The three brothers of Pingshan Yibin “Drink with wine together, drunk driving together!” Drunk than one

Double 叒! The Three Brothers of Pingshan “drink with wine together, drunk driving together”, one more drunk than one!

As the saying goes,

Not a family does not enter a door,

The mutual help between brothers and sisters,

Together and retreat often shake people’s hearts.

No, no,

Recently, the “tacit understanding” three brothers used a unique way,

It shows you a different kind of “brotherhood”.

On the evening of March 26,

The special patrol police brigade carried out a card to set up a card duty,

A man was stopped,

After testing, it was found that it was suspected of drunk driving;

Then another man was stopped,

After the test, I found that I was suspected of drunk driving;

Then another man was stopped,

After testing, it was found that it was still suspected of drunk driving.


Never thought!

Everyone takes a look,

Discover something incredible.


Three people are actually dear! Brother! younger brother!


At 0:00 that night, the special patrol brigade inspected the past vehicles one by one. One man drove a two -wheeled motorcycle to be stopped by the police. The driver exuded obvious alcohol. The test, the result is: 136mg/100ml, suspected drunk driving.

Subsequently, the police brought 45 -year -old driver Liao Ben A to the side to investigate.

Grasp another

When he asked Liao Ben A, the police officer stopped a motorcycle. After testing by the exhalation value of the wine examination, the driver Liao Ben B’s result was 97mg/100ml, which was suspected of drunk driving.

When the police dealt with the 47 -year -old driver Liao Ben B, they found that Liao Ben A was similar to Liao Ben B’s names, and they looked like they were. They were also people in a village group. The two also seemed to know.

It is understood that the two are brothers, and Liao Ben B is the brother of Liao Ben A.

Here is another

Just when the brothers felt regretful, the two 32 -year -old younger brothers Liao Ben C drove a two -wheeled motorcycle by the police officer to stop the police inspection instrument. Drunk driving.

The three brothers regretted it. After inquiries, the three brothers dinner together that night, and they considers a few cups together.

After the night, the three of them reported to the three people ride their motorcycles to go home, but did not expect to be seized by the police on duty. In the end, waiting for the three brothers will be severely punished by the law.

They are soldiers and son soldiers. These three are good,

Become a “drunk driving” brother.

Is this

Not a family, don’t enter a “door”?

Should the family be neat?

The cost of drunk driving is high, your life can’t afford to lose

1. Driving and driving

Condition: blood alcohol content 20mg/100ml -80mg/100m (excluding);

Direct cost = temporarily deduct 6 months of motor vehicle driving license + 2000 yuan fine + 12 points.

2. Drunk driving

Condition: blood alcohol content reaches or more than 80mg/100ml;

Direct cost = restriction to wine awakening+revoking driving license+not allowing the motor vehicle driving license to obtain a motor vehicle driving license+criminal liability.

3. Drunk driving again after drunk driving

Direct cost = 10 -day detention+20,000 yuan fine+revoking driving license.

4. major traffic accidents in drunk driving constitute a crime

Direct cost = criminal liability+revocation of motor vehicle driving licenses+lifetime ban.

Please pay attention to additional costs!

1. If drunk driving leaves a criminal file, it will affect the political trial of children joining the army.

2. Application for security, aviation, and military and police schools will be limited due to drunk driving records.

3. If state cadres and civil servants are sentenced to drunk driving, they are likely to be expelled from “public office” and “party membership”. If it was not for public officials to be sentenced to drunk driving and was fired by the employer, they would not be able to receive economic compensation from the employer.

4. To apply for an immigration or study abroad visa, you need to present a proof of no criminal records. Most countries will refuse people with criminal records.

5. Even if the driver of the operating vehicle returns to the driver’s license, it is not allowed to engage in the driving of motor vehicles for life.

6. Once a traffic accident occurs after drunk driving, causing casualties, the cost is infinite.

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