The foot pad, the choice is the escort messenger, the bad choice is the killer

Yesterday, Xiaoxia, who lived in Kaifeng, experienced a life and death robbery, and now he was shocked. Due to the continuous rainfall in Henan and other places in the past few days, Xiaoxia drove on the high -speed section and suddenly slipped on the soles of the feet, and the foot pads were blocked to the brakes, causing hitting into the fence. He said to the reporter: Too scary, but fortunately he did not collide with other vehicles, otherwise he might be alive.

Car -footed pads seem to be an inconspicuous item, in fact, it is related to the safety of riders during the driving process. Because it is close to the throttle, brake, clutch, etc., if the choice of foot pads is not reasonable, it is likely to affect the efficiency of the brakes, which threatens life. Human health.

In the spring, car shop pads, non -slip is the most critical

Spring is quiet, and the choice of foot pads is even more harsh. The general absorbing and dirty effects of foot pads are far from being satisfied with driving in spring. Due to the increased rainfall, our feet are occasionally eroded by water and may be slippery. In addition, the anti -slip effect of the foot pads must also be better.

There are many patterns of the foot pads, each with different advantages and differences

Large siege foot pad:

The large surrounding foot pads can be stuck all of the space under the foot in the car, so that the soil or water cars will not be everywhere, but the coverage of the 3D stereo foot pads is small. In recent years Essence

Silk ring pad:

Silk -circle car pads are strong, easy to clean, suitable for use all year round. The wire structure of the silk ring pad can effectively control the dust and stolen goods inside the ground pad. Therefore, the staining ability of the silk foot pad is very strong, and the problem of slippery foot pads is not easy to slip.

Rubber, plastic foot pad:

The rubber foot pads are very popular with the majority of car owners due to the characteristics of dirt resistance and easy cleaning. However, during use, it was found that the rubber foot pads were relatively slippery, poor safety and stability, and the foot pads made of inferior products produced a harmful smell, so they were slowly eliminated by the market.

Plush foot pad:

Compared to several other foot pads, plush foot pads are easier to dirty and not so easy to clean. The advantage is that it looks relative to a relatively high -level.

About the common sense of foot pads, the owner must not know

The paving cushion is no more than the mattress, the more the better

Xiaobian found that in order to facilitate cleaning, some car owners will lay a layer of rubber and PVC on the foot pads of fabrics. According to an online survey, the chances of laying a double -layer foot pad caused a very high chance of the shift of the foot pads. The laying of the double -layer foot pads makes the upper foot pads cannot be fixed and prone to displacement events. Because the foot pads are new, the owners are often easier to neglect, and the chance of accidents is greatly increased.

The feet pad deformation is very harmful, and it must be replaced immediately

Using a certain period of a certain period of foot pads generally deformation, such as four corners. The position of the foot pad is easy to stuck in the throttle or brake. Some car owners have not changed their foot pads for several years, which is very dangerous! Therefore, after using it for a while, the car mainly views whether the foot pad is deforming. Once deformation is required, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Do not reverse the front and back of the foot pad

Some styles of foot pads are very similar in front and back, and the car is carefully identified. The front and back of the foot pads not only cannot play a role in dust -proof, non -slip, but also cannot be firmly fixed, and even interfere with the pedal. The upside -down laying is also prohibited.

Select the foot pad to see three points, resistance, tasteless, fuelless

1. Dirty and easy to clean

Although most people do not need to do their own car, I want to say that the dirty car pads are really not just affecting people’s visual effects. It is also a place where dirt is hidden. It will also greatly affect people’s health. Therefore, choose a easy -to -clean foot pad for your own health.

2. No odor

Among various foot pads, there are many low -quality foot pads to reduce costs, and use chemicals such as chlorine chloride and other chemicals, and the material itself is also very poor, so there will be a lot of evil smell, especially now the sky is getting more and more and more and more. The taste will be pungent, harmful to the body, and it is easy to cause motion sickness. Therefore, in any case, you cannot buy it because of the cheap price of a car pad, and you need to buy it in a regular shopping mall.

3. Non -flame retardant material

Car pads are a place that most riders will ignore. Some car pads contain flammable substances such as wool and foam. Sometimes a fire occurs due to accidentally falling. Therefore, you need to buy a good fire -resistant foot pad, which not only gives life insurance, but also an effective measure to prevent the “spontaneous combustion” of the car in the future.

(An excellent driver should be responsible for himself, responsibility to his family, and responsible for others. Awe of life, remind yourself at all times, abide by traffic rules. Because living is everything of life. Safe driving starts from here. !)

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