In the era of the Internet celebrity economy, some people become famous by singing, some people become famous by dancing, and some people become famous by beauty. But hipsters only need to look fabulous & nag at home to have millions of followers. Today’s protagonist, Connor Franta, is such an envious and jealous latter.

Connor Franta who? I don’t know him. You may not have heard of him, but he is already a household name in the United States. Connor, who started as a vlogger on YouTube, has become “someone else’s little milk dog” in the hearts of American girls with her cherub face and super fashion sense. His typical “salt man” dressing style has made many Tuku boys who are led astray by trendy brands wake up, how do boys have to dress to be fashionable and effortless? Here are a few of his tips.

Tip1: Basic

Many people think that fashion is about rejecting “basic”, but they are very wrong. Don’t dislike the basics. When you shop more, you will find that the longest and most pleasing thing in the wardrobe is always the basics. Good texture white T, striped shirt, polo shirt will give you unexpected surprises.

But many male students have a big size misunderstanding that they only buy big and don’t buy small. In fact, it’s the closeness that matters. Many European brands are on the larger side, and the most smart thing to do is to always buy one size smaller.

There is a small detail that when wearing short sleeves, you can roll up the cuffs slightly, which will be more youthful.

Prints are not off-limits. If you’re tired of the basics, it’s okay to buy some T-shirts with prints, but try to keep it simple and don’t let yourself be covered in prints.

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Just A T-shirt

Printed T-shirt

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Polo shirt

Price: 889 yuan

Tip2: Short top

Connor Franta’s trendy dictionary doesn’t have the word oversize. Since it’s not a rapper, there’s no need to catch this fashion. Keep in mind that short tops are the most practical.

Clothes with too long hems really don’t try casually, in your opinion it is flowing, others may seem to be Taoist priests going down the mountain. Whether it’s a shirt, t-shirt or coat, try not to grow too long over your belt.

Shirts and pants must be able to operate, do not doubt the wisdom of dads, we are now playing what they played leftover.

Be sure to buy a short coat! Short! Short! Repeat three times to emphasize the importance. Exceeding the hem of the inner T-shirt is considered unqualified. But don’t be short enough to navel boots, after all, crop top has not yet become popular among boys.


Coach jacket

Price: 936 yuan

Ami Alexandre Mattiussi

Short jacket

Price: 3043 yuan

Tip3: Cropped pants

Looking at Connor Franta’s Instagram, you can see that boys roll their trouser legs when they go out, which is as important as girls wear lipstick when they go out.

Good proportions, three points are destined for heaven, and seven points depend on hard work. Connor175’s height is really not tall even in Asia, but if you don’t have a perfect body, you will create it yourself.

His practice has proved that five-point pants and seven-point pants are deceptive, and only cropped pants are the most reliable, creating the most perfect visual proportions. The long one looks loose and sloppy, and the short one is like a rice planter, and the nine points show the most spirit.

In view of the fact that the skill of boys rolling their trouser legs has been complained about by countless public accounts, it is recommended that those male students who are not good at this skill choose cropped trousers with just the right cut, which has a more yuppie temperament.

Black, grey, indigo (denim) and khaki are the four classic trouser colors that never go out of style and never go wrong. If others insist on spitting dirt, you don’t have to pay attention at all. Compared to those earthy straight men in floral pants and low-grade pants, you have to be a hundred times more fashionable.


Straight cropped trousers

Price: 3537 yuan

Acne Studios

Cropped trousers

Price: about 1500 yuan

Tip4: Little white shoes

As a representative of the “killing” of the fashion industry, the flood of small white shoes has unfortunately become the bottom people of the chain of fashion shoes despised. But the earth tide this pot, the little white shoes do not back. The real culprits are the GZ spikes and CL red-soled shoes that you thought were trendy.

GZ nail shoes and CL red-soled shoes, two earth-destroying items, are the aesthetic black holes that every straight man must encounter on the road to advancement, and wearing it you basically have nothing to do with clean salt men. Connor tells you that the ugly shoes you bought for 5,000 oceans are not even as good as a pair of Converse little white shoes for 500 yuan.

No matter how diss the little white shoes, its versatility is unquestionable. Low-top white shoes, whether paired with rolled jeans or leggings, can visually lengthen your lower body to the greatest extent and give you the illusion of long legs. Remember to show your ankles, which are as sexy as a woman’s collarbone.

The less advantageous the height, the less careful you should be. Small boys can learn Conner to start with some platform white shoes, and Puma Creeper, which was very popular last year, is a good choice.

Retro school style is also a hot trend nowadays, and the combination of white socks and white shoes can give people a clean and refreshing feeling of young men.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

Superstar sneakers

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Jack Purcell shoe

Price: 1216 yuan

Tip5: Solid colors

Supreme, Off-White and Yeezy are the three major cancers of Tuku Boys. It’s not that these three brands are bad, but the practice of turning their attitude into a few big characters printed on clothes really can’t be more vulgar and superficial, and the patterns of various elements are really visually polluting together. Sometimes to show your personality, it’s just color.

Don’t always black, white and gray to avoid mistakes, boldly choosing colors that suit your personality will make you more brilliant. Solid color clothes are visually harmonious, impactful, and easy to match, you can pay attention to the difficulty of choosing.

Connor loves solid colors. As an LGBT, he will of course prefer such lively and cute colors as macarons.

Although the colors of the clothes are girly, Connor will still exercise a certain control, the color system must be cute and not commotiony, and colors like fluorescent colors that break the sky will not appear in his photos.


Unfollow hoodie

Price: 795 yuan



Price: 982 yuan

Tip6: Vintage wind

In China, it is rare to see boys willing to try vintage style, but abroad, fashionable boys love not the latest cutting-edge items of the season, but those retro-style clothes with a sense of history.

Wearing Vintage is not about letting everyone go to a second-hand store to buy old clothes, but about wearing vintage tones on your body. For example, the black and white polka-dot shirt has the feeling of an old movie,

Some small details on the clothes can make the whole look vintage full of feeling, such as the old-fashioned buttons on this classic tannin cargo shirt, the deliberately worn collar, which looks full of texture.

Suede is the most vintage, corduroy shone at last year’s Prada menswear show, and can even be paired with some more in pieces to create a strong sense of collision. Mix & match is the most chic way to wear it right now.

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Single product recommendation

Single product recommendation

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