Ordinary stone looks similar, but luxury stone has its own own unique

Luxury stone is different from commonly used granite and marble. It mainly refers to special stone or semi -gems, crystals and agate with special colors and textures. , Fish belly white and so on.

The marble wall and ground of the whole body water moisture pattern

And these top luxury stones usually have these characteristics:

1. It is very scarce: many mineral varieties are rare and are limited to production every year. Most of the materials of specialty stone are quartz stones and semi -gem and even gems. Some gems are the main raw materials of the jewelry industry. The materials are extremely rare and precious.

2. Uniqueness: It is not easy to find the same type of product to be replaced

3. Rich color texture: the color of specialty stone and its rich color, the rules and irregularities are so eclectic

4. High gloss: Luxury stone is usually very hard quartz stone, with high luster of the plate surface, and some are natural jade or crystal. The light transmission effect is significant

5. High difficulty processing: Most of the hardness of characteristic stone is above 7, and some are 8–9 close to the hardness of diamond 10. The difficulty of cutting is 3-4 times that of ordinary stone.

6. Extremely artistic expression: The surface of the board has strong artistic expression, which can be used as art collection

The main origin of luxury stone is concentrated in Brazil, western Africa and Italy and other places

Charm Blue -Cloisonne Blue

[Scope of application] House decoration, star hotels, high -end office buildings, engineering and other wall floor paving

Jingtai Blue is produced in the “Brazil” in the kingdom of football. Because of its small output, high gloss, and proportioned plate surface, and because of rich green stone, the price and expensive are expensive. This is why it is comparable to house prices. It can reach millions.

Among the colorful natural marble, blue is the most rare and precious in nature, and it is very few to be so quiet and charming as Corridor. Not only like the vast sea, but also like the starry sky at night, in the dark blue night sky, there are stars, quiet, beautiful, mysterious, and people can’t help but want to explore. Such blue will calm down our anxious mood to enjoy the fun and arrangements of life.

(Sea Ice Blue Wilderlift)

(Water Cloud Saver Marble Mine)

In addition to the familiar Cloisonne, let’s take a look at what are the ultimate luxury stone categories:

Marble series

Fish belly white-marble:

Introduction: It is produced in the Carrara area of ‚Äč‚ÄčItaly. White, fish belly white refers to the color that is similar to the belly of the fish, good color and gloss, and the feeling of laiding has the moisturizing and elegant atmosphere of jade. Luxury marble.

Legend of Xinghe-Dali:

(Marble whole board)

Introduction: The background color is black, the golden and white texture are interspersed to make the lines of the entire board complicated. The golden yellow of the pieces gathered like a little stars, which are all -encompassing like the vast galaxy.

Quartz rock series

Sea ice blue-quartz rock:

Introduction: The English name of the sea ice is Amazonita. It is actually “Tianhe Stone”. The color is between blue and green, with white texture in the middle, bright texture, good transparency, and silk glass on the surface. The structure is very similar to the jadeite, the unique dual -crystal structure, and the sea ice blue mine is the only “Tianhe Stone” stone mine that can be mined into the world so far. Blue stones are rare.

Canghai Restrication Pearl-Quartz Rock:

(Quartet whole plate)

Butterfly Dream-quartz rock:

Introduction: The English name of Butterfly Dream Tropical Dream, colorful, crystal texture, shiny, formed for more than 1 billion years. Therefore, the variety of butterfly dreams is relatively rare. , Natural Tiancheng, refreshing each other, exquisite.

Agate series

Natural agate Wild Agate Semi Precious:

Introduction: Agate comes from AChats in Greece. It is the ancient name of the Sicily River. It is a colorful gem. This typical agate luster can relax the body and relieve stress and stimulation. The highest quality agate comes from Brazil, China, India, Europe, and Madagascar.

And this deep blue agate is in the agate category, and the snowflakes and fragments of the snow crystal give up almost a three -dimensional sense of three -dimensional agate samples. This type of large panel also applies to the same backlight to increase the expression of translucentness. The specimens of these selected blue agate have been carefully prepared by carefully layout and experienced craftsmen, which fully show the beauty of this semi -gem.

Indian agate

Introduction: Indian agate is produced in India. Each agate has different colors. The combination of matching and texture is self -contained. It is just right. Essence

Uruguay agate-table

Jade series

White jade

Introduction: The color is very gorgeous, or white or yellow, if Yunxia is full of sky, or blue or gray. It is one of the more precious stone materials in stone varieties. The material is very delicate and the light transmission effect is good. It is impossible to use in large areas and only embellishment.



(Cai Yingyu)

(Ziying jade)

(Quartet whole plate)

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