to buy it can stock up on a wave of discounts during the event.

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