Small generator fragrance! Outdoor power is comparable to city electricity! Electric Small 2 1000W high -power power supply evaluation

As a self -driving tourist, I have been paying attention to small gasoline generators before. Later, after thinking about it, I still gave up, mainly because small generators are generally bulky and have a lot of noise. It is inconvenient, especially nowadays that can no longer be used for bulk gasoline. Therefore, considering that these are finally decided to buy an outdoor power supply. However, when buying outdoor power, my biggest concern is still a security issue. In addition, is outdoor power practical and how much power is? How long can the battery life meet? Everyone must have considered these issues. In fact, the most important thing for choosing outdoor power is still the maximum power of its battery cells and its support. The easiest way is to choose a brand product. After all, it is the most important safety.

In fact, products such as outdoor power are really hot. Many brands on the market are doing it, especially after experiencing the epidemic, the domestic tourism market has ushered in retaliated growth. Many families prefer to choose more free self -driving travel in time. Outdoor power supply is safer and mute than small generators, and the battery capacity is larger, and the range of power choices is wider. Naturally, it has become the first choice for everyone. Generally, the power of our small household appliances is generally about 1000W. Of course, the greater the power. Relatively speaking, the wider the applicable electrical appliances, but the heavier the outdoor power supply itself, but it loses the meaning of outdoor portability. Generally, the ordinary rice cooker is 800W power, the power of the washing machine is only 400W, and although the electric iron is very high, it is only 800W. Therefore, this time I chose the 1000W high -power outdoor power supply launched by the leading brand of the outdoor power industry.

Electric Small 2000W outdoor power supply, supports the output power of the maximum 1000W, is more than 4,000 in terms of price. Compared with similar products, the price of only 500W is four or five thousand. Do more homework. The upper limit of the power is to test which home appliances we can bring outdoors. In addition to the high power of 1000W, this outdoor power source we also have a large battery capacity of 1002Wh. For electricity, such configuration is simply a small mobile “power station”. It is enough to use the outdoor minister on the way. In addition, I also deliberately studied the battery cell of the power supply. The author also deliberately studied its battery cell. Bids, temperature protection, overload protection, these parameters are very important, and the battery cells are also the most important hard core indicators to test such outdoor power products.

Let’s talk about the appearance, the overall design of the Electric Erroba, for science and engineering men like the author, I still like it very much. Many outdoor products like to use black and orange color matching, and the outdoor power supply of Electric 2000W is also the same. Using the color matching of black and orange, the overall square shape, the top portable integrated lifting mobile phone, the face value looks very high. The overall body weight is 9.7 kg, and the weight alone is still very heavy.

The three -dimensional size is 33.3*23.3*28.3cm, the size is still

not small. Although the fuselage is quite large and very heavy, the entire design of the Electric Er has made full use of the mechanical balanced design in terms of design. The handle uses the ergonomic design. It is actually very easy to mention, and it is light and not tired.

Electricity is also very rich in accessories. The original machine comes with a vehicle charging cable and an AC power adapter. In addition, a dedicated storage package is accompanied. It is worth mentioning that although the battery capacity of this outdoor power supply is nearly 270,000 mA, it can be charged through the original power adapter, which can be fully shortened in only 7.5 hours, which greatly shortens the charging time and uses the car to use the car. It can only be fully charged and charged for 14 hours. When used outdoors, you can charge it while driving. It is very convenient to use it. It is very convenient. Of course, this outdoor power supply also supports solar charging boards to charge, and related accessories can be selected by themselves.

The front of the power supply of the electric small second is all the interfaces of the power supply. Each partition is partitioned with an orange frame. Several partitions have independent power switches. exist

There is a LCD display in the middle and upper regions that can be used to display the current input, output power, and the remaining power of the power supply. There is a number display button on one side of the display screen to light up the screen for easy viewing at night.

There are two 220V 50Hz AC output ports at the bottom right. The 220V output is designed with a national standard three jack and has a safe door to prevent children from having dangerous touches.

Before use, you need to turn on the top AC button. When the lights are on, you can use it. These two interfaces support 220V, 4.54A, and 50Hz sine wave AC power output. The single mouth is up to 1000W and the peak is 2000W.

In the lower left corner is the DC DC output area. There is a DC control button on its top. When the light is on, it represents the opening switch. In the first time, Electric Eighth is equipped with two USB-A interfaces and two USB-C interfaces, which is our commonly known Type-C interface. It can be used to charge mobile phones, digital cameras and other devices through two USB-C ports. It supports 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A output. The maximum support power is 18W. The actual test is charged for the laptop. The highest display power is 18W.

