2017 Asia Outdoor Exhibition New Hall Super “Burn” To build you an ideal country for outdoor travel

The Outdoor Travel Theme Pavilion is not only a new pavilion at Outdoor Asia 2017, but also a pavilion to be promoted. Outdoor play, eating, drinking, and living are all concentrated here. The point is that we feel the sincerity of the outdoor industry, which is creating an ideal country for consumers in the wild.

Travel camps to build outdoor playgrounds for the whole family

The snail camp is very prominent inside the exhibition hall. Orion camp tents, Golden Emperor RVs, etc. are concentrated here. It is a collection of RV entertainment venues, tent hotels, and children’s playgrounds. According to the staff of the snail camp, the outdoor camp has rooms, yards, and recreational facilities. In the RV area, although the models of RVs are limited, the interior space is specially designed according to needs, and KTV-themed RVs are provided on site, as well as pure living guest room RVs, “in fact, the most popular is the mahjong table-themed RV”. Outdoor is not just a matter for adults, parent-child tours are becoming more and more popular, and the camp has focused on building parent-child interaction and children’s amusement park areas – non-powered playgrounds, children’s golf parks… Outdoor camps are making outdoor travel more family-oriented, life-oriented and quality on the basis of “wild”.

Caravan site

KTV themed RV

Inside the RV

Non-powered children’s playground

Tent area settled in a number of “mansions”

“Staying” is undoubtedly a big part of outdoor travel. The tent unit shines this year, holding up half the sky of the outdoor travel venue. Various manufacturers are not only limited to the competition of fabric, lightweight, and color, but also the competition for functions is more obvious.

The conventional tent use area is more detailed, one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom… What is the standard of home, and what standard is the tent strides towards, Himalaya brought a two-bedroom family six-person set tent.

Himalayan two-bedroom six-person tent

For the exotic Himalayan tent, please click here to enter a picture description

Mountain Hiker from Taiwan

Camp tents are the hottest this year, toilets, air conditioners, sofas, TVs are all loaded into the tent… They meet everyone in the form of tent hotels all over the country, even in a pure wild environment, you can enjoy the “wild luxury” quality of one family and one courtyard. Orion, Himalaya, and Mushan Outdoor have brought a variety of camp tents, and they are also building tent hotels with their own tents across the country.

Camp tents of different shapes

Inside the camp tent

And the rooftop tent takes away the cool wind, and the sense of technology is bursting. Whether it’s a sedan or buggy, two or four people, you’ll find the right rooftop tent. The rooftop tents in Akino Land are very eye-catching in the exhibition hall, two large off-road towns, and the band singers sing under the tents, bohemian but full of poetry. The hard-shell “Noah” and the soft-shell “Ark” can be automatically lifted and lowered by wireless remote control, and the manual soft-shell “Normandy” is also domineering on the roof of the car. Prices range from more than 10,000 to several thousand. Jinle rooftop tents are more affordable in terms of price.

Akinochi exhibition area

Autumn field “Normandy” rooftop tent

Golden Le rooftop tent

Outdoors, black technology has been launched

All kinds of outdoor peripherals are also dazzling, such as stylish hand-held barbecue grills, one-click flashing tactical flashlights that won the Red Dot Award… Some small booths also have no shortage of black technology products, Hanergy launched portable thin-film solar products such as thin-film solar power paper, power generation bags, and power generation backpacks for different needs to meet the electricity needs of those who love outdoor and outdoor operations! Gosun has launched a solar-powered oven with a capacity of a little more than a liter, and food can be enjoyed in the sun for up to 20 minutes.

cooking utensils


Hanergy thin-film solar power paper, power generation package

Solar oven

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