Multi -application scenarios outdoor one -changing IGT table Song Plus DMI inner table

I have a lot of outdoor. I made this small table according to my own use scenario. You can refer to the revision according to your own use scenarios, I wish you all a happy outdoor activities!

Double table mode in the car

This is the in -car mode. The single table is 60cm long and 40cm wide. The two tables are 120cm long through the hardware.

I have a lot of business trips. This model is convenient for me to work in the car occasionally when I travel. Unfortunately, Song Plus DMI has no 220V power supply in the car. It needs to be connected. It is more troublesome. You can also use the 12V inverter to 220V, but it cannot be too much power.

When playing outdoors, you can take the baby to eat in the car, cook a stove to cook noodles, or make a self -heating rice.

The wife took the two baby to school, took a class, and read a book in the car in the other space.

You can also change 50cm table legs in the car. The desktop is basically flat with the rear seats and can be used as a bed car.

Single table mode in the car

You can have a single table mode in the car. The other half puts away as a bed car and spliced ​​as needed.

Out -of -car mode

Outside the car, it can be made into a 70cm*80cm square table.

It can also be made into a 120cm*40cm long table. The desktop can put my IGT furnace. While cooking, there is no problem for children to eat.

Single table mode outside the car

It can also be used on a single table, which is relatively small and can be moved at will.

Out -of -car mode

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