Six superb flagship tablet disassembly and summary

2015-02-20 05:02:00 Author: Hu Yongbin

In the past year, it has been dim in the tablet industry. According to the survey of the investigation agency, the increase in global tablet shipments last year was only 19.4%compared with 51.6%in the previous year. Is the market gradually lost interest in tablets? Today, the disassembly hall will select the disassembly articles of 6 flagship tablets to show you how the internal workmanship of these tablets may re -ignite your interest in the tablet.

Violent interpretation of internal amazing iPad Air2 disassembly

At 1 am Beijing time on October 17th, Apple officially released a number of terminal products including iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. At the same time, it also left a lot of regret and confusion. The only 6.1mm thickness of the iPad Air 2 completely refreshed the world’s thinnest tablet record, and it may be difficult to surpass for a long time. Compared to adding Touch IDs, in fact, the addition of the new A8X processor is the top priority of this generation of products, and the performance has reached an unprecedented height. Then let’s take a look at the true appearance of A8X by disassembling it!

Step 1: Unload the screen

The iPad series products start from the second generation to the current Air 2. The first step of disassembling is to start with the screen first, and heat the frame first

Waiting for the bezel to relax, use suction cup tools and pry rods to lift the screen

Final separation screen

For the disassembly of the front panel, although there is a pry rod and a hot air gun, it is not as simple as everyone expected. It is risk of crushing the corners. A kind of explanation that does not repair is not recommended to try it easily.

Step 2: Disassemble various parts in the machine

The speaker is fixed by four screws and stuck stuck in the groove inside the machine

When separating the front camera, pay attention to the shock absorption sponge in the rear can easily tear

The front and rear cameras of iPad Air 2 are specially written, and the pixels are 120W and 800W, respectively.

After unloading all parts, we can separate the motherboard, A8X is on it ~

Let’s disassemble the whole family portrait to see how many parts are there

The macro A8X close -up you want

Ipad Air 2 disassembly summary:

Since this is the first time the Zhongguancun Online Tablet Channel disassembled iPad Air 2, it took nearly 5 hours. In addition, because the Touch ID is covered with metal cover and considers the problem of machine reduction, it has not been demolished. From the perspective of the entire disassembly process, I have to say that Apple’s design is extremely important. Each component of the internal parts is high and the layout is compact. This is also one of the most important reasons for the iPad Air 2 to achieve the world’s thinnest.

Of course, disassembly also made us find a problem. Since the iPad Air 2 uses a full -fitting light -defense color screen, its disassembly is more convenient than the previous generation, but it also improves maintenance costs. As long as the touch or the problem is displayed, the overall replacement must be replaced.

In addition, the whole machine is large to the front panel, motherboard, battery, and less than the front and rear dual cameras, headphone jacks, etc., which are fixed with a large amount of glue, so the maintenance will be quite troublesome. Change the new machine.

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