Ready to change seasons, it’s time to buy a new bag with a big idea.

Although there is no special dressing wind in early autumn, it does not hinder the contest of women secretly poking, if you find someone on the road involuntarily look at you a few more times, be confident, she must have taken a fancy to your bag.

What new packages have hit the shelves recently? Why not bookmark this “Autumn Bag Changing Guide”, come on, I understand you.

In the first wave of autumn, how to get little plush


As Prada’s young line, MIU’s bags are not only elegant, but also girly. In mid-August, MIU MIU opened a pop-up store at Tokyo’s Isetan Department Store to launch the first new products for this year’s “Snow Mountain Club” series for autumn and winter.

The most eye-catching thing is a piece similar to a “square bag” (well, the kind of pillow bread that you eat), which is hooked by the fluffy wool edge, like a soft pillow, and the visual feel is first-class.

Reference price: HK$ 19,800

The body material is made of soft nappa leather paneled shear, and the beige color echoes the unique tone of autumn and winter, holding it in your hand and looking at it from afar, I thought I was holding a little cute and going out.

The shoulder bag is strikingly made with ivory curly edges and khaki furry trims, which are soft and sticky to look at, and another is a tan leopard print, full of wild, sweet and salty.

Reference price:

HK$ 18,000

HK$ 17,100

· Prada ·

Let’s take a look at Prada’s two tote bags warmed up for autumn and winter, imitating fur materials, graceful and luxurious.

I just don’t know, this long hair with nowhere to place will not be bald by its own cat owner?

The iconic triangular logo is submerged in furry fur, but it does not hinder the elegance of Prada’s five letters.

To be honest, this one is not my pick, because it is so difficult to hold.

Reference price: HK$ 23,300

· Bottega Veneta ·

There is a saying circulating in the bag industry that BV’s bags rely on robbery. Every time it is new, the hand speed is slow and sold out. This year’s mini Jodie, I don’t know if it will become the protagonist of the C position?

Rose pink, purple, goose yellow, each hue of the upper body is super textured, and the return rate is estimated to be rubbing up.

HK$ 16,800

Point basket bag, changed the usual handheld design, made of firm inverted triangle geometric elements, the body of the bag is made of curly raffia material, play is visual impact, and the hand is casual lazy, after the weather is cold, hold it in the hand more Feeling, this I love!

Reference price: HK$ 16,300


FENDI’s new products in recent years are rare to have clutches, but I didn’t expect that in the runway of this autumn and winter ready-to-wear series, a new clutch design appeared, it turned out that the previous years were all holding back!

It became the brightest boy as soon as it appeared, and the most special thing about this bag is that the opening and closing are a slightly inclined letter F, which grabs the eye.

Even if you just put it there, it’s like a work of art. The three-dimensional buckle is paired with soft and sticky teddy fluff to make it simple and tough, but it is expensive.

Indicative price: HK$ 39,000

Afraid that the fluff is difficult to take care of? You can choose the Nappa lambskin bag, which not only has just the right amount of luster and natural lines, but also has a suitable price.

Reference price: HK$ 7,800

If the Peekaboo handbag with simple lines is Sven’s atmosphere, then Peekaboo after a layer of fur is luxurious and noble.

Also appeared in FENDI’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, but it left the impression of being more pet-like. The handle is made of rare python skin, which is warm and delicate to the touch, and when you go out on the street with a black dress or a suit, the female star Fan suddenly appears.


On the other hand, CELINE is also not to be outdone, and has a new handbag with a cute style. Although it is not a popular model, the brand is not even visible at first glance, and most importantly, it is also classified in the men’s bag collection, but it still amazes me.

Reference price: HK$ 18,000

That’s right, it’s this fried giraffe pattern, black and white spaced, neutral to both men and women, although it doesn’t seem to have a large capacity, but it’s still enough to hold the necessities for going out, autumn and winter have it, it is estimated that no matter how ordinary clothes are not worried about wearing, fashionable full score.

Art co-branded, fashionable uninvited


Coach × Disney joint series, never absent every year, this year the first to invite the Disney family’s most popular Mickey Mouse, the image of Mickey Mouse playing rugby on the bag is lively and cute, it is said that this is inspired by retro cartoons in the 1980s.

