Chen Yanxi since marriage and baby resources project is also much less, most of the time is used to accompany family and children, the biggest splash in recent years is on “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, compared to many sisters’ dry and thin figure, Chen Yanxi’s figure can be said to be very real, she belongs to the kind of slightly fleshy age-reducing girl, even if 38 years old is still a baby face.

Recently, Chen Yanxi appeared at the airport alone, and dressing up in the hot summer has also become cooler, and Chen Yanxi is no exception, with a blouse and super shorts full of summer atmosphere.

To say that Chen Yanxi has become much bolder since she was on “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, look at these super shorts are almost short to the base of the thighs, short to short, but also very thin and tall, on weekdays Chen Yanxi gives people the feeling that the legs are not particularly slender, but this looks a lot more carefully.

The tassel design of denim shorts is a little more fashionable, the upper body is matched with a V-neck blue blouse, the blouse has a slight sense of see-through, the texture is very soft, plus one of Chen Yanxi’s hands wrapped inside, the overall effect looks that lazy and a little hot.

Chen Yanxi belongs to a little fat with a bit of flesh, so the blouse hides the softness of her belly well, with a black and white houndstooth fisherman hat and a pair of small white shoes, refreshing and generous.

Chen Yanxi wearing sleeveless or suspender clothes is easy to expose her slightly fat state, such as this white slip dress, the design of the suspender shows that her upper body is a little stronger, the A-line skirt covers the flesh of the thighs well, the simple white looks gentle and atmospheric, I have to say that although Chen Yanxi is not a beautiful beauty, but it does look very comfortable.

I didn’t think that Chen Yanxi’s skin was so fair, and the purple that many people couldn’t control became whiter and whiter on her body, but the length of this skirt was just between the thighs and calves, and the legs were a little thick, and the ruffles on the shoulders looked a little redundant and not neat enough, and the effect would be much better if you removed them.

Wearing a suit with a little drop shoulder feeling is not so fat, with a red letter T-shirt, the bottom with blue denim shorts, this lock necklace is too unique, with a black beret hat, this look of Chen Yanxi really does not look like a 38-year-old person, but also like a little girl.

This blue and white porcelain-like bandeau dress also sets off Chen Yanxi’s gentle and atmospheric side, and this skirt also needs a slightly fat body to control more charm, with shoulder-length short hair, the whole person is very gentle and atmospheric.

After people reach a certain age, want to highlight the young state or can not be too thin, too thin to lose collagen is a little weak and old, with a little flesh is very young state, just like Chen Yanxi, 38 years old and a baby face, every time with her husband Chen Xiao, Chen Yanxi is a little woman, a black coat, showing white beautiful legs, but without losing temperament.

On the stage of “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, Chen Yanxi once again showed the charm and beauty of youth, this burgundy is very amorous and energetic girl, because her figure does not belong to the kind of dry and thin, so it can be regarded as a unique taste.

It seems that each sister’s clothes have changed more or less after being on “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, with a bit of a sense of girl group.

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