The floor tile is not selected well and no matter how expensive the soft outfits can save the face value of the home

Floor tile paving is a work that must be implemented in the early stage of the decoration, and it is also one of the most important steps for the entire decoration process. Choosing the pair of floor tiles that are consistent with the tone of the decoration style can increase the fashion and charm of the family. So how do we choose and correct floor tiles? First of all, follow the editor to see how to choose the color of the tile.

Different people have different preferences for colors, but for large -scale floor tiles, it is best to choose a long -lasting style. Usually, the color with lower lightness is better, so as to create a solid and calm feeling for the home environment.

The floor tiles of small apartment space should not be too deep and small in size, otherwise it will shrink the visual effect of the ground, and the space seems small and cramped. For a large area of ​​space, you can choose to use dark floor tiles to create a deep sense of deep.

At the same time, you can choose to adjust the wall with light tones, or use soft texture curtains, bright pillows, etc. to brighten and embellish the space, highlighting the liveliness and comfort of the space.

Warm yellow/light wood color

It was very hot since a long time ago. The warm color tone increased the temperature of the home. In the natural and pure warm color room, it is a wonderful thing to calm down reading and writing. And it is also a very versatile style, fashionable and lively, calm and classic.


For large apartment spaces, this is the most recommended color of the designer. The inner beauty of the wood is hard, the unique external beauty of the color, and the two are perfectly integrated.

It is like a deep, luxurious, mysterious, soft and rich man, noble and elegant temperament, containing the spiritual connotation of traditional Chinese culture. Matching with soft soft furnishings can highlight the sense of layering of space.

Advanced gray

If you like simple style, gray floor tiles are a good choice ~

The neutral color is simple and very durable, but also resistant to dirty and practical. It is also very versatile. With blue can make the space more calm texture, with white to make the space more pettyly, brass color is more retro.

The same person but different hairstyles can make people feel huge. In addition to the size and lines of floor tiles, the paving method of floor tiles is also important to the importance of home space. There is no good way to pavement and matching methods. Even if the decoration is largely invested, it will not make people feel amazing. What are the popular paving methods now?


The most common paving method is simple and generous, the construction difficulty is low, and the consumables are the least.


Compared with the square shop, the line of lines is more changing, the picture feels relatively abundant, and the same construction difficulty is also low.

Character shop

As the name suggests, after cutting the tiles, two pieces are paved with a 90 ° diagonal diagonal. The paving effect is strong and retro flavor, the visual tension is strong, and it can be matched with different colors.

Tian Zi Shop

The tile is paved according to the field shape. The method is simple and has a strong sense of retro.


This kind of paving is more American. If you are troublesome, you can directly buy a similar style of finished bricks, and it is enough to spread it directly.

The floor tiles must be early, so the color and style of the floor tile must be determined in the early stage of the renovation, so that you will not drag the hind legs ~

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