Kim Kardashian appeared at the Hilton wedding, the little black dress showed her advantages, and helped the former boss sort out the wedding dress

On the evening of November 11, local time, Paris Hilton and Carter Rem held a wedding, and the socialite who has been shining in the American entertainment industry since her early 20s finally got married at the age of 40. The wedding took place on a California estate owned by Paris’s late grandfather, Barron, and white flowers became the main decoration at the wedding.

Kim Kardashian was one of the guests at Paris’s wedding, the 41-year-old reality TV actress sitting in a white chair, watching the former “boss” and now best friend, the most dazzling moment of her life, her eyes were very focused.

At the party, Kim showed off her look for the day to the camera, and she chose a small black dress without shoulder straps, and the chic cut could highlight her advantages just right. Kim chose a classic twist braid to match her little black dress, which is very personal to her. It can be seen from the picture is not very clear, but Kim’s shoes at the wedding were also not played according to the routine, and she chose a pair of over-the-knee boots to match the trailing evening dress.

Before the official start of the ceremony, Kim also went to the preparation room to visit Paris, who was wearing a holy wedding dress, to calm her nervousness, and also sorted out the wedding dress for the bride by the way, which was a very loving act showing the depth of girlfriend affection.

Paris was already popular around 2000, with family wealth and personal strong desire for performance, this rich girl who strives to portray herself as a Barbie doll is known to everyone, and in retrospect, she should be regarded as the “originator of Internet celebrities”. And at that time, Kim was still an unknown beautiful girl, nominally Parris’s assistant, but at the same time could be regarded as a playmate, of course, not many people paid attention to Kim at that time.

Years later, Kim became a star like Paris back then, albeit with a mixed reputation, and Paris was relatively lonely. Kim recalled the time and expressed his gratitude to Paris, saying that without the other party, there would be no current self. And Paris is also full of affection for Kim, saying that she is one of the few good people who can remember herself.

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