Below are two USB-A outputs, support 5V-2.4A, single-mouth up to 12W output, charging test for mobile phones, instantaneous voltage, and maximum output can reach 16W? A little surprised. On one side of the USB port, it is a standard car charging export, supporting 12V-10A car charging output, with a maximum power of 120W. It is more convenient to connect to car electrical appliances, such as products such as car refrigerators.

In the upper left corner of the power supply, the input area of ​​the outdoor power supply is used to charge the power supply. You can use the vehicle charging cable in the accessories and the standard city power adapter to charge it for it. The measured is measured. The charging input power can reach about 140W through the original power adapter. The municipal electricity is fully charged once, it only takes seven and a half hours. It takes 14 hours to charge through the car. During the charging process, the power indicator will light up. In addition, the Electric Er is also equipped with the Anderson input interface, and we can also charge through the Anderson plug.

There is an LED lighting on the left side of the Electric Errobiography outdoor power supply, and it is equipped with an orange lighting button for use for emergency use. The brightness is okay. When it is a tent outdoors, it can be used as a lighting device.

The left and right sides are the heat dissipation port for the outdoor power supply of the electric small second. The secondary second is equipped with air -cooled heat dissipation for the power supply. When using high -power electrical appliances, the wind will turn on at the same time to cool the power supply and ensure the safety of electricity.

The back of the power supply adopts a raised crossbar design. The four corners of the bottom are equipped with four increased anti -slip foot pads, which can be raised to the power supply to avoid placing on the humid ground, so that the power supply is water, ensuring safety, and the details are very intimate.

In actual use, especially when traveling out of outdoor, the scenes we usually use are nothing more than the needs of cooking, entertainment, office, including heating at night. In fact, if you cook, the power of general appliances is usually about 1000-2000W. The power of the induction cooker is divided into multiple gears, which is generally about 500-2000W. Therefore, cooking with an induction cooker can still be competent. The outdoor power supply of electricity is used for external laptops, SLR cameras, and even drones. The power of these small digital products is about 100W.

So, what if the car is placed for a long time to lose electricity? Many people may change the battery directly. In fact, we can also charge the battery of the car by purchasing a special 12V car battery charging cable. After full charging, the battery is restored again. Generally, the 40-60AH battery can be completed by replenishing power only 15-20 minutes by replenishing the power supply supply by electricity. The battery of 60-100hh can fill the electricity for 30-40 minutes.

Of course, we can also charge the electric vehicle outdoors outdoors. Outdoor travel. I like to bring a folding scooter. Through the actual test, the performance power is about 99W, which can be charged. The power of our daily electric vehicles is about 200W, which can be charged with electricity.

In fact, if we want to cook with electrical appliances outdoors, the power of ordinary small rice cookers is 800W, and the outdoor power supply through Electricity Two 1000W 1000W can be moved. The actual output power is about 736W.

The maximum power electrical appliances should be an induction cooker. If you use the induction cooker, the general power is generally between 1000W-1500W. If you use the low power mode of the induction cooker, it can also be used, but when the stir-fry mode is turned on, it exceeds the highest threshold. Outdoor power supply will automatically turn on the protection mechanism to automatically disconnect power, thereby protecting the safety of electrical appliances and power supply.

We can even use smart speakers such as small love speakers outdoors. Of course, the power of the speaker is even smaller, which is about 12W.

In general, the outdoor power source of Electricity 2000W personally thinks that it should be a product that is currently more practical and cost -effective. The high power of 1000W can meet the power consumption needs of most ordinary appliances. Electricity can enjoy the convenience like city electricity. The built -in large -capacity lithium batteries at nearly 270,000 mA are enough to meet our power supply demand for various devices when traveling outdoor travel.

If you go out, as long as you have electricity, you will not panic. Even if the power is exhausted, we can also use the vehicle charging and solar charging as the power supply energy to make the outdoor power supply easier. In addition, outdoor power supply is okay Electricity for the battery of our car, if your car is not often driven, and the phenomenon of ca n’t fire at a loss often occurs. Restore to the best state. In fact, I personally think that the application scenario of Electric Erroba is not limited to outdoor self -driving use. In fact, each family can also be used as a reserve. In the case of a sudden situation, it is used as emergency rescue power supply, fire testing, and emergency families. It is also necessary to use electricity.

Unfortunately, the outdoor power supply of Electric Electric 2000W is the same as similar products on the market. It still does not support waterproof function. Outdoor rainy days cannot be used. If subsequent products can support waterproof, then such products will be more practical. It is hoped that as a leading brand of outdoor power supply, the spirit of continuing to carry forward the spirit of the pioneers of the category can be the first to allow such products to support the attributes of the third defense. I think this will also make such products apply to more outdoor application scenarios.

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