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中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

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In 2019, tire companies have continued to force, launched a lot of new products, but in the face of a large number of new products, many drivers are blinded.

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

I don’t know those tires.

In order to better understand the brand and performance of the tires, the professional media “car and round” of the market in the market will open this year.

2019 second 奚 Zhongyuan selection

Only for the owner to buy a safe product.

Chaoyang AS898

Chaoyang Shenxia AS898 can be described as a hot tire, this challenge

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

450,000 km

The super resistance to milligolate special tires are already the first choice in many drivers.

It is understood that the AS898 enhances the wear resistance and anti-trench resistance of the tire tread by using high wear resistant, high-resistant flexible rubber. The application of finite element analysis technology,

Performance increased 12.3%

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

. In terms of pattern, the special gap design calculated by simulation is effective to reduce noise. The line-designed flower trench ensures excellent drainage properties and unique anti-humidity characteristics. Variable angle of direct groove + groove stripe design, while increasing the stone effect, effectively avoiding trench cracking.

Maggus ma219

Maggus excellent product quality has long been known by the majority of card friends. If you are “Margis Powder”, it is precisely a super wear tire, then ma219 is your first choice.

It is understood that MA219 is a long-distance-loaded card truck guide wheel product, suitable for driving in a good pavement. Its low-feeding compound formulation, excellent heat dissipation performance. Excellent tread shape, uniform ground pressure,

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

Long balance life and excellent abnormal resistance

. There are currently 11R22.5 and 12R22.5 two specifications available.

Linglong KTT102

Break through 400,000 kilometers, how can I be less exquisite? The unique exquisite KTT102 is from the date of birth, and the excellent work of all the round fetuses.

The Linglong KTT102 has a ST super high carcass, more deactivated. The formulation uses high-scattered nanmi formula, and the molecular structure of the rubber is more optimized, wear-resistant performance is more than other products

Holds 30%

. Relevant media reports, the test report issued by the national-level laboratory confirmed: “Linglong 12R22.5 18PR KTT102 is reached in conventional operating conditions

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

400,000 km or more


Forward GL292-II A

Guizhou tires are one of the first tire enterprises in the industry to launch 400,000 kilometers, and its “advancement” brand products have been

Describe with wear resistance, high mileage performance

. GL292-II A is especially superior in these products.

It is understood that GL292-II A uses a new contour design that makes the grounding pressure distribution of the tire is more uniform, and the polarization performance is better; the travel surface is widened design, the pattern is deepened, so that the wear mileage of the tire is higher; optimized the bead Material distribution, improve the anti-fatigue performance of the bead; optimize the tread formulation, reduce the heat of the shoulder, improve the durability of the durability; the overall performance is further strengthened than the original series of products, and the tire grounding is more uniform. There are currently 11R22.5 and 12R22.5 two types of specifications available.

Chengshan T105

T105 is a long-distance special round-free commercial vehicle tire launched by Purin Chengshan, with high mileage, milesty, and high durability. Its new high-wear-resistant tread formulation is equipped with a widow line (3mm from T103), the integrated mileage ratio T103

Honing more than 10%

New belt layer wire structure, optimizing the coronary curve, effectively preventing biasing, reducing rolling resistance. The distribution of new sub-materials, enhanced mouth steel, and lifting the durability of the sub-mouth (anti-pumping, trok cracking, intervene). It is worth mentioning that its unique floral bottom ditch design can reduce the probability of tire jelly.

Double Star Jial 201 series

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

In the rear market for so many years, Xiao Bang learned that the topic tire problem of card friends is mainly two: odds, the tires are not wear. The good news is that these two pain points are just solved by the Shuangshen Jial 201 series.

Kinbli (Jin Bili) 201 series fire special tires are the star products of the two-star long-distance series,

The first flame retardant formula in the industry

The tire performance can be raised to the refundable level, the tire is low, and the sub-mouth is also safer.

In addition, the Jinli 201 series uses unique

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

ST patent formula

White carbon black + super-resistant carbon black

And use technology, as well as high thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength material ensures wear resistance and tension resistance. At the same time, the tire uses the enhanced version of Betca joint design, using a new type of steel.

The carcass strength is increased by 25%, which can truly achieve 300,000 kilometers without tire!

Red rabbit horse XR292

General Shares is one of China for many listed tire companies, and in recent years, research and development have been continuously introduced.

It is a good product that is perfect for the market demand, 400,000 kilometers is not afraid!

