When I was approaching the season, I really became a hard thing, sometimes I worked less, I feel a bit cold, but once, I added a thick dress and I feel hot. What is the most appropriate?

In order to solve everyone’s wear dilemma, today Xiaobian will talk about the minimum single item in the season: in the bottom of the shirt.

If you want everyone to be unfamiliar with this item, whether it is a single wear or with other jackets, always gives people a warm and fashionable feel.

What can I wear more stylish and personality? It is recommended to recommend some good-looking bottoming shirts to everyone, give you some sisters who don’t know what to wear, come to the foundation.

First, the bottom of the bottom shirt is a big secret, and it is a good foundation.

Although there are a lot of style, most of the layouts are similar, so Xiaobian recommends that everyone should be more important when they choose.

Pay attention to hue and design elements

Two aspects.


Next, I will tell those long-sleeved bottoming shirts that are suitable for spring wearing!


High collar, bottom, Korean, warm

V collar bottoming shirt, fashion liner

Solid bottoming shirt, simple and romantic

Print bottoming shirt, personality and retro

· For people who are afraid of cold stars,

Half-high collar or high collar long sleeve


You must be the necessary items in your spring.


Use a classic half-high collar hood as an inner, and you can match any coat you want.

Design point bond: lotus leaf design, sequins design

It is said that the high-necked bottoming shirt is a monotonous, then add a lotus leaf design in the neck, or add some stripes or sequins on the body, so that the entire shape looks more designed.

· It’s relative to high-profile, that is, those who can show you

Exquisite clamped lines of V-neck bottoming


La. Especially for sisters who are more thin in the upper body, I want to highlight the charm of sexy, and I have to boldly show your exquisite curve.

Design point blessing: hollow design, trumpet sleeve design

The neckline is relatively large, can better modify the shoulder line, if it is designed with the hollow or sleeve design on the waist, it is particularly sexy and fashionable, and this style of bottoming shirt is often used in women. The stars are in the private service.


· On hue,

The pure color stripe is the most classic




, As a real in the bottom


Super Clipper


A good wearing bottoming shirt can make a color basis for the overall shape, and can be equipped with a variety of bright colored jackets to create a distinctive wearing.

· If you don’t want to be too ordinary, you can choose some with it.

Printed bottoming shirt

. However, you need to pay attention to the style of floral, and the small girls are more suitable for small fragments, but also pay attention to the style of other items, and pay attention to the principle of “simple or order”.

Second, the bottom shirt wear a big collection, stylish styling skills

Don’t look at the bottom shirt so much, it also needs to pay attention to the skill, like it is

Length combined, simple plus

Waiting, the creation of fashion temperament must also master the scientific method!

Length combination

· Long sleeve bottoming shirt + short-sleeved jacket


If the long-sleeved amount, the bottom of the shirt may be dressed, it may make the upper body look more thick because of the sluggish version, so the slightly fat woman is improving on the original bottoming shirt, which is really very necessary.

Single item recommendation: loose short sleeve, loose jacket

Loose short sleeves are equipped with the slightly sliders, the inner length, looks casual personality, and also has a thin dressing effect;

Similarly, with the umbilical vendor bottoming shirt, with loose short jacket, like a simple small suit, short foreign long, sexy and air field.


· Long sleeve bottoming shirt + hanging skirt

In fact, the bottom shirt can also be equipped with a skirt, like a long slings, recommend a variety of styles with small floral or wave points, with a solid color bottom shirt lining the new flower dress. A unique spring romantic elegant temperament can be displayed.

Single product recommendation: small floral slings skirt, lace slider skirt


Xiaobian suggests that you choose a small skirt style, the clearance is smaller, and it is more exquisite, wearing more than one hundred;

If you don’t start from the printing, you can also bring the small smart thinking of the lace lace in a variety of skirts, so you can further improve the charm of the bottom shirt and the hanging skirt.

Long overlay

· Long sleeve bottoming shirt + long jacket

Long + long dressing combinations are also very common, especially in which long windbrexing is added, it is more relaxed.

But when using this kind of tip, you need to pay special attention to the length of the various items, especially small children, the jacket is preferably in the knee or the left and right styles, too long clothes will only pull the body , Destroy the overall ratio.

Single product recommendation: coffee trench coat, long leather clothes

The classic coffee colored windbreaker is actually very resistant, with a deep or shallow bottom shirt, each can take some retro taste, if you are loading, you can pick the cowboy series, so that the shape looks brighter;

At the same time, the little sisters who like handsome style must try to play the bottom shirt with leather clothes, and the fabric smooth leather instantly make a sense of profit, even if it is a long section, I can make you more There is a charm.

· Long sleeve bottoming shirt + high waist trousers

After the choice of jackets and dress, the trousers should be carefully selected ~ Through the various trousers in the market, it can match the bottom of the bottom, it is necessary to be a more relaxed style, because only ” Combine, it is more slim, wearing a powerful dress ~

Single product recommendation: high waist straight pants, high waist wide leg pants

Sisters in a small size is not good enough! High waist straight pants is the spring bottoming shirt to wear a work! The straight pants can not only modify your leg lines, and the design of high waist is more perfectly pulled up, on this basis, whether it is a coat or single wear is very fashionable;

In addition to the straight pants, sisters, the sisters, the legs, and the legs, the sisters, recommended dark, and the strongest combination with the same dark tones is considered. In addition, it can be combined with a variety of light-colored jackets to carry out color laminated alternating.

Don’t look at the long sleeve bottoming shirt, it looks flat, but it is actually paying attention to the style of the style and takes a single product.

You don’t understand the sisters who wore a bottoming shirt. I believe that you only have to carefully read the content of Xiaobian today, you will break the original inherent bottoming shirt, Get to more and more fashionable combination! Quickly search out your bottoming shirt, make a big-changing bottoming shirt shape!