Fan Bingbing is so beautiful that she is fairy, is it all the credit of the fairy skirt?

The 70th Cannes Film Festival is coming to an end, and the performance of the Chinese star group is becoming more and more interesting. Fan Bingbing’s set of judges for the first time looks like it is open, and the domineering Valentino red dress dress has aroused heated discussions, and the same frame as Shu Qi Shuangmei is on the hot search in minutes, go and see.

Fan Bingbing

We love your fairy look even more

Fan Bingbing’s appearance on the Cannes red carpet wearing Valentino’s spring/summer 2017 haute couture red dress has become a hot topic again. After all, Fan Ye is Fan Ye, nobility and elegance are online, but COCO feels as if he saw Fan Ye’s performance on the Cannes red carpet a few years ago, and feels slightly “overforced”.

On the contrary, those fairy but spontaneous looks a few days ago are just right, and the material of light yarn lace and the blue sky and blue sea of Cannes make people look very comfortable. THIS SET IS PART OF ELIE SAAB’S SPRING/SUMMER 2017 READY-TO-WEAR COLLECTION.

He is also in the same frame as the two goddesses of the former Cannes Chinese judge Shu Qi, and his appearance is so high that it is about to overflow the screen.

The Louis Vuitton custom lace dress with pink puff sleeves is romantic and feminine, and the design of the skirt is also quite bohemian, and the jewelry of De beers is pure and clean.

Even at the moment of capture, the fairy white lace gauze dress is very eye-catching.

Li Yuchun

The look of the plug-in is too surprising

Li Yuchun’s appearance in Cannes this time is very appropriate to summarize the popular “girl-man balance” this season. The color matching of the two Gucci dresses is very colorful, especially the Gucci pink and white patchwork cheongsam long skirt decorated with multi-colored cat embroidery patterns is cool and gentle, making people see a different spring spring, COCO can’t help but want to give a thumbs up.

As a brand ambassador for Gucci, Li Yuchun’s looks are all from Gucci’s pre-autumn 2017 collection, which is fresh. Blue and green checked suit, black velvet skirt and blue printed shirt, brown GG belt, green embroidered boots and Gucci G-Timeless watches, Gucci Flora rings and earrings, vintage and gorgeous.

And Chunchun was also invited to participate in the Fashion For Relief charity show hosted by legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell this time, and presented her “debut” as the main model, for this look, COCO really wants to compare hearts, not jerky at all, full of aura, how to look like the first catwalk.

This striped suit from Ellery’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection is detailed with ruffles that add a touch of femininity.


I want to ask my eldest cousin if you can occasionally make a mistake and let us pick a mistake?

The “zero mistake” Liu Wen made people shine with a big red Givenchy silk lace print dress, like a beauty walking out of a painting.

It doesn’t matter to the big cousin whether the dress is the latest season piece, and the 2015 Jean Paul Gaultier striped suit can still be carried out in seconds.

This Azzaro sheer jumpsuit at Chopard’s dinner party is also elegant and handsome, and there is a deep V careful machine design behind it that is sexy.

Yang Zishan

The faint look is really delightful

Yang Zishan, who went to Cannes with the work “Passing by the Future”, has the same style as herself this time, with a calm temperament and a very quiet and powerful quiet. Driving a long dress is elegant, and the short little dress is playful and cute.

Shu Qi

The former Cannes Chinese judge Grace is eye-catching

Another Cannes Chinese judge, Shu Qi, also appeared on the red carpet to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, wearing Alexis Mabille’s bright yellow dress for the spring/summer 2017 collection and the color contrast of the red carpet is very eye-catching; Another goose yellow silver bandeau dress is delicate and delicate, and it is also unforgettable.

Xi Mengyao

Angelina Jolie pose photo is in place

Xi Mengyao’s appearance in Cannes this time is sexy and beautiful, but the consistent photo pose seems to study Julie’s classic look very thoroughly.

Julie’s classic look

This Cannes trip, the Chinese “six beauty” style can be remarkable, which makes people more addicted, compared with the performance of previous Chinese actresses, it is more restrained and low-key and surprised, and I hope that the beauty will not be proud, continue to cheer, COCO is optimistic about you!

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