Work hard to buy a big horizontal hall. Like his house, the balcony is opened to set up a study, and the whole house is bright and practical.

No wonder the units of the Dacheng Hall are very sought -after. This transparent lighting, which is well designed, is not much worse than the flat layer ~

This case is our new work this week. The coordinates of the community in Hefei-Wangjiangtai are a 130 square meter wedding house design. The owner pays attention to the simple beauty of black and white and gray. Retrieve a long -lost peace of mind in the world.

As a living space in the home, the living room is based on the intimate interaction of the family. Keep the advantages of the Great Heng Hall, design the two -person workbench and bookcase storage, so that each other maintains an independent and balanced state in the same space.

Walking from the tranquility of the advanced gray background, walking towards a bright and meaningful life. We only need to feel here, meticulous aesthetics, extreme romance, from top to bottom, from the inside out.

When I returned, the windows were peaceful, and the windy moon, starlight, and air were given into the room.

In the pavement of the storage cabinet lamp belt and the dining room hanging card, the light and shadow lines form an orderly interval. Everywhere eye touches the space stability, outlines a rigid and soft and ideal picture.

This is a laziness, the two of you and me.

Keep a minimalist and gray master bedroom, and bring a stronger space in depth with a glass door to the main guard. At night, the hazy and gentle sleepiness in life.

The wedding room is not only a simple residence, but also the meaning of life that cannot be measured by material. Each careful design will be incorporated into the space, and then transforms into expectations for purely beautiful ideal homes.

Starting from the material, lines, and light, this case gives the beauty of the movement and the sense of belonging and ritual in the space in the space. While highlighting the design concept, it also enlarges the hidden emotional power.

We hope to bring a more powerful carrier to the beauty of the tentacle through every space that can be built carefully!

▲ BeFore

▲ After

① Disassemble the household lying non -load -bearing wall, design porch, and improve the proportion and functions of households.

② The balcony is merged into the living room. The horizontal hall has a double workbench and bookcase storage. The balcony is added with a glass laundry room and drying area.

③ Wash the handwashing table, adjust the master bedroom and secondary door holes, and reasonably plan the main line of life to improve the comfort of life.

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