Hello everyone, I am Wu Guoping, President of Niusan University. There has been significant turmoil in some of the stocks that have risen a lot recently, including brokerages, which have indeed anticipated that the market may enter a correction, and I also talked about these adverse factors.

But today we found that the end result is that the market remains strong, so where does this strong power source come from?

First, we can find that brokerages are actually a strong shock. I also talked about it yesterday that he is a kind of stepping back after breaking a new high, not a step back without a breakthrough, which is a strength in itself. So today, overall, the brokerage sector is strong, which indicates that the bulls still have energy.

Second, there are some stocks with high levels and violent turbulence that do not have a big impact on the market now, what is the reason why it is not big? Because there is a baton power appeared, for example, today’s sub-new sector, is really a beautiful landscape, you look at the Xinjiang Communications Construction Capital six boards, which also directly drives a considerable number of sub-new stocks to the price limit or seal the price limit. Then this sector has quietly become a hot spot to take over the market upward. In other words, even if the previously hyped 5G, venture capital, etc. are turbulent, it will not affect the vitality of the entire market, because there is a new baton, which is an important point.

At the same time, we can find that other hot spots are slowly fermenting. In fact, everyone really has to listen to what I talked about in my open class yesterday, and the core point is that during this time, many people feel that the stock index is very close to the previous low, as if there may be certain risks. But the fact is that local spring has long come. Although the title of my open class yesterday was that the spring market is coming, in fact, what I want to express is that the so-called spring market has long begun to be interpreted in parts. Needless to say, the sector effect is full, and ZTE, the largest plate in the 5G sector, has nearly doubled from its low point to now. I listed one sector after another yesterday, for example, iFLYTEK, which is relatively large in artificial intelligence, has risen by at least 50% from its low point to now, Guangguang Media in the cultural media has risen by more than six to eight pieces, which has also risen by 340%, and LONGi’s shares in the larger market of solar photovoltaic have also risen by nearly 70 or 80%. I said that these are different industries, not to say concentrated on one stock or one industry, like the new stock Xinjiang Communications Construction direct five or six boards, so if your eyes are just staring at the stock index, just to observe whether the Shanghai Composite Index is strong, whether it is possible to refresh the low, you will definitely ignore one beautiful landscape after another, and these landscapes have already begun to rise. I just casually mentioned various industries, and these industries contain at least a few hundred stocks, so I dare to assert that the probability that their early low is the bottom is very high. So I said before that the area is now similar to the 998 market starting area, and just the previous low also broke through the 2449 point, and now it is starting to stabilize again. 998 also has a 1000-point psychological level in front, so I feel that the taste of this stage is more and more similar to the taste of 998 in the past, I mean the index itself. So the index itself has the possibility of inadvertently getting stronger and stronger in this position. Of course, we also prepared for the worst, I also said in the open class before, the stock index really has to fall, 2300 is the limit, this is the worst plan. But one thing is certain, that is, the future of the emerging industry sector.

Sometimes your pattern determines your future, and some people suffer from gains and losses and focus on the present. If you think about it, if you are looking at the stock index to do stocks, you will miss the opportunities I just mentioned, and you are likely to sell near the lowest point. The iFLYTEK, Guangguang Media, ZTE, etc. I just said have risen by at least 30% or even more than double from the lowest point, and this is the case for large-cap stocks, not to mention some mid- and small-cap stocks. If it is a small and medium-cap stock, like Oriental Communications rose from less than 4 to 16, about four times the increase, then you can imagine the rest. The reason why I say that more and more Oriental Communications is already on the way in the future is because these industries are certain, his whole trend is certain, the question is whether you see it or not. We spend a lot of energy, at least I personally spend a lot of energy to study these industries, research these sectors, and at the same time go to some listed companies to investigate, my time is spent here. As for the rise and fall of stock indices, seriously, I really don’t care. There is only one thing I believe, here is the bottom area, there is this conclusion. I must remind my loyal fans that you must allocate positions in this position, even if the stock index falls again. The reason is very simple, just like Oriental Communications, if you do not hold a certain chip in the position of about four dollars, you will definitely not dare to buy it when it rises later, and you cannot break through your psychological barrier, which is absolute. The same is true of institutions, and they must be laid out when the market is down, and only when they rise again in the future will he have the confidence to implement the strategy of increasing positions. Otherwise, you now have very few positions or short positions in this position, and once you go up, you will become a short stepper, or even a chaser and a bearer, which is sad.

In the past, the reason why I was able to earn hundreds of times in the 998 market was that the pattern was large enough. If it weren’t for the pattern at the time, I wouldn’t have earned that much. I also know that many people in the 998 market are not profitable, or even lose money, because the pattern is too small, suffering from gains and losses, chasing short-term interests, and the final result is chasing up and down. I believe that friends who do not follow my train of thought will definitely suffer a big loss in the end. But friends who do it according to my thinking, friends who grasp the crossing of the market sector according to my thinking, at least they will not suffer big losses, and in the end, they will definitely laugh at the rivers and lakes, and they will have the opportunity to become. In fact, some of my previous trainees have become cattle scattered, and a few million eventually became one or two hundred million, which is a fact. So I firmly believe that our system is very powerful and powerful.

Speaking of which, many people are very concerned about how the market will go next week, in fact, it really does not matter, it does not matter whether it rises or falls, but I remind everyone that I personally feel that if the next position continues to be strong, quantitative changes will definitely promote qualitative changes. Anyway, one thing is certain, once this position is selected, it must be relatively drastic, up or down. No matter how drastic, one thing is clearer to us, the industries that cross the market and the sectors or individual stocks that have seen the bottom in the early stage, their upward trend is unstoppable, and their spring has already quietly begun. Some were in mid-October last year, some were in June last year, and some were around December last year, and they all started one after another. Therefore, everyone must carefully perceive the core of the market, which is the true meaning of growing into king, crossing the market, and grasping the future. Well, I’ll share it here today.

Note: This content is for investors’ reference only and is not used as an investment basis, please note that you control risks.