The light of the hopes of domestic imitation? Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of spring breeze 250sr motorcycle motorcycle

On May 11, 2019, at the third “Spring Wind Day” event held by the spring breeze, the domestic imitation Spring Wind 250sR officially made a formal appearance, and then caused a fierce discussion in the Moyou circle. Most domestic imitation games are more or less traces of “imitation” imported imitation. The shape of the cottage is matched with the engine of other manufacturers, loose and loose shells, simple rear rockers, and the comprehensive strength is really unsightly. The only one is the only one. The advantage lies in the price; the appearance of the Spring Breeze 250SR does not have too many shadows of other imitation games. The independent design with the Spring Wind’s own mature single -cylinder 250 engine, still makes many riders look forward to it.

Spring Breeze 250SR for the first appearance

On February 28, 2020, Chunfeng Power officially released the price of this motorcycle: the standard version of RMB 18,580, and the high -end version of 21680 yuan. Both configurations are equipped with the same single -cylinder water -cooled four -valve 250cc engine on the same single -cylinder water -cooled four ventricle 250CC engine on the spring breeze, but re -adjusted the street car attributes of 250SR, increased power and improved the output range; aluminum alloy wheels with 110/70R17 The rear tire of 140/60R17 in the front tire, the front brakes use the calipers against the four piston, the rear brake system is a single piston single floating disc, the front fork is configured with a 37mm upside -down hydraulic shock absorption, and the light sources of the two models are all LEDs. Compared with the standard version, the high -profile version has more sliding clutch, TFT LCD instrument, mobile phone Bluetooth function and ABS brake anti -holding system. The standard version has no sliding clutch, a monochrome LCD instrument, and a linked brake system before and after CBS.

White version

Black version

Detailed parameters of spring breeze 250sr

After the official release of Spring Breeze 250sr, the “Cavaliers” are even more interested in the model, and the price is also directly called “Zhenxiang”. The domestic imitation competition of “Born in the sky” lists the current advantages and existing problems to readers.



First of all, the most concerned problem in the 250CC imitation market in Spring Wind 250SR is the motivation. I believe that the reason for everyone to choose to imitate is also the pursuit of a strong sense of speed and control feeling. Isn’t the car more comfortable? After the release of 250SR, many well-known big guys in the circle also conducted a test drive. The car 0-100km accelerated measurement table was 7.2 seconds, and the DBOX measured time was 7.5 seconds. The acceleration level of the domestic imitation competition is really unintentional. The most intuitive example is that some models also use this 250CC engine of Chunfeng, but the acceleration results are far behind 250SR. It can be seen that the flywheels and clutches of these manufacturers and clutches. The engine tuning is behind the spring breeze. After all, it is your own engine, and you have to play it yourself! And this 7.5 seconds of 0-100km acceleration scores are not only in the domestic market, but also the level of the world’s 250CC displacement, but also the level of the best.

The domestic market of small-displacement of small displacement has been occupied by Haojue Suzuki GSX250R, as well as the smaller displacement and more inclined to the track style Apulia GPR150. The GPR150 is in about 12 seconds. The power performance of the spring breeze 250sr has given it a confidence to survive in this interval. After all, the gap between the acceleration and the two cars is still very large. It is two feelings.


The appearance of 20SR in the spring breeze is very fighting, but it does not seem to be “cottage”, which is valuable for domestic imitation games. This plays a positive role in the cultural orientation of domestic brands. The path of imitation is not long. Regardless of the size of domestic motorcycle manufacturers, it is the top priority to launch its own style of products. This will no longer be funny by riders to play “Little XX” or “Domestic XX”. Sexual nickname.

The design of the front face is very international. The LED daytime running lights are no longer a low -end light bead design of domestic imitation. Instead, the LED light belt is used. Among them, the brightness and recognition at night are high.

Spring Wind 250sr front face shape

The side shape directly tells you that this is a imitation match. The radical curve outlines the combat attitude of the body. Not like a 250cc model at all. The lamp source design at the tail is unique, and the brightness is high. The style that penetrates the same is fighting.

