120 square meters of modern light luxury, dark furniture+bright soft outfit, creating a stable and lively space

In this 120 -square -meter house, the overall space is mainly based on the design style of modern light luxury style. The space furniture adopts dark colors, and then some bright color matching details are added, which makes the space appear stable and lively and interesting. We present a sense of high -end and elegant living space.

living room

▲ The layout of the living room and the horizontal hall of the restaurant, the dining table and chairs are arranged behind the sofa, and the overall space looks particularly spacious and generous; the metal decorative lines added to the smallpox, combined with the stable and dignified furniture layout, also enhance the grade and temperament of the living room. sense.

▲ Gray leather sofa with an orange sofa chair, as well as bright and lively pillow layouts, the ground is covered with gray carpet, and two light luxury stone tables are placed on the carpet, which also makes this space appear exquisite.

▲ The background wall of the elegant white+middle wood grain brick on both sides of the TV wall. The wall hangs on the wall, combined with the metal texture details, which also makes the space look more gorgeous and high -end.

▲ The gray leather sofa, bench, and orange sofa chair, with the light and luxurious round coffee table, and decorated with green plants, also make the space look particularly fresh, comfortable and beautiful.


▲ The relatively open space between the restaurant kitchen is displayed in the middle, and an orange wine grid is added to the dancing orchid on the table, bringing a bright and lively sense of space atmosphere. The walnut dining table, combined with the brown leather dining chair, also makes the space more lively and interesting.

▲ The display cabinet is placed with wine glasses, bottles, cans, books and jewelry, and adds the design of the hidden lamp belt between each cabinet to make the cabinet look brighter and layered. The combination of gray cabinets+elegant white hanging cabinets inside the kitchen, the overall modern and elegant texture also makes the cooking space more advanced and natural.


▲ The bedside bedside wall is covered with blue wall cloth, a khaki leather bed, a dark blue sheet, a gray carpet on the ground. Under the makeup of metal texture, it brings a gorgeous and fashionable sense of high -level sense.


▲ Times bedside wall is a dirty gray wall cloth. Hanging a banner’s sea of ​​flowers and sea decoration paintings make the space look low -key and elegant; placing orange leather beds and bedside tables, covered with gray sheets, dusty curtains, overall space, overall space It seemed simple and gorgeous.

▲ Gorgeous hanging paintings and furniture, add gray sheets and curtains, and dark wood -colored wardrobe customization, warm and cold design, making the bedroom full of stable and dignified temperament.

Children’s room

▲ The bedside wall of the children’s room is a gray -blue wall cloth. Hanging two cartoon patterns with decorative paintings, a white children’s bed, and a cute sheet, doll and pillow. The curtains also have cute cartoon patterns, making the space appear to look like Practical and childlike.


▲ The study room is hung with three black -and -white square horses decorative paintings with pink coffee walls.

▲ The finished desk and chairs are placed in the middle of the desk, with a chair with a metal tripod, and a bookshelf is customized on the side. Books and green plants are arranged on the bookshelf, which makes the study space stable, gorgeous and fresh. Cozy.


▲ The bathroom is based on the space of the gray wall floor tiles. The washbasin is designed with a basin on the platform. The bottom of the mirror cabinet is equipped with a hidden light belt, which also makes the bathroom space more fresh and beautiful.

Layout plan

Design: Qiao Ye, comment: Design Museum

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