Country Garden Ten Mile Golden Beach

Adjacent to the Yellow Sea, it is the last high-quality coastline of the Shandong Peninsula, known as the “Aegean Sea of the East”. It is a national marine special protected area, and the water here is pure and clear, and no pollution can be seen. The climate here is pleasant, with an average annual temperature of 16°C, an average of 22°C in summer, warm winters and cool summers. Ten kilometers of ultra-long golden coastline, the beach is soft and delicate, flat as a blanket. The wide beach 300 meters after low tide is not crowded, noisy, and there is no “dumpling” scene, where people play to their heart’s content. Stroll along the beach, the breeze gusts, the waves bloom. Looking into the distance, the blue sea and sky are boundless, and the whole person’s heart is open.

Facing the beautiful sea, why not be moved? You can choose a floating bed, lie on the sea, look at the mesmerizing blue sky, feel the waves gently shake your floating bed, and enjoy the gentleness of the sea. Or, drive a motorboat, accompanied by the waves, and run on the sea, the sound of the wind whistling in your ears, and the splashing waves around you, let you experience the wildness of the sea. The unique charm of the sea will surely make you fall in love with it.

Beach activities are equally exciting, and with the aftermath of the World Cup, let’s have a fierce football match. Pull up your friends, under the blue sky, by the sea, accompanied by the sea breeze and waves, jump, roll, sweat, release your passion, enjoy the joy of sports. If you are pursuing fashion and excitement, you can also choose to drive a beach motorcycle, play with three or five friends on the 10,000-meter beach of Shilijin Beach, and enjoy the refreshing experience brought by speed and passion. Equally exciting is the water gun battle on the beach. In the water column sprayed by the water gun, feel the supreme joy brought by competition and teamwork.

Enjoy the holiday life in Shilijin Beach, whether it is the charm of the sea or the beauty of the beach, it will make you linger in Shilijin Beach.


The average price is 4680 yuan / square meter

The sales telephone provided by is 400-890-0000 ext. 634430

Pingxiang Country Garden carefully selected the site next to the new site of Pingxiang Municipal Government, which is the main urban center of the city’s “One Belt, Two Wings” development project and the key development core area of the government. The project is connected to Yuhu Road, the main road of the city, close to the 319 National Highway, 320 National Highway, Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, and the surrounding developed road network, and enjoys the city’s top-level supporting facilities in 15 minutes, fully meeting your pursuit of high-quality life. About 3,000 square meters of five-star high-end clubs and 8,000 square meters of international fashion commercial streets are planned to be built in the community, with a reasonable layout of various formats, meeting the needs of one-stop shopping and making up for regional gaps; In the community, there is also the first boundless mountain swimming pool and indoor constant temperature swimming pool in Pingxiang, with all-round living facilities, allowing owners to enjoy the wonderful 24-hour non-ending curtain. “Do everything with heart!” In Country Garden, we have always been dedicated to providing the most professional and high-end services for the owners. International first-class qualification property, the first to introduce the five-star hotel service concept to increase the value of the residence for 70 years, with a five-star level of hotel service level to serve every Country Garden owner. Provide 7X24 hours all-round, one-stop property management services to create a five-star intimate life for owners. 20 years of villa community development experience, selected urban scarce ecological environment, planning by mountains and lakes; Extracting national benchmark building products, classic apartment types are sold in more than 60 cities, and implanted in Pingxiang according to local conditions; Country Garden Product Group’s highest-level diamond villa, Spanish double-pinned villa, 80-140㎡ lake-view high-rise are about to be shocked.

Sales address: Yuhu East Road, Development Zone, next to Yuelao Lake

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