This weekend, I suddenly found out that there were only those seasons.

Wide leg pants

It is a year from the four seasons, and the wardrobe is replaced more, it has been there.

In the editorial group, he made a mouth, and everyone immediately withdraws.

Although (pro-test) is very easy to enter the wind … but is advantageous! It is precisely because of the pole tube, quietly wearing a leggings or warm pants, it is not easy to be seen.


It is said that it is psychological comfort.

But at least a part of the sisters are afraid of being rough, and they are not willing to wear the troubles of autumn trousers.

If the petule is a low-key way to communicate the legs and long ways, then the wide-leg pants gives everyone a chance to preach the lower body.

However, there are still some picking tips, such as – avoid buying those

Not flat, the fabric is too thin and soft


. because,


Light texture is easy to get in other autumn and winter single products, so that the whole “厚 厚 重 重 感” is not tapped;


Moreover, the too thin fabric is often static in the dry winter, “pants stuck legs” what is awkward, you don’t show up ~~

Looking back at each season, it seems that there is still a need to exist in the existence of wide legs. Don’t worry! I know this single product, you have eight or nine, but you know,

Different lengths, the effect of wearing is different?

Because of the implementation, this trousers are estimated to be purchased by everyone.


An analysis of the brigade – a high waist design, the legs of the trouser leg pass the feet. The advantage is

Show! It seems that the leg is long, the proportion is good;

From the style of style, this is also the least picked style, no matter which style is your clothes, it’s all over.

Jacquemus 2021 Summer


Intuitive feelings under this visual anti-leg! ! The waist line is mentioned, the pants are long, and if they are called the second, no one dare to call the first.

DSQUARED2 2022 Spring and Summer

If you choose a straight-backed straight wide leg pants, there will be no too much pleats, which will appear straight. Although it is a little trendy, it is less than a bit of trendy, but there is more stable, and this style is certainly more classic.


This is really very crash! We have repeatedly prevised the knit vest, you can use the high waist bread pants with high-quality texture. The soft girl is greatly neutralized, the overall is sweet, and it is very good to balance.

A.w.a.k.e. Mode 21 autumn and winter series

If the sisters who have high design requirements, I feel that the proportion of the next half is more, but it is just simple trousers. The highlight is not enough? You can take a look at the harsh pants with a.w.a.k.e. Mode; the common “holes” in jeans appear on suit fabrics, but the idea is not complicated enough,



This year’s “cutting pants” will come from summer to autumn and winter.


But everyday, we are still the most common below –


Wide straight sprinkle pants



Trapezoidal wide legs.


Although both are class, it is slightly different in style.

We give you careful analysis.

The legs have such a feature – less cloth in the waist, reduce the stack here, follow the trapezoidal legs, and the foot is more “wide”.


So this type of trousers will look dependence, and there is no gas field.

. Wearing the same color suit or sweater, with slippers, La Fu shoes, boots, etc., very suitable for OL.

Detaper contrast, the straight widespipe is more casual and street atmosphere. It is also carrying a shoulder bag, the same color is also the same as Lefu Shoes, but it is only a slight change, and the style has a subtle difference.


Let’s come, feel it ~

A wide-legged breadth of the filament version is especially suitable for building comfortable, and the body is free.


For example, when you match sneakers, you can shape the street feeling when you are in the old shoes. Sweater or round neck sweater is a good choice.

If you use a trapezoidal wide leggings, you need to pay attention! Because the straight pants are generally rough, so there is a “stack” effect on the upper, not dragging to the ground, but the trapezoidal wide legs will definitely, because the foot is getting bigger. So if you don’t like the feeling of mopping, you need to choose the right pants long, or change a pair of thick shoes.

If you say that this kind of wide legs are worn out of the authentic [handsome french lazy], the editor feels that the most appropriate person is

Caroline de Maigret


, Proper “wide-legged pants to take a template”. Of course, you can’t leave her unique personal charm.


(Here, I will tell you the story of your own – one year of CHANEL in Beijing, please come

. At that time, the editor just finished reading a book with friends, and the little fans went to say “I just read the book you have written!” She turned her head, only asked: “Did you have fun ? “There is no false cold, there is no special fake” OH, thank you “expression, but very handsome back to this sentence. Her charm, how much gets get? )

For so many years, the fashion circle has been promoting “

High waist

“, Is it let you listen?”

Low waist

“The two words of the pants want to turn back. Today, editors have to catch you back, sit down and listen, come and tell you.

Low waist to the navel


Wide leggings

There are many incense ~

Y-Project 2021 autumn and winter garment series

Wide leg pants in low waist, very! Very! Very! Suitable for loading with the lumbar.

