S925 Silver Natural Change Oupang Ring 220629

[Today’s new lottery jewelry appreciation]

Gem size 3×4+round 3, only 279 meters


Naturally changing the European ring, very beautiful color, a feeling of being in the ocean. The whole design loves very much, with embellishment diamonds. Real edition of Monet’s garden.

Oud, a hurricane in the jewelry industry, has become the new favorite of beautiful ladies, and it seems that she will be fascinated by her colorful.

This European ring, blue and green, are as beautiful as the planet we live in.

The appearance is bright and splendid, showing charming colors under the transformation of light and shadow. On the main stone Opal of this ring, you can see ruby ​​-like flames, sapphire -like pigments, and grandmother -like green sea mulberry.

Three Opal arranged together, decorated with small diamonds in the middle, simple atmosphere, and also a very versatile style daily.

Colorful, integrated, amazing!

There are no two exactly the same leaves in the world. Similarly, there are no two exactly the same Opal in the world. Each Oupan jewelry is an irreplaceable artwork.

Poor, weight, ingredients, etc. are based on the actual introduction of the actual purchase ~

There are more Eubo rings waiting for you to come ~

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S925 Silver Natural Change Oupang Ring 220629

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