When I was a child, my mother warned against drinking cold water, and I think everyone’s mother is saying that everyone listens to it, so in winter, I often see almost everyone holding a thermos water cup, whether it is hot water or coffee, it is very useful. Calculate that I myself have Zojirushi, Tiger brand, Starbucks and other three thermos flasks of different sizes and different applicable times, the capacity of these is about 350ml ~ 490ml, the use is more used in urban life, so this time I want to introduce you to a CamelBak hump Chute Mag ice preservation / warm water cup that is convenient for outdoor sports.

The protagonist of this test appears.

CamelBak Hump brand should be familiar to many outdoor enthusiasts, but I didn’t expect it to have a thermal water cup, with a capacity of 600ml, large and insulated, so I took it out to take it out and take a good look.

Actual test 1: evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of cycling use

On a cold day, I got up and made an appointment with my cyclists to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Although I was sweaty all the way up the mountain, I was already cold when I took pictures of the flowers, and at this time I took out a thermos to drink a sip of hot water, ah, it was so comfortable to inject a warm current into the cold winter!

However, cycling the use of thermal water cup instead of the general bicycle kettle will encounter a situation, because cycling is inevitable ups and downs, the thermal insulation water cup placed on the frame is easy to be scratched, cycling friends said that her Starbucks water cup is because of the whole scratch on the bicycle bottle rack She is very distressed, and this time I ride using this CamelBak hump insulation water cup has found that the surface of the CamelBak hump insulation water cup is treated with a special powder spray coating, which increases the anti-slip effect, Although there will still be small scratches, it will not be like ordinary insulated water cups, and it will be easy to peel off after a long time and reveal the original stainless steel metal color.

Advantages and disadvantages of cycling using this insulated water cup:

Excellent: Engage in outdoor sports in cold weather, drink hot water to warm up your body and stomach

Missing: The frame will scratch the shell of the water cup during riding

Actual test 2: evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the one-day hiking activity in the suburban mountains

In terms of capacity, the capacity of 600ml is enough to cope with the easy hiking trails with low temperatures in winter, but if you drink more water, you can consider buying a larger capacity version of the same brand. In terms of appearance, the design of the two-finger wide handle can be easily held in hand or hung on the backpack with a buckle loop, which is very convenient to carry! In terms of heat preservation, go out with hot water in the morning, and you can also brew filter bag coffee to drink at noon, so the effect is not bad. But in terms of weight, this insulated water cup weighs 320 grams, which is about 100 grams heavier than other thermos cups, which I think is very good and fashionable for a day suburban mountain route, but it is still too heavy for the pursuit of lightweight alpine routes.

The advantages of walking in the suburban mountains: the capacity is enough, it can keep ice and heat, and the two-finger wide handle is simple and convenient.

Actual test 3: evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of using it on weekdays

This water cup has a very special and intimate design – the magnetic cup mouth cap can be adsorbed on the side, and it will automatically adsorb on the side of the water cup after opening the cap, so there is no need to hold the lid with one hand and do not have to worry about bouncing back to the face and being hit by the bottle cap when drinking, so it is super convenient to drink water with one hand.

The magnetic bottle mouth cap can be adsorbed to the side, and you don’t have to worry about being hit in the face by the bottle cap when drinking water.

I think this function in addition to outdoor use is very good, more suitable for use while driving, 600ml water cup, can be placed in the car cup holder, especially because driving can only use one hand, some thermos cup is rotating cup lid or large bottle mouth, not very suitable for drinking hot drinks while driving, and this thermos cup changes these shortcomings, more cup mouth cover can automatically magnetically attract the cup lid, and the cup mouth mouth is small, will not be too hot, in addition to the same wide mouth design, easy to clean and put in ice or tea bags.

In addition, I personally like the wide mouth design of the water cup, it is very easy to clean, and the stainless steel interior will not leave a strange smell, and the mouth of the water cup can also be inserted into the straw, haha, so I took it to buy a medium cup of bubble tea and hot coffee, all just right.

Advantages of daily use: magnetic cup mouth cover does not have to be afraid of being hit in the face, driving one-handed drinking is convenient, stainless steel interior and large cup mouth is very clean, and the water cup lid adopts internal thread design, easy to clean without jamming.

Test Summary:

CamelBak hump’s outdoor thermal insulation cold water cup, in addition to the general thermal insulation water cup insulation ice preservation effect, there are many intimate small designs, the top cover integrated thermoplastic handle is convenient to hold or hang the water cup on the backpack with a hook ring, easy to carry! Clever magnetic cup mouth cap design, don’t worry about raising your head to drink water to be hit in the face, you can also use it with one hand while driving, these small details make this thermal water cup special, in addition to the weight is slightly heavier I will not bring it to the mountains, other times I love to take it out, with coffee, milk, hot water are great.