Spring Breeze 250SR side shape

Spring Breeze 250SR Tail Style

Surprising configuration

The high-profile version of the 250SR model is rare equipped with a sliding clutch system-CF-SC. Many people think that the use of sliding clutch is on those littering locomotives. Dangerous, but in fact, the sliding clutch has an important role, in order to prevent the from replenishing the file and not supplementing the oil. Suddenly loosen the clutch mobility mechanism to make the rear wheels holding a sliding and falling car. The synchronizer is very friendly to novices and greatly reduces driving difficulty.

The sliding clutch system carried by 250sr

High -profile models are also equipped with a TFT LCD instrument, and can be connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth. In the later R & D stage, the function of map projection may also be unlocked. There are two modes of the instrument drive. The other is a combatant motion model. Now it seems that this instrument is also designed with the top domestic design, and delaying the frame loss is greatly alleviated from the previous spring breeze models, and the speed response is very fast.

The instrument panel in the ECO mode

The instrument panel in the sports mode

Still to be improved

Embarrassing high and less sincere accessories issues

After the announcement of the 20SR of Spring Wind, there are mixed compliments after the announcement of the height of 20SR. The data of 780mm has made many “knights” unacceptable, but it also makes many people’s desire to buy. This kind of height It is a design of expanding the target group, but the appearance of the imitation match is very low, and the low -handed handle has greatly reduced the racing style of this car, which is more like a street car and imitation. The design of the race; the most important problem is that such a height causes the pedals to be designed very low, otherwise the legs will curl up uncomfortably, which has a great impact on the dilution limit of this car. It is easy for fierce driving to drive. It is not a good thing to grind the pedal for this Zhengxin tire with a strong grip.

The brake handlebars and clutch handles are irreplaceable, and the front windshield design has a reverse raising, which seems to be obtrusive, but fortunately, the official has accessories plans to increase the pedal, front block, adjustable, adjustable, adjustable, and adjustable. The brake clutch handles are all in their columns, and the elevated cushion is estimated to have a large number of third -party upgrade accessories in the later stage. However, everyone knows that buying accessories cost money. If these things become a form of optional, I believe that everyone will be more acceptable. After all, the frequency of the replacement accessories will be very low.

Low cushion may make 250SR look more petite

There is still room for progress in lacquer water

The appearance of 250SR is surprising. The two versions of flowers also appear in front of everyone, but unfortunately, the English style of the spring wind motorcycle and other stickers of the body are posted on the surface of the car paint. Damage risk, the damage of the left and right pieces for a long time may affect the overall value of the car, and everyone feels the same. It is difficult to tear it off. It is highly recognizable. Although the stickers can increase the battle of the car, the disadvantages are also very large. It is protected, I believe that the texture of the car can go to the same level.

The stickers on the body are on the paint water, which is easy to damage

The tip of the newly launched

After the spring breeze released 250SR, in addition to the e -commerce platform, the spring breeze stores also started to arrive one after another, but the limelight that was just listed has not yet passed, and there was a problem in a test drive event. According to the situation of the accidental break, according to the staff’s explanation, the error of the elevated foot installation affected the gear rod, which caused the barrier to break. The author was really speechless. It’s too unprofessional. There is no accident in the Wanxing Cavaliers, otherwise it is really a negative news for this model, but the author also hopes that this is indeed because of the negligence of the staff, not because of the quality of the car itself. Just entered a stage of struggle, all manufacturers are stepping up independent design and independent research and development. If a large manufacturer such as spring breeze does not close, it will have a great impact on domestic motorcycles. The quality of the approval model can be opened. Don’t tease it as a ridiculous “see if there is something wrong with it”.


Spring Wind 250SR is indeed a big heat wave in the motorcycle circle. There is no discouraged price, but there is a top power in the 250cc displacement. The shape and configuration are very sincere. A correct way, some details need to be improved. In short, it is a racing model for wider population. Many designs have been compromised for novices, but this is definitely helpful for sales. In the end, quality, quality, although some episodes occurred at the stage of this model, and there was no direct evidence that this was the quality problem of the spring breeze, but the quality of the domestic motorcycle should be risen by one step, which is convinced by the public to be convinced by the public. It is necessary to start with each manufacturer, and hope that the quality of 250SR can also trust riders!

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