Popular moisturizing repair lotion evaluation: Let you say goodbye to sensitive muscles from now on, have exquisite and beautiful and beautiful muscles

Huayu Collection Fix Repair Lotions

You know that in the spring, the skin is very easy to be allergic, and many of them are caused by pollen and catkins. And Huayu Ji repairing lotion is a first -aid repair cream. What it can do is to return you to your moisturizing and smooth muscles overnight to ensure calm, soothing, first aid hydration, and tight brightening. It is not allowed to cause burden on the skin, and it can also repair damaged skin.

Its paste is very delicate and soft, and it can smell the quiet light fragrance after opening the isolation cover, which is very pleasant. It is rich in Chinese herbal medicine ingredients such as horseshthalis, cumulative grass, lunar, lavender and other Chinese herbal medicines. It has sedative skin, which can improve the skin tone of the skin, brighten the skin tone, improve acne muscles and sensitive muscles, and improve the problem of thick pores. It is a strong liquidity, the pushing open is very good, and the absorption is not greasy at all. It can surprise me with a face with a face. This refreshing type not only plays a role in hydrating and locking, but also has a tulle -like light use, which brings a refreshing moisturizing. Super super easy to use, hydrating and moisturizing effect is very good, any skin type, including sensitive muscles, can also be used, which is gentle and non -exciting. I used more than a month to effectively fight the oxidation of the skin, effectively improve the phenomenon of skin tone and yellowing, and make the skin more tender and white.

Henzi omnipotent emulsion

When it comes to lotion, the first thing that thought of is Hennel’s Almighty Lotion. Princess Diana used to have a famous saying, “If you have money, you must buy a bottle of all -round milk; if you have no money, you must save money to buy one. The bottle. “It is known as the” best lotion in the world “is not known as a wave. It can provide meticulous care for the skin around the clock, combined with multiple natural plants, integrate cultivation, moisturizing, and firm effects. Injecting the continuous vitality of the skin, shaping the texture and elasticity of the skin, let you have a healthy and vibrant face.

Feeling: I feel a little greasy when I just get on my face, but it will be absorbed after rubbing for a while! This process is still amazing. With the aroma of the plant, it is super peaceful, it will not be oily after it is applied. The face is soft to the touch. In the case, the skin will also be a lot stable, and it will not take acne often …

FreePlus Fulfang Silk Moisturizing Repair Milk

This is suitable for mixed oily skin and summer use. The light touch makes the skin refreshing and not sticky. The texture is very thin and moisturized, and the skin can be adjusted to the best state. Natural plant ingredients and sensitive skin can also be used with confidence. Refreshing, very suitable for summer use. No greasy refreshing texture, which brings the skin without burden. Of course, there are also moisturizing types. If you do dry skin, you can choose moisturizing type.

Shiseido men’s water milk set

Shiseido’s packaging is full of minimalist quality. The main function of this set is hydrating and moisturizing, maintaining water and oil balance, and suitable for boys with basic care for the skin. The biggest effect of skin care water lotion should be nourishing and moisturizing. The lotion is very mild, not oily or greasy. It is suitable for skin type: dry skin oil is pretty good, more suitable for dry skin. The function is hydrating+balanced water and oil.

Popular moisturizing repair lotion evaluation: Let you say goodbye to sensitive muscles from now on, have exquisite and beautiful and beautiful muscles

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