Reference price: HK$ 8,500

The blue-white and yellow paneled body, the indigo blue at the handle and zipper echoes the depth and light of Mickey Mouse, it is recommended to wear a neutral outfit like a model, a perfect match!

In addition, Coach also listed two ROGUE 25 handbags of the Fall/Winter 2021 series on the Japanese official website, one is a pink elephant embroidered jacquard, the other is a small yellow duck embroidered jacquard, the square body and arched double handles increase the casual texture, carry out and go~

Reference price: HK$ 5,000 (left)

HK$ 3,000 (right)

· Louis Vuitton ·

LV’s new Fall/Winter bag, in collaboration with the Italian Fornasetti design studio, combines classical portraiture with architectural sketches to create a different avant-garde style.

Petite Malle small hard box, commonly known as the lady’s small box, because it looks really good, so no matter what pattern the appearance brings, it is not worried about selling.

This time, it uses a gilded background to set off the classical black and white portraits, retro and artistic sense are integrated, and its own tough bag shape makes it add a sense of futuristic technology, a bit like a treasure box that has just been unearthed with a treasure map.

Indicative price: HK$ 47,000

The Monogram Cameo handbags are embellished with colorful relief portraits on old flower canvas, which instantly makes them a lot younger.

Indicative price: HK$ 29,600

The architectural sketch, the Cannes Vase Architettura handbag, is full of shape, or specially used patent leather calf leather to imitate the crystal luster.

Reference price: HK$ 32,000

In addition to this bag, architectural sketches are also used in Onthego bags, AlmaBB bags, Noé bags and Minaudiere Papillon bags, and there is always one that will attract you to it.

HK$ 32,000

HK$ 21,800

HK$ 103,000

As I said, it deserves to be called a classic

At the beginning of May this year, Ouyang Nana attended the Hangzhou LV event, carrying a Papillon trunk that made people want to see it more, although it was still a familiar taste: old flowers with dark cowhide, but the round and small shape, too sweet and cute.

Papillon Trunk, as a new model for autumn and winter 2021, already comes with its own vintage style, which can be regarded as another peak of LV, have you smelled a pack of hard-to-find breath? After all, he is an all-round king, and it is not a problem to wear shirts, sweaters, sweaters, and thick jackets.

Indicative price: HK$ 21,600

Not only is it equipped with a short metal shoulder strap and a double-sided shoulder strap in old leather, it is a dazzling clutch even without a chain, and it uses the metal rivets, S-lock hook fastening, and a full circle of LV embossed leather trim that are only used on the bag, which is really invincible!

In addition, don’t worry about its small capacity, you can still drop small items such as iPhone, air cushions, lipstick, etc.~ I like to collect it early.

· Gucci ·

GUCCI’s popular 1955 horsebit bag, there may be many people who will be deterred because of its size, and now it is finally expected to be a mini version, and you can start if you like it.

Although it is a clamshell bag, the classic will not go out of style, especially the mini model, there is a just right retro style, and women of any style can control it well; The point is that as long as you own this bag, you can collect the classic design of GUCCI: GG Supreme, Horsebit horsebit.

Reference price: HK$ 21,200

1955 is GUCCI’s new interpretation of neoclassicism, which pays homage to the classic handbags of the 50s, but is exquisite and fashionable, more suitable for office workers.

Triomphe handbag, this triumphal arch chain logo shoulder bag reproduced in the 70s of the last century, can be said to be a debut hit, coupled with Barbie Lisa’s ability to bring goods, so that its popularity remains high.

In the fall/winter 2021 collection, Celine once again introduced a new pattern, the embroidered jacquard fabric on the Triomphe bag was replaced with denim, which is more attractive, and the navy blue and white have a particularly warm atmosphere in early autumn and early winter.

Reference price: HK$ 30,700

The retro clasp lock of the double C is inspired by the iron chain surrounding the triumphal arch, the three-dimensional sense is very strong, the gloss and feel of the leather are very good, even if it is carried every day, it is not easy to show old, and it is also recommended to start with exquisite OL.

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HK$ 18,000

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HK$ 16,800


· Louis Vuitton ·