The naked skin gives a visual empty feeling, and the wide-legging trousers is connected at this time, and the width of the 胯骨 bone is directly in the width of the legs, thus weaken the bead ratio.

Therefore, in fact, this wearing method is very suitable for pear shaped body! ! It not only highlights small waists, but also the effect of “the navel is full of legs”!

And the length of the foot is more likely to hide high heels unscrupulously. If you say your leg, it is a fan!


ETRO 2022 spring and summer clothing

The skinny top and loose low waist pants are that you have to go through (but very useful) Y2K Millennium style.

Etro2022 spring and summer

The show can be full of low waist bread pants.

The nostalgic style of the 1990s is the main, color bright and energetic, is a brand iconic exotic pattern, but in this proportion and matching, it becomes lighter and elegant (simple two words “young”).


Lanvin 2022 spring and summer clothing

Miumiu 2022 spring and summer garment


The show also scraped the wind of this retro rebellion, and the classic is not secular;

MIU MIU 2022 Spring and Summer

This is also the case, and the knowledge of rebellious intellectuals will come out ~


In fact, in 1993,


Alexander McQueen

First of all in autumn and winter


Taxi Driver


“The series released a low waist pants, and then 1995 autumn

Highland rape


“The series again shows this design.

At that time, in Madonna, Maria Kelly, “Small Sweet” Brandi and other famous celebrities, the trend of low waves did not surreally swept the world.


Of course, editing knows that the situation in autumn and winter in the northern region is that cold faces do not want to be outdooted. This kind of molding that needs to be protected can be worn for 3 or 4 months.


But in winter, I don’t say it all, I can’t do it, I can use a low back and navel, but I can always select a slightly lower style than the general trouser waist (there are many domestic designer brands have a wide leg!) The above matching ideas are also exchanged – short, tight. if only

The upper body is tight, there is a skinned clothes, and it can achieve “tightness” matching.

High waist seven points, or close to the height of the ankle, is the length of all kinds of boots



Pants leg fertilization is proportional to the gas field,

Walking the trousers legs, you can feel that.


At this time, you will be mixed with a shoulder sleeve. The waist is more divided into the long windbreaker or coat. The air field you want is to wear, the upper body is slim, the proportion of the lower body is fat, don’t worry that the whole is full of trouble ~

Seven-point – nine-length wide-leg pants is the ladder style, so that you don’t have to worry, no matter how much your big pants are still land, but also the key,

It is very suitable for small children.


Wide legs are not necessarily, the longer the land, the more legs, depending on how you look.

Like this high waist, the pants are short, encountering boots covering an ankle, causing a similar “leg because it is too long, so the trousers are not enough”, “the beginning of the horn is the beginning of the feet”, ” It is very impressive to adjust the size, which makes people feel longer.

Celine 2021 autumn and winter



In the autumn and winter in autumn, there are many cowboy, and the high waist and seven-pointed leg pants of the skin, and the model will take the road to the wind. Every set of matching is super high on the show, it is called the textbook level of the nine-fellow legs, and “brought theism”, and there will be no problem in moving into life.

Sisters have found,


The more the wide-leg pants wide, and the pointed boots, it seems that there is a harmoniousness that “should be so”.

Width leggings will leave space for you, showing the shape of the arc, and the pointed boots are stark contrast, while reducing the expansion of the bouquel.

So know what kind of boots should you choose ~ By the way, you will give it three!

In the autumn and winter, we can give priority to the pointed shoes!


Build a wide leg pants, in addition to the length, it will be meticulous to fabric material, color patterns, etc.

This is often the case, and a single product is involved in the matching Look style, often determined by the details of many details. This is also a difficulty of fashion:

In the beautiful clothes, there is a similar thing in the clothes, picking out where to do it.

The editor saw a long time ago.

I have said that I have been very deep, and my best is: “

When someone feels that I am in ‘Just wearing’, I seem to have a lot of time and effort. I know what you should wear, which shirt is suitable for me after understanding the color of the clothing. Which shirt is suitable for me, which jacket is better



We are thinking about what we should wear before, and then everything will become natural.

Do you have such attitude and confidence to yourself?

“Escape to the mother, let the self”, Xia Lin, who is “” “,” Self “,” Self “,” Self “,” Self “,” Self “,” Self “,” Self “,” Self “,, finally going home! This time her hairstyle has changed again? !

Ordinary people wear pants to match what shoes can wear this pants out?

Are you old money (Old Money) or fashionable coffee? From what is wearing a down jacket?


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Wide leg pants

Trapezoidal wide legs.

Caroline de Maigret

Caroline de Maigret