This time, the Xperia Z5 Compact got along well for a week, laughter and tears, and the words that came out of my heart before sending it away were “the most familiar stranger”, why? Because it really looks like it works with the Z1 Compact… All kinds of memories suddenly came to my mind, but it was just very similar, and after getting along, I understood that these were completely two people!!

What are the specifications of the SONY Xperia Z5 Compact:

4.6-inch HD screen (What!?) )

2GB RAM vs 32GB ROM (uh-huh yes)

Android 5.1 Lollipop system (mainstream)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor (ouch?) )

23 million pixels 1/2.3 inch main lens (Like!!) )

5 million pixel front lenses (ho… )

Specifications all the way down Mikan only unhappy with the screen, what to do only HD 720p, now the general mid-range mobile phone is Full HD 1080p jumping said… No wonder this year’s Z5C slogan does not have a “light flagship”, only “your right-hand man” or “best lightweight phone” and the like (#’dish ́), the mandarin hand is yellow, in addition to graphite black, white and coral red, even the name does not want to take fancy… The small phone market is really flattened… (Small mobile phone fans stand out!!) → will there be only mandarin OwQ

What does the Xperia Z5 Compact look like?

As usual, the mandarin is still dazzled by the appearance of the Compact series (hmph), 4.7 inches is really a good fit in my hands, although it is a little heavier than the previous generation Z3C (129 grams) Z5C is 138 grams, but I just think it is solid and not heavy

(It seems that the shooting is a little overexposed, and the sun is too good that day and I am actually careless!!! )

The yellow of Xperia Z5 Compact is not bright yellow Oh, nor does it go a sweet saturated color system like Z3C, Z5 Compact is a light goose yellow, I never expected that it can appear in the yellow tone of electrical products, some editors think that this color will appear plastic, but Mikan feels that this yellow has a special soft focus sense ~ I overpay (‘・ω・ ́)

▼The side is the big focus of this Z5 series, and the newly designed switch button with fingerprint recognition function is newly designed

▼ It is also beautiful when viewed up close

▼ On the other side are card slots and must-have charm holes (Mikan still thinks that charm holes add points!!) )

▼The top is the horn and the sound source hole

▼The bottom is a micro USB hole that is waterproof and dustproof IP65/68 without a cover

▼ In addition, SONY loves to emphasize the details this time, and the very exquisite logo engraving ~ Well, it’s good = =

Mikan to say that the Z5 Compact feels great to the touch… How to say it~ It’s very similar to a slightly wet soap, smooth and moist, if there are collagen and other maintenance ingredients, ♥ I may believe it

What to say about the Xperia Z5 Compact

Because I am quite familiar with Sony mobile phones, I want to pick a few of my own observations and the main points of the Z5 series, what are the big points? It is “switch button with fingerprint recognition” and “0.03 seconds photo fast focus” Oh!!

► Fingerprint recognition

Also happy SONY to catch a popular addition to fingerprint recognition, Z5 series of switch button can be pressed down Oh, after setting the fingerprint, I think that it is very similar to the iPhone is directly pressed down, but this is not the right way, Mikan teaches everyone ~ to press first to make the screen light up, and then the finger does not need to let go of the light touch induction to unlock it! ! !

But what… (rubbing his fingers) Mikan feels that the success rate of unlocking is not high… Maybe I don’t feel it yet~ If I really buy it, I won’t choose to unlock the drop with my fingerprint (escape)

►How about the Xperia Z5 Compact photo

The focus of this Z5 series is to join the α series technology that Sony is proud of, increasing the focusing speed to 0.03 seconds, and the front lens is full of 23 million pixels! Although the front lens still maintains 5 million pixels~ Well, I really feel that the focus is relatively fast when I use it!! Usually less with SONY’s editing also has a clear feeling of taking pictures more smoothly, look directly at the picture!

► Main lens 23 million pixels

▼[Food][Indoor][Dark yellow light] Accurate food identification, automatic conversion into food mode, warm salad with flowers and branches delicious…

▼ [Food] [Semi-indoor] [Natural light] The relationship between table colors looks not too hungry = =

▼ [Food] [Semi-indoor] [Natural light] Close-up shots are also good, but the old SONY photos are the best on SONY phones

▼[Gourmet][Indoors][Yellow light] My favorite cat Polilu milk tea flavor!!

▼ [Portrait] [Indoor] [White Light] Haha girl weird behavior first place selfie in the dressing room, continuous shooting color is also a little different, right?

▼[Cat Portrait][Outdoor][Dark] Night shot is very pleasantly surprised!! Photographing a shop cat sleeping outside a dark snack bar in the middle of the night can be so awesome in total darkness!!

Let’s compare, take the Panasonic phone in Mikan’s hand and the iPhone 6 in the kidnapping, and shoot it together in the same environment (don’t ask me why I have so many phones ♥)

If you zoom out the photo, you will see a photo of the Xperia Z5 Compact, with distinct hairy roots

▼[View][Outdoor][Dark] I’m quite satisfied with shooting at night (ゝ∀・)

▼ However, the focus speed is not the same thing as the clear photo u know, so there will still be this kind of more mushy photo ~ And there is a strange purple light @@ on the side @

► Front lens 5 million pixels

▼ [Indoors] [White light] [At work] Why don’t you give me a little more pices… It’s strange that it doesn’t seem to look like it’s mushy… (`・ω・´)

▼[Indoors] [Yellow light] [Eating] The white balance is right!! Not too yellow

▼[Indoors][Yellow light][Eating cat Polillu milk tea] However, Ah is still sometimes affected by a large amount of yellow light, and photos with more color are taken

▼ [Semi-indoor] [Natural light] [Foraging] If the light conditions are good, you can also shoot a strong sense of beauty (speak by yourself)

► It’s great to listen to music

Sony recently added a headset function to their mobile phone, that is, it can identify which headset you use to connect to it, and then it will “optimize” for that headset~

Download the free music app introduced by our family Shiyi to try, among these apps I am most interested in SoundCloud, the songs in it are really fresh!

Listening to the Marshall Major II reviewed earlier, it will feel as if it is suspected to become clearer, because before listening to Marshall Major II is a bit sexy with a bearded tone, but the Xperia Z5 Compact seems to become rounded after adjusting haha

► “SONY Xperia Z5”

Well, Mikan knows that there are still netizens who want to see the Xperia Z5, but it is the larger Xperia Z5 Compact, but the screen resolution is relatively high is FullHD 1080p, we borrowed gold Oh, in addition to clear white, ink black and grass green, honestly the color of grass green is the most special


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