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

It is understood that Red Rabbit Horse XR292 is a medium-long transportation tire of General Shares. It has achieved technical breakthroughs in wear-resistance and safety performance. Effective solving ordinary caucasi tires consume fast, high fuel consumption, driving performance Poor series of problems.

The normal driving mileage of the tire can reach 400,000 kilometers!

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

Wanli STR658

Wanli tire is a large-scale state-owned enterprise under the Guangzhou Wanli Group, started early, the foundation, and the first found

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

World-class tire intelligent factory

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

Its manufacturing strength cannot be underestimated. If you choose to believe in Wanli, STR658 is the product you don’t want to miss!

It is understood that Wanli STR658 is a medium long-distance tire with a wide-depth pattern, specifications 12R22.5,

Treatment depth reaches 16.9mm

The ultra-deep pattern makes the tire wear resistance have greatly enhanced, and there is a huge breakthrough in mileage.

Zhengxin CR298 Plus

Zhengxin all steel car fetus CR298 PLUS is a

High resistant product

It is designed for tires to provide longer wear life for tires; new tread structure design, further effective to extend the service life of tires while resisting abnormal wear. It is reported that users have used

Nearly 400,000 kilometers

The tire wear resistance, and the carry-on resistance has been recognized by the owner!

Luo RR901

Hua Sheng rubber was established in 1995. In recent years, it has been very fast, not only actively integrated Shandong tire production capacity, but also after research and development.

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

It is a star tire under Hua Sheng.

High miles and cost-effective.

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

It is understood that Lu Bo RR901 is a load, full-wheel super-resistant tire. Super Skeleton Materials and Shoulder Image Optimization Alleviation Technology significantly improves load performance. The wide line and ultra-high-resistance formula make this pattern have ultra high mileage and super cost-effective.

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

Bridgestone R118

Bridgestone R118 is a follow-up upgrade of R150, as a

Upgrade product

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

, R118’s wear life is 10%,

Value price is outstanding!

It is designed for the design of the guide wheel, which is excellent in biasing resistance. Excellent manipulation stability during high speed. The carcass is excellent in durability and is suitable for multiple refurbishment. At present, this tire can be used in semi-trailer, tanker, vehicle and bus models.

Goodyear S210 kmax

Goodism as the top three of tire enterprises, the quality of its tire products is also a monument. S210 kmax is a full-length tire of a high-tech tire, a solid specialty truck.

Starting tough and durable, superior dry / wetland performance and long mileage characteristics.

S210 kmax pattern depth 16.5mm, excellent mileage performance, strong wide-shoulder design, strengthened the shoulder, effectively preventing partial grinding. The IntelliMax technology applied, can improve tread rigidity, reduce tread deformation, inhibit wear, and improve mileage performance. At present, 12R22.5, 295 / 80R22.5 can be selected.

Dunlop SP320

Dunlop has always had a good reputation in the Chinese market. In 2016, Dunlop SP320 was first launched. In the past product

Have a large degree of upgrade

In the truck driver group, there is also very high evaluation.

SP320 is used compared to previous products

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

Wide tread and deep trench

, Greatly enhance the service life. The crown is detachable, and the depth is reasonable lateral shallow pattern, and the rigidity of the tread is reinforced, and the toe is biased.

In terms of tread rubber, SP320 uses fine particle carbon black materials, which greatly enhances wear resistance, and is barefy rubber, which improves the injury of the tread. Overall, this tire is characterized:

Long life, low fever, resistance to partial

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

In the highway, the paving road has perfect performance.

Handata AH33

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

Han Thai tires have entered China, and they understand the Chinese road environment and the owner group. Its products have been revealed with a strong “Chinese style”. The AH33 is a great creation of Han Tai’s “China” tire. Floral pattern, formula

Designed for China, it is designed to enhance tire durability and use mileage

It is understood that AH33 is a full-wheel tire for medium and long distance, highway, national road and paving pavement. Its new pattern for China’s road conditions, compares AH33’s previous generation products.

The tread is wide, the pattern depth is deepened

. The groove of the half-curve increases the life of the tread, mixed double straight pattern and dual curved pattern, increases the mileage, improves durability, and strengthens artite performance.

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

“Let the quality products stand out”

It is the original intention of our horses, and good tires should let more people know. On the one hand, you can better recommend quality products, on the other hand, can make the driver group to use a more secure and more affordable tire!

中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

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中国路上最耐磨轮胎 谁是王中王?

Red rabbit horse XR292

Luo RR901