On the red carpet of the opening ceremony of the 68th Cannes Film Festival, Zhang Xinyu appeared in a Sheguang Hu custom dress, named “Phoenix Opera Peony”. As soon as this dress appeared, not only did it blind the eyes of “crooked nuts”, but Zhang Xinyu became the second hot search term on Weibo, and the limelight simply overshadowed Fan Bingbing. Zhang Xinyu posted on her own Weibo: “When China’s most down-to-earth elements appear in Cannes, it has a unique meaning. “When you think it’s the most down-to-earth element? Innovation in fashion? Sorry, those big fashion brands have already played.

When everyone thought that the Cannes red carpet battle of Chinese female stars must be between Fan Ye and Angelababy, Zhang Xinyu appeared in Cannes for the first time as the spokesperson of “The Legend of Double Dragons of the Tang Dynasty”, and shot a bloody road on the red carpet with a very strong Chinese style “Northeast flower cotton jacket”, and the skirt of this dress was two meters long, which won enough eyeballs. In fact, I really shouldn’t write a manuscript about Zhang Xinyu’s “flower cotton jacket” today, because I was really upset when I saw it. But, really want to say, you think that you are wearing a very national style and very fresh, in fact, do you know that those big-name fashions have long eaten the “Northeast print” thoroughly!

“Northeast Printing Style” has really been played badly these days, I don’t believe you see that the protagonists of “Avengers 2” have changed their clothes!

About Zhang Xinyu, the designer of the “Northeast Wind” dress was played with sauce purple at first!

China International Fashion Week 2015 (Autumn Edition): Sheguang Hu Sheguang Fashion Show

Do you know how much of a sensation Hu Sheguang’s 2015 fall/winter show caused at that time? All kinds of headlines and various pop-ups are all reports about Hu Sheguang’s “Northeast Great Cotton Jacket”! So about Zhang Xinyu’s choice of Hu Sheguang’s “Northeast Big Cotton Jacket” custom dress to walk on the Cannes red carpet, it seems that the purpose is quite obvious. It is to make a sensation, it is to win headlines and create topics!

And in fact, there are really trendy people who will “northeast style printing big cotton jacket” into a sharp weapon to grab the scene on the street, and even more from head to toe have come to a full northeast wind, as for whether it looks good or not, it is another matter, grabbing the camera and attracting people’s attention is the most important thing.

Of course, if you mention the “Northeast style printed cotton jacket”, you have to mention the “second-hand rose” band, their costumes, Weibo background pictures, and even the promotional posters of the concert and the LED screen during the performance are full of a strong “northeast flavor”!

In fact, all fashion brands have launched “Northeast printing” style fashion, if you want to carry forward the “Northeast Print” style, but don’t want to be too grounded, then you can try the following items.


Simone Rocha’s ‘Mad Floral’ print will energize you on a spring day. The Duke’s satin coat is a casual way to incorporate a floral print into the coat. The silhouette is spacey and appliquéd at the collar, cuffs and scalloped hem. Walking on the streets of spring, the three-dimensional appliqués on your body swing with the wind, which will definitely make you full of spring breeze.


With a printed duke coat, of course, a dress to match. The three-dimensional floral appliqué makes the whole dress full of spirit, which seems simple but makes you no longer ordinary.


This dress is Valentino’s spring/summer 2015 resort collection, and the openwork lace dress is decorated with bright green, pink and purple flowers to look full of intense resort colors. The waist is also very slimming.

FAITH CONNEXION Liberty printed silk crepe de chine maxi skirt £1,445

Many girls like to wear bohemian printed maxi dresses, this Faith Connexion ‘Liberty’ maxi skirt is printed with bouquets of delicate flowers and falls down the hem to the floor.


House of Holland’s ‘Dolly’ cotton-woven mini skirt is punctuated in dark green with red, pink and yellow prints and detailed in playful, 70s-inspired fuchsia suede tassels.


If you want a dress, we also have it, and the House of Holland printed dress is definitely your best choice.


Dolce & Gabbana’s triangle bikini is printed with a purple-grey and yellow wisteria flower print. The bright colors definitely make for a wonderful seaside holiday, and the adjustable lace-up design can guarantee your best wear. Low-rise swim trunks are sexy and a great choice if you want to show off your skin. But do you dare to walk around the beach in this bikini?

Take a look back at the most dazzling Chinese-style dress at the Cannes Film Festival

63rd Cannes Film Festival Fan Bingbing Dragon Robe

The 65th Cannes Film Festival Fan Bingbing embroidered skirt stunning red carpet “CHINA porcelain” shows the oriental charm

Li Yuchun’s appearance on the Cannes red carpet was also quite amazing, and the whole body of Chinese red really became the focus of the day.

If you want to wear Chinese style, you can go to this year’s Met Gala to learn from the experience

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing wore Bu Kewen haute couture ceremony, with the theme of “Forbidden City”, created by Chinese designer Bu Kewen, and the gold armor inside was too shining.

Gong li

Gong Li appeared at the Met Gala in a Roberto Cavalli bespoke dress, the highlight was the enchanting back, and the delicate embroidery mixed with velvet material successfully defined the concept of luxury in the “cheongsam”.


Riri’s dress is by Guo Pei’s hand, and on the red carpet, she has a sense of martial beauty, fur and satin are quite proud, with gold veneer headdresses, and her aura is strong.

Karolina Kurkova and Georgia May Jagger

The Chinese elements on the two are clear at a glance. The Chinese elements on the two are clear at a glance. Both chose a Chinese-style embroidered dress with enchanting hatred of the sky, and their high appearance and slender legs are their common labels.

Cara Delevingne

You can also learn from Cara Delevingne’s ink painting of plum blossoms to express your love of Chinese style.