The dessert platform seems gorgeous, but it is actually simple. As long as you can make a cup cake, you can get it



Earl black tea cup cake

Hello friends, I am baking to help A Tao!

The cup cake is small and cute, and the taste is not too psychological. It is welcomed by baking enthusiasts. But many gangsters just stay on a cup cake, but if you do n’t know how to take care, you can immediately let your cake have a dessert table.

In fact, it is simple to get rid of mediocrity. Just don’t let the cup cake running and put on a beautiful clothes. Maybe you will say, I won’t decorate it, then don’t decorate it, squeeze a circle like cookies; or you will say, I will not decorate it, then do not decorate. Just decorate the berries.

Today this cup cake is so simple. The cake embryo uses the count of the count to season, so that it can be repaired inside and outside. In fact, the thinking is very wide. For example, if you don’t want to use the cake with the cake as the cake, then use a cup to install the cake paste to bake the complete cup cake, or change to a sandwich idea, and squeeze some explosion in the cake with a round mouth in the cake. Purch. What, do you feel that baking is actually very simple?


Portal: 8

Earl milk tea:

Black tea bag 5 bags

Milk 95g

Earl milk tea cake blanks:

5 eggs

Earl Milk Tea 75g

Lust oil 48G

Low gluten flour 80g

Gan sugar 65g

2 ~ 3 drops of lemon juice


Twidered cream 250g

Gan sugar 25g

Little Rim

4 strawberries

4 blueberries

8 slices of mint leaves


1. Separate 5 egg yolk egg yolks first. The separated egg whites can be placed in the refrigerator together with the egg basin, so that the egg whites will be more stable.

2. Boil 95g of milk and leave the fire, put 5 packs of Pearl black tea bags, soak for 5 minutes. In order to fully release the aroma of black tea, you can mix it with a scraper.

3. Take 75g Earl milk tea and add 48g of coloring oil.

4. Stir with a hand -holding egg -holder until the oil is emulsified, that is, you can’t see the oil.

5. Add 80g of low -gluten flour over the screen.

6. Stir the word “Z”. At this time, the batter looks less delicate and it doesn’t matter.

7. Continue to add 5 egg yolks and stir the word “Z”.

8. Until the batter is smooth.

9. Finally, add 1 packet of Pearl tea residue and mix well.

10. Take out the refrigerated egg white and add 2-3 drops of lemon juice.

11. During the passing process, add 65g of granulated sugar in three times.

12. The eggbeater can be at a high speed and then low speed to avoid excessive passing and keep the protein cream stable and delicate.

13. Finally, you can pull out a soft hook.

14. Take 1/3 protein cream and add the batter and mix it appropriately.

15. Pour back to the remaining protein cream.

16. Mix the cake paste into a delicate and shiny state with a tangent mixing method.

17. Pour the cake paste from the height of the pad (28*28).

18. Then shock the bubbles.

19. Send the middle layer of the preheated oven in advance, and bake for about 20 minutes on the fire at 170 ° C.

20. After the cake slices are released, they use a round cutting mold of 4cm and 4.8cm in diameter to cut out 8 cake embryos each.

21. Send cream cream, 250g whipped cream plus 25g of fine sand and a few drops of rum, and pass at low speed.

22. In the later period, you are afraid of over -passing, and stir with a handheld egg -holder until you can pull out a three -dimensional stable short tail.

23. First pad the small cake embryo on the bottom of the paper cup (upper diameter 6.5cm*bottom diameter 5cm*high 4cm) bottom.

24. Then squeeze a circle of cream, the model of the decorative mouth is SN7091.

25. Then put a large cake embryo on the surface.

26. Squeeze another circle of cream on the surface.

27. Decorate strawberries, blueberries, mint leaves.

28. The taste is rich in layers, and the simple and beautiful shape of the county black tea cup cake is ready.


1. The egg whites cannot be mixed with the egg yolk, otherwise it will not be sent.

2. No matter what the mixed order of the batter is, the core must be fully emulsified to avoid ribs.

3. Lemon juice can mediate egg white acidity, because the egg whites are more stable under acidic. If there is no lemon juice, you can use white vinegar instead.

4. When premature cake paste, do not overwhelm it to avoid unnecessary foaming, anyway, there is a second mix.

5. Oil cloth is better than oil paper, because the oil is tough, and it is not easy to produce folds when baking, affecting the flatness of cake embryos.

6. Each person’s oven is different, the temperature time is for reference only, and it needs to be adjusted flexibly according to the actual situation.

7. If you pass cream in summer, you must sit in ice water.

8. Rum can increase the flavor level. There is no way to let it go, but it is recommended to be prepared.

9, make the cake for 2 hours, taste the best when you taste it.

Baking gangs, life should be a bit sweet!

I help the Lord A Tao, who loves baking, marathon and iron. This is the eighth year of my dessert. Like all baking enthusiasts, in this sweet pit, I will never hit the south wall and not look back. I hope that the years are quiet and the time is sweet.

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